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Full Disclosure Report The Scott Tibbs Documentary

The Scott Tibbs Documentary is a pseudo-documentary set in the Saw franchise, taking place during and after the events of Saw II. It was included in the bonus material of the DVD of the second movie.


After the disappearance of Adam Stanheight, his best friend and frontman of rock band Wrath of the Gods, Scott Tibbs, concludes that he is most likely dead and suspects the serial killer Jigsaw. To find out more about the killer and his motives, he and his friends decide to film a documentary about him. Shortly after they start shooting, Scott is called by one of his friends and goes to the abandoned Wilson Steel Plant where the Metropolitan Police Department has captured Jigsaw. However, the latter had managed to escape and had taken a hostage, Detective Eric Matthews.

Thoroughly impressed, Scott slowly develops an obsession with the killer and continues his research. Upon doing so, he finds out that Jigsaw's real identity is John Kramer, a man who decided to test other peoples' will to live by putting them in deadly traps after he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Scott manages to arrange interviews with a detective and a doctor to learn more about the killer. However, due to his intrusive, almost psychotic behavior, everyone refuses to give him the information he wants.

Eventually, Scott learns that Eric Matthews' son, Daniel Matthews, had been a victim of Jigsaw himself but was released by the killer. Pretending to be his cousin, Scott goes to the hospital to interview Daniel. Unfortunately for him, he is interrupted by a guard who expels him from the hospital. His failings make Scott even angrier and worsen his mental state even more. Therefore, he eventually decides to test himself and prove the Jigsaw Killer's theory that surviving a near-death experience could help people learn the value of life.

Shortly afterward, he and his friends build a trap on their own. To survive, Scott has to shove his hands into a shredder, freeing them from their restraints. However, when the timer starts to count down, Scott's friends take the camera and leave the room. Scott panics and angrily yells at them. Before the timer finally goes off, his friends close the door, leading to his fate remaining unknown.


  • Zach Starr as Scott Tibbs
  • Leigh Whannell as Adam
  • Willis Turner as Mr. D
  • Danny Kitz as Editor
  • Luke Bugenhagen as Guitar Guy
  • Andrew White as Band Guy
  • Lark Arrowood as Groupie
  • Roger Fiets as Sound Guy
  • Don Balderamos as Detective Jenkins
  • Sven Davison as Detective Willis
  • Monique Soltani as Reporter #1
  • Marissa Cicero as Location Reporter #1
  • Elisabeth Ekornes as Location Reporter #2
  • Tom Leone as Location Reporter #3
  • Susan Putt as Location Reporter #4
  • Colin Petrie as News Camera Op #1
  • Brandon Peters as News Camera Op #2
  • Brian Boylan as News Camera Op #3
  • David Carstens as News Camera Op #4
  • Mark Atkinson as News Camera Op #5
  • Bobby Jasso as Still Photographer #1
  • Jonah Lee Walker as Still Photographer #2
  • Wil Olandria as Still Photographer #3
  • Rebecca S. Masterson as Police Officer #1
  • Francisco Arago as Police Officer #2
  • Nazim Pethani as Police Officer #3
  • Bill Doebler as Police Officer #4
  • Eddie Boles as Police Officer #5
  • Jeff Hazelitt as Police Officer #6
  • Ezikiel Agilo as SWAT #1
  • David Finley as SWAT #2
  • John R. Michelson as SWAT #3
  • Shant Istamboulian as Detective #1
  • Carrie Newell as Reporter #2
  • Shawnee Smith as Amanda
  • Milton Lawrence as Doctor
  • Ryan Kawika-Kam Chun as Medical Intern #1
  • Marilyn Moon as Nurse
  • Nicole Betz as Medical Intern #2
  • Caylan Schneider as Medical Intern #3
  • Fernando Romay as Patient
  • Eric Scott Curtis as Guard
  • Victoria Harvey as Teenager
  • Stephen Castello as Guy
  • L.J. Finley as Kid #1
  • Riley Finley as Kid #2
  • Ariana Gonzalez as Young Girl
  • Lauren M. Angstadt as Friend
  • Jamie Doebler as Mother
  • Connor Doebler as Young Kid #1
  • Tabitha Doebler as Young Kid #2
  • Ian S. McAlpine as Camera Operator


The Scott Tibbs Documentary was entirely filmed as a found footage film, using the so-called "shaky camera" technique, where parts or the entirety of a movie is filmed with a hand camera. This technique is often used for pseudo-documentaries, especially in the horror genre, to give the film a more realistic style. Throughout the documentary, Leigh Whannell and Shawnee Smith both have a cameo appearance, reprising their roles as Adam Stanheight and Amanda Young from the first film.

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