The Ripper trap is my fanon trap.


The victim starts on a far part of a room, on the opposite part, theres a door to escape.

The device

The trap haves a device which is attached to the victim.

The device of the trap haves these parts:

  1. The chains
  2. The spikes
  3. The water filler
  4. The eye hazard
  5. The rippers
  6. The water storage


  • The water filler slowly puts water in the water storage, making the victim walk slower as it advances through the room.
  • The chains are chaining the victim's hands and feet.
  • The eye hazard will smash the left eye after the victim has passed the first quarter of the room, after it passed the second quarter, it will smash the right eye.
  • The rippers will rip the victim's hand fingers when it passes the first quarter.
  • The spikes will slowly spike the victim's ribcage.
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