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You think it's the living who will have ultimate judgement over you, because the dead will have no claim over your soul. But you may be mistaken.
— John confronts William with his dubious business practices[src]

The Umbrella Health Headquarters are a fictional location from the Saw franchise, as well as a minor location in Saw VI.

Layout and Structure

The Umbrella Health Headquarters were a multi-story building, which housed the offices of Umbrella Health, a health insurance company. The individual departments of Umbrella had big office rooms for their workers as well as independent offices for the respective department's leaders, from where they could observe the work of their associates. Around the building were numerous monitors, showing advertisements of Umbrella Health. To maintain the safety of the workers, the building had an own security service. (Saw VI)


Membership and Claims

As a health insurance company, Umbrella was eager to achieve maximal profit even at the expense of its own clients. To decide who gets the requested coverage, William Easton, senior vice president of Umbrella's department for membership and claims, developed a complex formula. Because of this formula, several seriously ill people were denied their coverage despite paying their monthly premium to the company. In many of these cases, William explained his decisions to the angered clients with spurious reasons. To work as effective and efficient as possible, William was supported by Aaron, Emily, Gena, Dave, Shelby and Josh, six of his associates, who were responsible for checking each client's request for insurance for any errors that could justify the company's refusal of bearing the treatment costs. (Saw VI)

Final Decision

John argues with William

One of the companies clients was John Kramer, who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor by the renowned oncologist Dr. Lawrence Gordon. Even though he told John that the tumor was inoperable, John looked for a possibility to save his life and thereby found out about an experimental therapy developed by a doctor in Norway. However, when he asked Umbrella Health for bearing the treatment costs, his coverage requests were repeatedly denied. Due to this, he went to William's office, hoping that the latter might have an understanding if he explained the situation to him in person. While William was initially open for the discussion, he didn't change his decision and quickly destroyed John's hope by stating that the coverage was unfeasible for Umbrella Health due to John's age and the bad development of his cancer. Furthermore, he told him that he would be dropped from coverage completely if he wanted to seek out the experimental treatment nonetheless. Angered by this, John asked him if he thought that the living would have the ultimate judgement over him as the dead would have no claim over his soul, and indirectly threatened him by stating that he may be mistaken in that regard, before he threw the printout of his request in the garbage can and left William's office. (Saw VI)

The Abbott Process

Harold in William's office

Another one of his clients was Harold Abbott, a cardiac patient, whose request for coverage had been denied as well. Therefore, he made an appointment with William in his office. and asked him for the reason of the denial as he had been a client of the company for ten years. To his surprise, William told him that during the review of Harold's claim, one of his associates had found out about a previous condition which Harold didn't tell them about. This condition was in fact an oral surgery 30 years earlier, during which a cyst was removed from his jaw. William explained to him that any type of oral surgery would leave scar tissue, which could lead to gum disease, which in return could cause heart diseases. Angered by this, Harold yelled at him and reminded him that he had a family. William however interrupted him and merely told him that this situation was his own fault. Shocked by William's cold and arrogant attitude, he told him that he had just given him a death sentence before he left the office and told his family, who had been waiting outside, about William's decision. Upon hearing the bad news, Harold's wife and son, Tara and Brent, glared at William in shock and anger before leaving the building along with Harold.

Debbie talks to William

As Harold was financially unable to bear the treatment costs himself, his cardiac disease worsened and eventually resulted in his death, leaving his wife as a widow. Following his death, Tara and Brent tried to sue Umbrella Health. Because of this, Umbrella's lawyer, Debbie, made an appointment with William in his office in order to prepare him for the upcoming process. Therefore, William called his sister, Pamela, to cancel their appointment for dinner as the appointment with Debbie was on the same day as Pamela's birthday. Afterwards, William and Debbie discussed his testimony in the process. Despite William's confidence that everything would go the way they want it, Debbie convinced him of the necessity of this preparation and asked him about William's dispute with Harold. To her dismay, their conversation was frequently interrupted by William's secretary, Addy, his file clerk, Allen, and William himself when he watched a TV report by his sister about the late John Kramer, who had become known as the infamous Jigsaw Killer at this point. When Debbie finally asked him who had found the mistake in Harold Abbott's claim, which had resulted in the dismissal of his coverage request, William told her that it was one of his six insurance inspectors, who he sarcastically referred to as the "Dog Pit". Afterwards, the two of them ended their conversation and left the office. (Saw VI)

William Easton's Abduction

William recognizes the guard

A few hours later, William returned and was the last one in his office as all of his subordinates had already finished work for the day. While he was alone in his office, he watched another news report about John Kramer on the TV. Since the revelation of John's identity as the Jigsaw Killer more than six months earlier, William had become increasingly nervous and was afraid of becoming a target of him as well because of their disputes in the past. His nervousness had become worse, when John's deadly torture games went on even after his death. While he watched the report, he was eventually surprised by a sudden blackout. When he was about to leave his office to see if his janitor, Hank, was still in the building, he was shocked when he saw a dark silhouette behind a milk glass window. Alerted by this, he grabbed a gun from the drawer of his desk and quickly went into hiding. When the person entered, William left his hiding spot and told the invader to freeze. However, the man turned around and was subsequently shot by William. Moments later, William realized that the man was in fact a security guard. While he tried to help him, the guard attempted to warn him of Detective Mark Hoffman, John Kramer's successor, who was approaching from behind while covering his face with a sinister pig mask. After subduing him, Hoffman took William to the abandoned Rowan Zoological Institute, where he had prepared a brutal and vicious game for him. (Saw VI)