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Renovating your life.
— Welthammer's slogan[src]

The Welthammer Store is a fictional location from the Saw franchise, as well as a minor location in Saw 3D.


Brad and Ryan's Test

The Welthammer Store was a home improvement market located in a public square which sold various kinds of do-it-yourself products. On one occasion, it became the location of one of the deadly games of Detective Mark Hoffman, successor of the late John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. Hoffman set up a vicious trap in the center of the store and abducted two young men, Brad and Ryan, as well as Dina, a woman who cheated on both of them and had caused them to commit various crimes in order to fulfill her own material needs.

Ryan wakes up in the trap

Brad was the first one who woke up shortly afterwards and was shocked to see that his hands were chained to the trap, which consisted of three circular saw blades, in the middle of the store. To his surprise, Ryan was chained to the same contraption. As they started to panic, Ryan yelled at the crowd outside the shopwindow and begged them to help them. Seconds later, a black cloth was pulled away from the large metal plate suspended from the ceiling above them, revealing Dina, who was chained to the plate and immediately screamed for help. Brad then yelled at the people outside to call the police. As he saw that a woman in the crowd had a briefcase, he frantically told her to use it to smash the glass. However, despite her repeated attempts she was unable to break the window. Seconds later, a mechanical ventriloquist puppet approached on a tricycle and introduced them to a deadly game. The puppet told them that they were chosen because of their crimes they commited in Dina's name and informed them, that one of them had to die within the next 60 seconds. In order to save Dina, either Brad or Ryan had to push the saws before them all the way to the other side, thereby inevitably killing one of them. If none of them managed to do this in time, Dina would be killed by the third saw blade.

Dina in the trap

Moments later, the timer began to count down and the blades started rotating. Therefore, Ryan immediately pushed the saws away towards the shocked Brad. Brad however fought back and shoved the saws towards Ryan. As he seemingly gained the upperhand, Dina told him that she loved him, which he reciprocated, and encouraged him to kill Ryan, much to the latter's dismay. However, when he tried to deal the death blow to Ryan, he fought back once more, causing one of the saws to vertically slice Brad's chest while he screamed in agony. Afterwards, Ryan confronted Dina, who claimed that she only loved him and had merely told Brad that she loved him as it was the only way for her to save herself. Ryan however was furious and when Dina yelled at him to kill Brad, he pulled the saws away from him. Seeing that Dina had played with both of them, Ryan told Brad that she wasn't worth either of their lives and thereby convinced him to sacrifice Dina in order to save themselves. Dina, who was shocked by this, angrily yelled at them. Moments later, the timer went off and Dina was lowered down, causing the third saw to slowly cut her stomach. Thereby, Brad and Ryan were covered in her blood until the saws finally came to a standstill after slicing Dina's body. (Saw 3D)


The police finally arrived immediately afterwards and freed both, Brad and Ryan, from their shackles. Dina's corpse was then taken to the police station, where she was obduced by Dr. Adam Heffner, while the contraption with the blades as well as the plate to which she had been chained were taken to the evidence room. (Saw VI, 3D)