Sorry, buddy. This is part of my game, nothing personal.
— The prisoner, after attacking Tapp[src]

The Whitehurst Prisoner is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor antagonist in Saw: The Video Game.




The man in his room

This man was once targeted by John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, to participate in one of his deadly games for an unknown reason. Therefore, he was abducted an taken to the abandoned Whitehurst Insane Asylum. Once he woke up again, he found himself trapped in a room with nail bombs hanging from the ceiling. Through a grate, he was able to look into the next room, a bathroom, where he witnessed a man in black, who dropped something in one of the toilets, which was full of used syringes, before he left. Once the stranger had disappeared and left the victim behind, the latter started to scream for help. Shortly afterwards, Detective David Tapp, who had been trapped as well, entered the bathroom. Seconds later, the door slammed shut behind him and he noticed the man in the next room, who asked him what he had done. Then, a TV turned on next to Tapp. A mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared on the screen and informed the men about the rules of their test. The doors to both of their rooms were secured by two control panels. However, in order to activate them, Tapp first had to find a fuse in the toilet with the syringes.

When the tape ended, a 90-seconds-timer started to count down. In his fear, the first man told Tapp that he had witnessed someone dropping the fuse in the toilet and frantically encouraged Tapp to get it out, even though he'd have to endure a lot of pain. Eventually, Tapp managed to obtain the fuse and inserted it in a fuse box, which caused to timer to stop. Afterwards, the men where able to open the doors with the panels. Upon doing so, the first man received a small electric shock and yelled in anger. As they went on, he noticed that the floor in Tapp's path was covered in broken glass shards. However, he explicitly refused to give Tapp his shoes and showed himself rather ungrateful for his salvation. Afterwards, he went on. (Saw: The Video Game)



The prisoner attacks Tapp

Only minutes later, the two of them encountered each other again. When Tapp entered another room, the prisoner he had just saved attacked him from behind and knocked him down with a baseball bat, which he had found there. When Tapp asked him what he was doing, the man assured him that it was nothing personal, but rather part of his own game, and than adviced Tapp to take a weapon on his own. Just before Tapp got back on his feet, the man went to the next room and closed the door behind him. Through another grate, he witnessed how Tapp was attacked by a second prisoner, who was much more aggressive. Therefore, Tapp grabbed a metal pipe from a trashcan and used it to successfully defend himself by killing his attacker.


The man is killed by the booby trap

Moments later, another TV turned on in the room, where the first man had locked himself up. When the puppet appeared on the screen and mockingly laughed at him, he angrily yelled that his game was over as he had done what he had been told to do. Afterwards, he attempted to leave the room through another door. However, when he opened the door and tried to leave, he was shot by a shotgun, which had been set up above the door. Unable to react, he was killed and fell to the floor before Tapp's eyes. (Saw: The Video Game)


While easy to frighten, the Whitehurst Prisoner was a stubborn and determined man and thereby showed no remorse or scruples in his attempt to escape the Whitehurst Asylum, even though it required him to hurt Tapp, only minutes after the latter had saved his life. Throughout their only brief encounters, he frequently showed his own ungratefulness, not only when he attacked Tapp, but also when he left him behind earlier after having been saved from the bombs by him. Eventually, his stubbornness led to his own demise.

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