Thomas H. Fenton is an American screenwriter, best known for his work on the Saw franchise.

He was one of the screenwriters of Saw IV.


Thomas Fenton grew up in Rochester, New York. His 5th grade had a movie making class, where he made some student sci-fi, horror and martial arts films. He attended Hofstra University and took film classes there on Long Island. Fenton started as a grip and best boy in New York City. He later opened and operated a production company doing commercial and music video production in New York. Fenton later moved to Hollywood, where he started to work as both a screenwriter and a graphic novelist. Fenton's first break in Hollywood was doing a rewrite on Belly of the Beast by Stephen Seagal. Fenton wrote also Dominion, a graphic novel about Earthbound Angel. Afterwards, he worked with Twisted Pictures on a number of films, including Saw IV. He also wrote the scripts for the film on Myrtles Plantation and some CineTel Films, including I Spit On Your Grave 2.



Year Film
1995 Striking Point
2003 Belly of the Beast
2007 Saw IV
2009 Chain Letter
2011 Terminated
2013 I Spit On Your Grave 2
2017 Slay Per View

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