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Zeke, he’s not the only one! Your father had access, too. Location of Schenk’s body, you said it was where your father took you as a kid. When was the last time you saw your father?
— O'Brien telling Zeke that Dunleavy wasn't the only one who had access from the police computer[src]

Detective Lieutenant Tim O'Brien is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a supporting character in Spiral.

He was portrayed by Thomas Mitchell.


Early Life

Tim O'Brien was a homicide detective working for the Metropolitan Police Department, sometime after the Jigsaw murders, The Metropolitan PD were under a list of policies called Article 8, which gave them the legal means to do whatever was needed to stop crime, this allowed for corruption. This legislation expanded the powers of law enforcement in order to fight crime. Police Chief Marcus Banks and head of homicide Angie Garza were actively involved in covering up these crimes and shielding their officers from punishment.

Turning On Ezekiel Banks

Turning On Ezekiel BanksHowever, the scandal was ultimately uncovered when Banks' son, Officer Ezekiel Banks exposed his partner, Peter Dunleavy, for murdering an innocent man named Charlie Emmerson to prevent him from testifying against another corrupt officer. After this O'Brien like almost every other cop in the department, turned against him.

Jigsaw Copycat

After the murder of off-duty Detective Marv Bozwick, O'Brien, Fitch, Kraus, William and Zeke have to investigate and find out who killed Boz. Zeke gets a flash drive asking him to play the drive, Zeke then puts it in William Schenk’s computer to play it, the video shows a Spiral on a courthouse, they all believe it to be a Jigsaw Copycat.

Schenk's Fake Death

Zeke and O'Brien at the crime scene

A box is later delivered to the station with a taunting note asking Banks if the killer was getting under his skin. Inside the box is a piece of Schenk's skin inside, identified via a distinctive tattoo. Also inside is a vial that directs the new batch detectives to a butcher shop. Banks recognizes the place as a hobby shop that he and his father visited when he was younger. After getting to Constantine, Ezekiel and O'Brien entered the room where Benny's body (Who was still believed to be William's) was being examined by other cops and reacted with horror and disgust after seeing the corpse. Ezekiel waited outside of the room for a few minutes and when he went back into it, he asked a forensic about evidence. The forensic told him that they have been analyzing the tape recording and they were able to find out not only that Benny was skinned but also how the body was scored in order to remove the pieces in larger strips first and that the defensive wounds mean he tried to fight back, explaining the deeper gashes. After hearing all of this, Ezekiel was close to cry, due to not believing the fate allegedly his new partner and friend met. This upsets Banks more then he anticipated, though he begins to piece together clues from the investigation that he doesn't share with the other detectives. (Spiral)

Angie Garza's Death

Angie's corpse

Officer Barrett was at a shop he was attacked by a Figure in a Pig mask and was stabbed in the arm. He was later found by fellow officers and informed Detective Ezekiel Banks. Barrett's attack was used as a distraction to get the officers out of the precinct so that the killer could capture Captain Angie Garza. Banks realizes she's been abducted and is next on the copycats kill order, and tries to find her. He doesn't arrive in time and discovers her corpse; her face is covered in wax, while her spinal cord is severed. Her death devastates Banks, but also gives him a lead. He realizes that the killer must know intimate knowledge of the police station to pull off the abduction. Banks also learns that his father, Marcus Banks, is officially missing as no one can locate him. Detective O'Brien suspects that Marcus is working with the copycat killer. O’Brien suspects the former police chief Marcus Banks to be the killer, causing Zeke to flip out, Zeke later gets held back by the other officers. (Spiral)



  • After the death of Captain Angie Garza, it can be presumed he is the acting head of the homicide department in the South Metro Precinct.

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