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Gonna splay you open, roll around on you like a carpet!
— Zeke threatens Michael Tapp.[src]

Zeke is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. He serves as the quaternary antagonist of Saw II: Flesh & Blood.


Child Abuse

Zeke was a pedophile, fixated on little girls. Therefore, he molested several innocent children, steering them into lives of prostitution and drug abuse. On one occasion, he was caught in the act and apprehended by Detective David Tapp. He was convicted and sent to prison but unfortunately still got away with a number of his sexual assaults and was therefore released after serving his sentence. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Due to his vicious crimes and the fact that he was only punished for a portion of them, he was eventually targeted by John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. After his abduction, Zeke was taken to the abandoned Holmes Hotel. Zeke's arms were trapped in a glass box suspended from the ceiling in a room next to the hotel's kitchen. Due to several razor blades cutting his wrists, he was unable to pull his hands out. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


When he woke up again, Zeke realized that he had been kidnapped. A recorded message left on an answering machine on a table behind him confronted him with his crimes. In addition, it addressed the fact that, despite his conviction, Zeke had only been punished for a small number of his atrocities. Besides that, the message also informed him that someone would arrive soon to tell him the numbers he needed to escape the box.

Zeke in his trap

Eventually, Michael Tapp, the son of Detective Tapp, made his way to the kitchen while facing one of Jigsaw's games on his own. A TV turned on, showing a mechanical ventriloquist puppet named Billy, which told the two of them how to escape the room alive. There were numerous mannequins with numbers written on their backs all around the room and several numerical sequences written all over the wall. Michael had to choose the right combination from the wall and press a button attached to each mannequin in the correct order. At the same time, Zeke had to enter the digits to open a combination lock, which would allow him to escape from the box.

Zeke enters the combination

When the tape ended, Michael told Zeke to hold on while he tried to figure out the right combination. Zeke, however, started to panic and frantically yelled at him to hurry up. His only clue was the fact that the sequence he was looking for started with "8." Thereby, he was able to find the right combination and pressed the buttons on the mannequins in the correct order. After entering the combination, 80647, Zeke was released from the box but collapsed and lost consciousness due to the immense blood loss. As Michael approached, he saw through a window how Zeke's unconscious body was dragged away by a mysterious man with a sinister pig mask. At the same time, another TV turned on, showing the puppet, which told Michael not to feel sorry for Zeke and revealed that he was, in fact, a child molester who had ruined the childhood of numerous little girls before his conviction. Afterward, Michael was allowed to go on. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Seeking Revenge

Due to his injuries, Zeke's hands were amputated and replaced with blades attached to his arm stumps. When he regained consciousness, he was offered to leave but suffered a mental breakdown and decided to stay to take revenge on Michael, whom he deemed responsible for losing his hands. Therefore, Zeke went to an abandoned chemical plant right across from the hotel, where the next part of Michael's game was waiting for him. There, he lay in wait for Michael in a corridor.

Zeke pursues Michael

When Michael finally reached the area and traversed the hallway, he encountered Zeke. A video of Jigsaw's puppet told Michael that, after losing his hands due to his injuries, Zeke held a grudge against him and wanted to kill him, despite having been offered to leave. With the blades replacing his hands, Zeke attacked him, forcing Michael to run away. By throwing several obstacles in his path, such as a dumpster and a trash can, he managed to keep Zeke at a distance and ultimately escaped by jumping over a large hole in the floor. Unable to follow him, Zeke jumped into a nearby vent and disappeared. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Zeke ambushes Michael

Still eager to wreak vengeance on him, Zeke lay in ambush once more in another hallway. When Michael passed the area, Zeke broke through a door and jumped at him in an attempt to impale him with his blades. However, Michael reacted fast enough to evade his assault, thereby causing him to break through another door. Embracing his opportunity, Michael ran away and squeezed through a narrow passage to another room, where he tried to hide from Zeke. However, the latter quickly found him and attempted to kill him once more. Again, Michael evaded his attack and caused Zeke to run head-on against a metal pipe, which briefly paralyzed him. To Michael's dismay, Zeke quickly recovered and continued his pursuit.

Zeke's death

Whenever he got the opportunity, Zeke attempted to slice Michael with his blades while taunting him with frightening threats. Eventually, Michael fled to another room and blocked the door by overturning a shelf. Zeke then tried to enter the room through the only other door. Unbeknownst to him, there was a trap located right behind it, which consisted of a pressure plate and two large contraptions armed with blades. By pulling a lever, Michael repositioned the devices just in time. When Zeke finally broke through the door, he jumped on the pressure plate and was crushed by the contraptions, which closed in on him. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Zeke was a malicious and remorseless individual who preyed on helpless children to satisfy his perverted drives as a pedophile. Unable to admit his own mistakes, he blamed others for his losses and shortcomings. This trait became evident when he repeatedly tried to kill Michael without hesitation, although the latter had previously saved his life. While Zeke was already mentally unstable before, the loss of his hands caused him to lose his mind completely, turning him into a brutal monster animated with nothing but rage.


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