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try not to make a mess
— jigsaw tells Micheal what will happen if he fails[src]

The Bomb Box is a trap from the saw franchise,appearing in Flesh and blood

design and function

Micheal's test

this trap was the tenth one in a series of tests

it consisted of a lever inside a box with an explosive,to detonate the explosive,a button on the front of the box had to be pushed,the box rolled down a conveyor belt that had pumps in the way,Micheal had to pull the pumps out of the way and then pull the lever out of the box to open a door.


the box on the nearby conveyor belt holds one of the pieces you need to progress. make sure nothing obstructs it's path. oh by the way,the box is packed with explosives. try not to make a mess
— Micheal's tape[src]

the person tested in this trap was Micheal Tapp

Micheal destroyed his dad's reputation and one day,he was abducted by John Kramer and pighead II

Bomb belt

Micheal next to the box

he went through many traps and fought for his life,his tenth one saw a lever inside a box packed with explosives that,when blown up,blew up like a mini nuke. Micheal pulled a lever that started a conveyor belt. he went into the next room and pulled a pump twice,the next section had 3 pumps that all had to be pulled in certain ways to unblock the path.


Micheal repeated the pulling process until the final room,he listened to a tape recorded by officer David Tapp that talked about the aftermath of Steven sing's death. then he used a rotating circuit puzzle to open a mechanical door,he finally took the lever out and opened the door.


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