Hi, and today I would like to tell you guys my fanmade idea traps. Please note that some ideas are inspired by other movies or the creation itself. So... let's get started, shall we?

Below here are my fanmade traps, they are explained in a detailed way. Let me know if you don't get the whole explanation thing.

Fanmade Traps are listed in Categories (Competition Traps, Standard Traps, etc...)

Types of Trap

Standard Traps

Pears Of Anguish / Dislocated Jaw Trap / Be Silent As I Say

Design and Function

This trap is located at an abandoned asylum morgue. One victim is seated in a chair with a metal brace at the top back of the seat to prevent him or her to move his head away from the slowly turning machine in their mouth.

Unlike any most of the traps who have a time limit and activate when the timer ends, this trap does not relay on and instead stop when the timer runs out. It will last for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

The trigger to activating the trap is most likely pressing the tape recorder from the right. Once it is activated, the "pear" will slowly turn into a seemingly ripe pear shape, twisting and wide opening.

In order to survive, the victim would have to use both his or her arms to push the buttons from their right and left side, with... a long wall of spikes. Pushing both buttons would result the spike walls to move closer to the arm and penetrate his or her arms, this will eventually get the blood to come out from the arms but will result them in pain. This eventually stops the "pear" from turning but letting go of the button would return to the "pear" previous state.

If the victim does not succeed, the gear will dislocate the jaw and makes the victim slowly in pain. Now that the victim is unable to whimp, cry or shout due to jaw dislocation, the room lights will be shut off. The exit to the room does not appear from the outside of the room as it is heavily disguised and the way to open it was to push the hollow wall disguised door. The victim would starve to death.


This trap was inspired by one of the torture traps, Pear Of Anguish.

Deadly Maze / Suicidal Trap / Live As I Ask

Design and Function

This trap is located near an abandoned warehouse. One victim is placed at the start of the seemly triggered maze. In order to escape, all the victim had to do was to reach the exit of the maze. However, there are traps waiting for the victim to trigger it. If the victim is able to endure and avoid the traps (such as noticing the trigger), the victim is left unharmed. If the victim is hit by few traps and is able to endure, they are left with 50% survival.

However, some traps are deadly. This can lead the victim to die from it.


This trap was never inspired. The reason why it was named "Suicidal Trap" as an alternative name because of how it functions. Walking the trigger can entirely mean endangering themselves like injuring themselves in the process. The victim enduring it can lead to handle the pain or simply danger waiting for them.

Laser Eye Surgery Trap / Be Blind As I Want

Coming Soon...

Over Drug Transplant / Deadly Reagent Trap / Be High As I Take

Coming Soon...


Scarring Loss / Ear Burn Trap / Be Deaf As I Tell

Design and Function

This trap is located at the silent-proof room. One victim is tied similar to Nina, the victim of the silence circle. Like Nina, the participants cannot remove it. The victim is likely to be encased in a strong a like large bird cage. All the victim had to do was to beg the participants to save them. However, there is a bomb wrapped around the body inside the jacket strap and a trigger is worn on their ears.. The burning ear mould cannot be remove or touched as there is a strong resistant glass covering the machine. In order to save the victim, the participants have to complete a 1 minute time limit combination. These combinations are scattered around the room. A safe is displayed in front of the large bird cage. After finding the combination and using it on the safe would reveal the key to unlocking the large bird cage, allowing them to release the victim from the jacket strap and as well the contraption, thus removal of the bomb.

If they failed to, the victim's ear are slowing burning and melting as well as the trigger. If the trigger is destroyed, it will set the bomb off, killing the participant and the bictim.


This trap was half inspired by the Silence Circle (Fishing Hook Trap).

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