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Despite all of the advantages and privileges that you were given at birth, you have returned to prison again and again. More comfortable in chains than you are in freedom?
— Jigsaw tells Troy why he's tested[src]

Troy is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Saw III. He was portrayed by J. Larose.


Early Life

Throughout his life, Troy came into conflict with the law on several occasions and was therefore repeatedly arrested and convicted. Furthermore, Troy was a drug addict and eventually became a patient at the Homeward Bound Clinic, a recovery clinic for addicts ran by Jill Tuck. (Saw III, IV)


Due to his crimes, Troy was eventually targeted by John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, who was actually the ex-husband of Jill Tuck. However, as John was severely weakened and bedridden due to an inoperable brain tumor and therefore ordered his apprentice, Amanda Young, who had been a patient at Jill's clinic as well, to set up a deadly game to test Troy's will to survive. After abducting him, Amanda took Troy to a classroom at an elementary school. She took most of his clothes off of him and sat him on a chair in the middle of the room. Then, she attached eleven chains to him by piercing the metal chain rings through several parts of his body. Ten of the chains pierced his hands, shoulders, achilles tendons, arms and external obliques while the ring of the last chain was pierced through his lower jaw. Afterwards, Amanda cut a jigsaw piece from his skin and placed a TV and a nail bomb on a table right in front of him, before she left the room. However, as she started to doubt her and John's work, she decided not to give Troy any chance to survive and welded the door of the room shut. (Saw III)


Troy attempts to rip out his chains

Shortly afterwards, Troy woke up. Immediately frightened by the situation he was in, he jumped to his feet and started to scream in fear and agony when he saw the chains attached to him. Moments later, the TV in front of him suddenly turned on. On the screen appeared a frightening, mechanical ventriloquist puppet. The puppet greeted him and informed him about the situation. As he had been chosen for this test due to his repeated prison sentences, he should now get the chance to "break his chains" once and for all in order to survive and finally learn from his mistakes. When the TV turned off again, Troy noticed the nail bomb and immediately began to panic again. However, as he desperately wanted to survive, he eventually started to rip the chains out of his body. Despite his initial hesitation and the immense amount of pain, Troy managed to free himself from all the chains except for the one attached to his lower jaw. The chain attached his lower jaw would’ve been fatal if removed, and his trap was inescapable in that way, and the chains through his Achilles’ tendons would’ve made him unable to walk out in time. With only a few seconds left, Troy desperately tried to remove it but was eventually killed and ripped up by the explosion of the bomb. (Saw III)


Kerry at Troy's crime scene

Following Troy's death, a SWAT team led by Lieutenant Daniel Rigg arrived at the school shortly afterwards after a female caller had informed the Metropolitan Police Department about the explosion. When they entered the building, they discovered that the door, which had been welded shut. Ultimately, they managed to break through a door by using a blowpipe. Upon entering and securing the room, they found the torn up remains of Troy. Rigg then ordered one of his men to call Detective Allison Kerry. Upon her arrival, she immediately feared that the victim was Detective Eric Matthews, her former partner who had been abducted by Jigsaw six months earlier. However her partner, Detective Mark Hoffman, who was investigating the crime scene, told her it wasn't him. Hoffman told her that the victim was held in place by eleven chains piercing his body and was eventually killed by a nail bomb. However she got suspicious when she learned that the SWAT team had to cut open the door as it had been welded shut, giving Troy no chance to escape even if he would've passed his test. This led her to the conclusion that someone else was responsible for the game. Seconds later, a member of the forensic team told her that the video tape containing the instructions for Troy's trap was still intact despite the explosion.


Not much can be said about Troy's personality due to his short screen time, but it can be told that he was a very stubborn person as he refuse to change his ways as he broke the law many times even when he was arrested on multiple occasions.


  • In one of the early scripts, Troy would have been suspended from the ceiling by his chains. However this was changed as it wouldn't have been possible for him to rip them out in this position.
  • In another version of the script, several hooks pierced Troy's eyelids, teeth and fingernails. Albeit this was changed as well, this early concept of the trap was used in two of the promotional posters of Saw III, one showing a mouth with several missing teeth, the other showing three teeth dangling from wires.
  • A Jigsaw Piece was removed from his leg even though the room door was shot before his game had started and we don't see any piece missing from his skin while his game is on. Probably a mistake on the props department.

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