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What you can't do is save everyone.
— Tracy tries to convince her husband to come with her[src]

Tracy Rigg is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Saw IV. She was portrayed by Ingrid Hart.


Marital Problems

Tracy Rigg was a young woman who was married to Daniel Rigg, an officer and SWAT commander working for the Metropolitan Police Department. Together, they lived in an apartment at 23 Park Place. At one point, they started to renovate their home. However, their work eventually came to a halt when Daniel's partner, Detective Eric Matthews, was abducted by John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. As Daniel became obsessed with finding and saving Eric, he began to severely neglect his wife. (Saw II, IV)

Tracy leaves Daniel

Due to her love for her husband, Tracy endured this neglection for a long time. However, after six months she was called by her mother who needed her help for some days and therefore started packing. As she was worried that she might not see Daniel again before her departure, she prepared his dinner and wrote a letter for him which she put on a table. However, Daniel arrived in time and found the letter. When he asked her what she had written, Tracy told him that she wanted to go see her mother. She asked her husband to come with her, but Daniel responded that he couldn't. Tracy, who had already realized his obsession long ago, told him that the only thing he couldn't do was save everyone. After that, she kissed him and took her bag. Daniel asked her to stay, but Tracy eventually left. This was the final time they saw each other, as Daniel was forced shortly afterwards to play a game by Jigsaw and ultimately perished at Matthews' hands for activating the Ice Block Trap. (Saw IV)


Tracy was a kind and caring wife, deeply loving her husband, Daniel. She was also a very patient and calm woman, showing a great amount of understanding for his difficult situation and therefore endured to be neglected by him for a long time without rebuking him. Nonetheless she was very saddened by his neglection of her, even though she still loved him.

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