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You have covered all corruption in your department, never sticking your neck out for the innocent.
— William addresses Angie's sins.[src]

The Wax Trap is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Spiral.

Design and Function

The Wax Trap consisted of a large metal table and a large tank containing boiling wax. The victim was strapped to the table with leather restraints wrapped around their hands and chest. Beneath their neck was a sharp, bow-shaped blade. Once the game began, the wax from the tank started coming out of a pipe above the victim's head. The only way to stop the wax and prevent themselves from suffocating was for the victim to use the blade beneath them to sever their spinal cord. A thin cloth was laid onto their face to prevent the victim from accidentally swallowing the wax, serving as a safety measure. (Spiral)


Angie Garza's Test

Hello, Captain Garza. I want to play a game. You have covered all corruption in your department, never sticking your neck out for the innocent. Now, the cover-up will be on you. In a few seconds, boiling hot wax will be coming out of the pipe above you. The only way to stop yourself from being suffocated is to sever your spinal cord with the blade beneath your neck, which will stop the wax. You cannot walk away, but you can survive. Live or die, make your choice.
— Angie Garza's tape[src]

The trap was designed and built by William Emmerson, a homicide detective who targeted corrupt members of the Metropolitan Police Department to avenge his father, Charlie Emmerson, who was unfairly killed by one of them. The victim was Captain Angie Garza, who frequently ignored the corruption in her precinct and previously supported a law called Article 8, which allowed police officers to get away with criminal activities. To punish her for her misdeeds, William used a mobile stolen from the former chief of police, Marcus Banks, to send Angie a text message. He lured her down to the precinct's basement area by telling her to look for a specific file in the cold case room. When Angie entered the room alone, William already waited for her and concealed his face with a sinister pig mask. Moments later, the room's heavy metal door slammed shut behind her. Angie immediately screamed for help and tried to shoot the lock when the killer threw several smoke grenades in her direction. In a last desperate attempt to attract her colleague's attention, she grabbed a phone to call for back-up but could not get anyone on the phone. Moments later, she inhaled the smoke and lost consciousness.

Afterward, William took off her jacket and strapped Angie to the table he had already set up in the room. He put the cloth on her face and put the wax tank into position. When he had finished his preparations, William left the room and allowed Angie's game to play out. Upon waking up, Angie immediately panicked and tried to remove her restraints. While doing so, she found an audiotape lying next to her. As Angie played it, a distorted voice confronted her with her acts of covering up her fellow officer's corruption. Angie was told that the hot wax would come out of the pipe above her once the game began and ultimately suffocate her if she did not shut off the faucet in time. To do so, she had to sever her spinal cord with the blade mounted onto the table right beneath her neck.

Angie's corpse

When the tape was over, the wax immediately started pouring on her face, burning her skin and causing Angie to scream in fear and agony. Although she repeatedly tried to cut through her spine, she merely inflicted several deep flesh wounds on herself. Eventually, the wax covered her entire head, making it impossible for her to breathe. (Spiral)


Moments later, Detective Ezekiel Banks and Officer Jeannie Lewis finally opened the door after being led to the basement through a clue previously left by William. Upon finding her, Zeke immediately removed the hardened wax from Angie's face, thereby tearing off parts of the skin. Albeit he tried to reanimate her by performing a heart massage and mouth-to-mouth respiration, the detective could not save his captain. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Tim O'Brien, who had also entered the basement, informed his colleagues about Angie's demise before leaving the room alongside Zeke and Jeannie. (Spiral)