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My name is Monica, I am a major Saw fan starting back in 04 when the first movie came out. Honestly, seeing the first movie I never thought it would become what it did but I am glad it happened.

All the movies are awesome except Saw VII which I don't even consider canon at this point. I am very anti-Gordonite and a HUGE Hoffy Bunny so that's basically my stance on that.

Other than the Original Saw movie, the 6th would have to be my favorite and I would have much preferred they ended it there than how they actually ended it with that stupid Gordonite Fan Pleaser pile of crap. Anyway, I am open for debate and love to discuss the movies, so if you are a Gordonite feel free to approach me as I can handle a mature discussion on the subject. My sister and best friend is a Gordonite and her and I get along just fine.

I am 27 years old, an aspiring horror novelist and screenplay writer. Some of my work can be found on the creepypasta wiki as well as my own blog dedicated to horror. I am learning a new graphics program and am getting better and better at manipulations and art.

I love any and all Saw fans from the casual to the hard core so if you feel you need to say something to me go ahead! I don't bite too hard.

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