We are your family, your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers…

We can be anyone, and we are everywhere.

You are here seeking the redemption only the games can offer. You are here to choose life. You are here for the honor of carrying on the work, and we welcome you.

But first, you must cleanse yourself of the lies you tell yourself. Only the truth will set you free. Confess your sins and share your devotion now.

So many people walk the earth, ungrateful to be alive, already dead inside. They fill the void with empty pleasures, poison their bodies, and exist in denial of their own guilt. A life of complacency and binge-watched television shows is hardly a life at all. Those of us who truly appreciate life have confessed our sins and faced our own mortality. Baptized in pain and blood, we are reborn.

We can teach you the value of your own life.

Sometimes the masks we wear reveal who we really are. The work continues: His game, his rules. Join us.

Show us your devotion by uploading a written confession or a photo that proves you’re a worthy Jigsaw disciple.


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