The reason I hate saw 5 is they inroduced a brand new character just to keep the franchise going. Mark Hoffman would have to be my least favorite character only because they ade him have such a big impact in the 5th movie rather than in th 4 before. The fashbacks make the movie confusng as you don't know the diffrence between present time and the past. The main reason I don't love this movie is that they found a way to make Mark Hoffman have such a big role when really the directors were just trying to make more money since they killed off the two biggest characters in the movies. All the flashbacks that showed Mark helping John Kramer set up traps from the very begining of the franchise (the razor wire trap in the first saw is one example) just somehow made a way to make the audience more confused than they should be. The traps were alright they supplied a good amount of gore for mega fans like me, my favorite being the glass cube trap, but unfortunatly not all the traps supplied me with the joy as all the other films. I notice that in the final saw movie the effects of the guts spilling out at you were suppoed to give a 3-D affect when it really was fake, but I do understand as modern tecnology advanced they were able to do more with the effects than in the originals. But in my opinion the first few movies supplied almost a surreal gore that only the best of makeup artists could achive and they definantly came through. Now I'm nt saying that if I have a Saw binge with a good friend that I will completly skip saw 5 but I just think out of all the 7 movies 5 could have mabye had a better plot. So long and goodnight

-Dank noodles

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