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This article is about the Rebirth timeline. You may be looking for the movie series or video game timeline.

This timeline depicts the order in which the events shown or mentioned in Saw: Rebirth probably occurred.

Saw: Rebirth

  • John Kramer's wife, Jill Tuck, separates from him due to his inert personality and lacking ambitions.
  • Several years pass.
  • John Kramer visits a hospital and is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor by the oncologist Dr. Lawrence Gordon.
  • John Kramer makes acquaintance with an orderly named Zep Hindle.
  • Amanda Young survives a heroin overdose and is taken to the same hospital as John Kramer.
  • Paul, one of John Kramer's colleagues from the toy factory, unsuccessfully tries to commit suicide by slicing his wrists and is taken to the same hospital as John.
  • John Kramer tries to commit suicide by driving his car off a cliff.
  • John Kramer survives his attempted suicide and decides to test other people's will to live in order to make them appreciate their lives and the lives of those around them.
  • John Kramer targets and observes his test subjects, starting with the people he met at the hospital - Amanda Young, Paul, and Mark, whom he suspects of malingering.
  • John Kramer designs and tests several potentially deadly devices to test his victims' survival instincts.