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The fuck are you looking at, huh?
— The vagrant yells at Rigg[src]

The Vagrant is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Saw IV. He was portrayed by Julian Richings.


Daniel Rigg's Trial

The vagrant yells at Rigg

The vagrant was a homeless man, roaming around the city in his attempt to find a place to sleep. One night, while drunk, he went to the run-down Alexander Motel and tried to sleep in the entrance area next to the door. Later that night, Officer Daniel Rigg, who had become a victim of John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, came to the motel where he'd have to face one of Jigsaw's tests. Upon entering, he was yelled at by the drunk vagrant who had been sleeping in the doorway, whereas Ivan Landsness, the motel's proprietor, tried to be friendly and asked if he could help him. However, Rigg ignored both of them and went up the stairs to the bedrooms. Before he could follow him, Ivan was held back when the drunk vagrant wanted to go up to see what Rigg was doing. As he disturbed the other guests, Ivan argued with him and eventually sent him off. (Saw VI)


The vagrant was a highly aggressive man, harassing and insulting others for no reason. His obvious alcohol problem suggested that he had given himself up, probably due to his miserable life situation.


Vagrant in the Glass Coffin.jpg

  • The vagrant was originally planned to be the victim tested in the glass coffin. While the scene was shot, it was never released as the MPAA deemed it too violent.

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