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Twisted Pictures is an American production company. Founded in 2004, it has produced every installment in the Saw series.


Following the box-office success of the first Saw film in 2004, Twisted Pictures was founded by the film's producers Mark Burg, Oren Koules, and Gregg Hoffman as a subsidiary company of Evolution Entertainment, which led to a nine-picture distribution deal with Lions Gate Entertainment. For four years, Carl Mazzocone was the president of the company.

In June 2007, Twisted Pictures formed a joint venue with RKO Pictures to remake four films out of the RKO library. These remakes included Five Come Back, I Walked with a Zombie, The Body Snatcher, and Bedlam. In October 2009, Twisted Pictures successfully negotiated with Bob Kuhn and Kim Henkel, the rights-holders of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, after discussions with Platinum Dunes fell apart.

On June 28, 2012, Twisted Pictures opened a new television division called Twisted Television. Its first production was a television adaptation of Anger Management, a slapstick comedy film from 2003.


Film Gross Director Release Date Budget
Saw $103,096,345 James Wan October 29, 2004 $1,200,000
Saw II $152,925,093 Darren Lynn Bousman October 28, 2005 $4,000,000
Saw III $163,876,815 Darren Lynn Bousman October 27, 2006 $9,800,000
Saw IV $139,352,633 Darren Lynn Bousman October 26, 2007 $10,000,000
Catacombs $476,201 Tomm Coker & David Elliot February 18, 2007
Dead Silence $22,217,407 James Wan March 16th, 2007 $20,000,000
Saw V $113,857,533 David Hackl October 24, 2008 $10,800,000
Vlog Joshua Butler October 24, 2008
Repo! The Genetic Opera $188,127 Darren Lynn Bousman November 7, 2008 $8,500,000
Saw VI $57,369,413 Kevin Greutert October 23, 2009 $11,000,000
The Tortured Robert Lieberman August 28, 2010 $8,500,000
Saw 3D $91,461,000 Kevin Greutert October 29, 2010 $17,000,000
Mother's Day Darren Lynn Bousman May 4, 2012 $11,000,000
Texas Chainsaw 3D $39,093,317 John Luessenhop January 4, 2013
Catch Hell Ryan Phillippe October 10, 2014
Submerged Steven C. Miller February 12, 2016
Havenhurst Andrew C. Erin February 10, 2017
Jigsaw $102,900,000 Michael Spierig / Peter Spierig October 27, 2017 $10,000,000
Spiral: From the Book of Saw Darren Lynn Bousman May 12, 2021