Saboteur99 Saboteur99 10 May 2015

Memo: Character Ages

Guys, in light of me having to block the user Bucktony for the third time, I think it's time that I make an announcement.

We don't put the ages of characters in their infoboxes on this wiki. The reason for this is that to my knowledge, there has only been ONE character throughout the entire series whose age was given, and that is Jigsaw himself in Saw IV during the autopsy.

Now, if I am wrong and there are some other characters whose ages were given, let me know, and provide the scene in which it was given.

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Saboteur99 Saboteur99 5 May 2015

Play Me

You think it is over just because I have been inactive for several weeks?

I am still among you, and I promise the admining will continue.

Lol, but really. I've been busy and forgetting to do my weekly check-ins. I'm still here though!

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Saboteur99 Saboteur99 25 February 2015


I started a new job recently that has me working lots of hours in addition to going to school, so I'm not going be able to get on here as much as I used to. I apologize for this, and will probably look for an assistant admin in the future.

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Saboteur99 Saboteur99 11 January 2015

If you could rename the Saw series to something else, what would it be?

I've been thinking lately about how the title "Saw" seems kind of unfitting for the series, especially after the first movie. So what would you rename it to if you could?

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Saboteur99 Saboteur99 25 November 2014

Check Out Our Affiliate Wiki, Predator Wiki

I've just created Predator Wiki, and am in need of help to build it up. Please give it a look and contribute if you're a fan of the Predator Franchise.

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