Ok so I posted my adoption, now we wait. Hopefully Roger doesn't edit within the next week and Wendy doesn't review the adoption before his 60 days of inactivity is up.

Anywho, after I adopt, the first thing I wanna do is change the name of the wiki. The fact that someone decided to title it "Saw Movies" is just so stupid to me.

I definitely think we should have something in the name that signifies that this is a wiki page. It just looks more professional imo.

I know our logo says "Sawpedia" but I don't really like that. So should we stick with "Saw Films Wiki" to match the url, or maybe "Saw Franchise Wiki" or just plain ole "Saw Wiki"??

Idk what do you guys think?

Btw I'm still gonna leave the url as "sawfilms", I just want to request to change the actual namespace of the wiki.

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