Does everyone here have some favorite characters they'd like to share?

When it comes to the SAW movies, I normally highly prefer the victim characters to the evildoers who create the traps; and I almost always love villains the most in other media. But in the SAW movies, I highly prefer the victims because they have the best death scenes. Characters with the best death scenes are almost always my favorites in all franchises. Everyone I love in the series is a properly used plot device character.

These are my top 5 favorite characters:


Steven Sing

1. Steven Sing - I loved that he was the first character to get taken out by an actual tripwire trap with shotgun blasts which killed on contact as opposed to putting him through a test. Also, I loved that his death was swift and wasn't dragged on. I prefer faster and more climactic death scenes to ones that drag on. Additionally, I loved the character and his inexperienced methods that went along with agent Tapp and later fueled Tapp's personal desires to hunt down Jigsaw, as witnessed both in the movie and in the video game.

Peter Strahm in Saw 4

Peter Strahm

2. Peter Strahm - I adored Strahm's ending scene in the crushing walls room. I loved how the movie ended with his final moments and the character's death was my personal favorite. I also loved that Strahm could find a way out of an inescapable trap prior [by piercing his neck for breathing in the Cube trap] only to find himself in this predicament; the only way Hoffman or anyone else could have stopped him was by placing him in a situation of this caliber. Strahm was hands down my favorite role of this character archetype in the series since I had also enjoyed, including but not limited to the likes of Sgt. Jack Vincennes from L.A. Confidential and Maes Hughes from FullMetal Alchemist. The idea of having a special agent who gets close to the truth only to get killed in the process is beautifully orchestrated and the death only makes the character that much better. The quote is fitting: "Have you learned enough to trust me? Would you heed my warning? For if you do not, this room will forever be your tomb, and my legacy will become yours." This was the best sequence and ending of all the SAW movies to me as it was a completely awesome death scene.


Eric Matthews

3. Eric Matthews - I loved that this character was killed in a wonderful manner; the two ice blocks crushing his head was great. But another reason why I loved him was that he brought about his own defeat by rushing into the bathroom and sealing his fate. The great tragedy of his own actions and the very inclination that he did not listen when John warned of his son: "He's in a safe place." This self-cause of bringing about his own capture and downfall due to his impatience, anger, and harsh behavior was orchestrated in a great manner.



4. Rogers - I loved that he got shot in the eye. If I were to choose a method of execution that is not related to traps, getting shot through the eye is my absolute most favorite form of onscreen death scene; particularly the most brilliantly orchestrated being Moe Greene from the Godfather and Brendan Filone from The Sopranos being the most prominent and memorable death scenes I've ever seen in my life. when it comes to Rogers, his role of attempting to watch over Jill was great. I loved that he failed at it, but his death scene made it even better.


William Easton

5. William Easton - I liked how the character grew onscreen and developed; choosing to save people and allowing others to perish only because he had been placed in these circumstances. Of course, he attempts to save as many as he can but the decision is not completely his. I loved that in the end, no matter how many tests the man struggles against, he is killed off only because of being put in a situation where he no longer controls his own fate. It was also great to see half of his body fall over after being mutilated. What a great character.

Least Favorite Characters in order: Amanda, John, Hoffman, Jill, etc.

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