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Confess, the truth will set you free.
— John's tape

The Murderers' Trial is one of Jigsaw's games in the Saw franchise, occurring in Jigsaw.


Original Test Subjects

John Kramer preparing the game

The first five victims of this game were people who committed a crime but lied to the authorities in order to not be judged. The people tested were Carly, a young woman who stole a lady's purse with her inhaler inside - ultimately leaving her to die of an asthma attack without it, Mitch, who sold a motorcycle with faulty brakes to John Kramer's nephew who was later hit by a truck as a result, Anna, who asphyxiated her baby in a state of despair and blamed her husband who later committed suicide by hanging himself, Ryan, who was responsible for the death of multiple people in an alcohol induced incident and Logan, who was responsible for exchanging the x-rays of two people including John himself. Therefore, all of them were abducted by John Kramer, also known as Jigsaw. After subduing them, John took all of them to the Pig Farm and placed them in the first room with buckets on their heads and collars around their necks. (Jigsaw)

First Test

I'm sure you're all wondering why you're here. You deny culpability, no doubt for the circumstances in which you find yourselves. Salvation can be yours. If you cleanse yourselves of the habitual lies which have brought you here, lies that you have told yourselves, lies that have brutalized others, confess, the truth will set you free. But any attempt to violate my rules will kill you. I want to play a game. First an offering of blood, no matter how little will give you a green light to escape from this room with your lives. If you can release yourself from your demons, you can begin to shed the chains those demons bring with them. Should you not give the simple blood sacrifice that I have requested, you will face severe consequences. The choice is yours.
— The group is introduced to their first test

Carly wakes up in the trap

Before the game began, there was a timer at the top of the room that served as an alarm clock. When the timer reached 0, an alarm rang and the lights started to light up. Carly, Anna, Mitch and Ryan jolted awake due to the ringing of the alarm and in the state of confusion, began to observe their surroundings. Carly was the first to notice that she had a bucket on her head and that she was chained to her neck. Moments after realizing the danger she was in, Carly began to force the chain that was secured around her neck to remove it but to no avail. After a few seconds, Anna and Mitch also started trying to remove the bucket on their heads. When their attempt failed, Mitch began to examine the place and realized that there was a camera watching them, along with a wall full of saws in front of him. Anna started to get nervous while Carly starts screaming for help while she slowly got up. Anna was the fourth person to stand up and she started to ask Ryan for help, only to be pushed by him. An audio begins to play, drawing the attention of the four test subjects who were already awake. While the audio began to explain why the five people were in that situation, Carly begins to cry. Both Ryan and Mitch were clueless, so they just listened to what the audio was saying while Anna slowly gotten up as she listened to the audio. Mitch started to shout for help and hit the wall that was on the right side of him. Anna began to scream while she attempted to remove the chain on her neck after her failed attempt on the bucket. The audio exclaims that the truth will set them free, and that they should confess all the sins that caused them to be in that predicament. Ryan got annoyed and started swearing at the camera. The audio begins to explain that the first thing to do is a blood offering, enough to change the red color that each test subject had in the upper part of the bucket that they had in their heads. Carly continued to cry and again, struggled to remove the bucket from her head in a state of anger. However, Logan Nelson, the fifth participant of the game, still did not wake up, so he could not hear the audio, unlike Anna, Mitch, Ryan and Carly who were starting to look for a way out while listening to what they had to rid of them from the bucket of their heads. Carly was still trying to break her chain but was still failing. Finally the audio ends saying that they had to make a decision.

Carly towards her wall of saws

The saws that were in front of the five test subjects begin to roll and the chains begin to take the test subjects towards the saws. The four participants who were awake begin to scream and to make resistance so as not to be taken towards the saws that were in front of them, Anna and Carly sit on the floor to be able to make more resistance while Ryan and Mitch stand by while everyone is dragged forward including Logan Nelson who was still asleep. Mitch decides to support with a column that was next to him to avoid being dragged. Anna decides to stand up while Carly who was next to Logan Nelson tries to lift him by patting him on the back and screaming at him but it's in vain. Mitch decides to hit his wall with saws with his chain but the only thing he causes is falling to the floor by the friction caused by the contact between the chains and the saws. Anna finally decides to pay attention to what the tape said that was reproduced before the game began, Anna puts her right arm in front of her and goes slowly towards her wall with saws, finally she cuts herself with one of the saws and her blood falls to the floor, the bucket of Anna's head starts emitting a green light instead of the red light that she had at the beginning and she removed their bucket from his head. Anna's saws stop while Anna decides to help Mitch by telling him to cut himself exclaiming that is the only way to be saved.

Mitch tries to cut his finger

Later Anna helps Ryan by telling him exactly the same thing she told Mitch a few seconds before. Mitch decides to cut his left index finger but his chains pull him hard to the saws, causing him to cut his right arm, however Mitch manages to get free of the bucket in his head. Ryan decides to cut his right arm, getting rid of the bucket on his head as well as Anna and Mitch, Ryan starts screaming while looking at the cut that he made on his arm. Finally Anna decides to lift Carly off the ground and yells that she must be cut while holding her with Carly's back to the saws, seconds later Carly's chains pull her hard into the saws causing Carly to cut her back with the multiple saws, Anna decides to help quickly to move Carly from the saws and remove the bucket from her head. Carly begins to scream in pain that the saws caused when they cut her back.

John exempting Logan Nelson from the game

Finally when the walls of Anna, Carly, Ryan and Mitch open to guide them to their second test, Logan Nelson wakes up, bewildered by what was happening. The five test subjects were still dragged by the chains forward, Mitch, Carly and Ryan leave the room thanks to the chains, and although Anna begins to shout at Logan Nelson that he must cut himself to leave, Logan can not hear her because Anna is dragged from the place. Finally, Logan Nelson does not understand what was happening and is cut, like Carly, all his back with the saws. While Carly, Anna, Mitch and Ryan were guided to their second test, John Kramer, who was behind the walk supervising what was going on through the cameras, left to help Logan Nelson and exempt him from the test because he woke up until seconds after of being cut. (Jigsaw)

Second Test

While I am certain that there is a desire to point fingers at me for the blood that has been shed, unless you turn that finger inward, I assure you, more blood will be lost and all will be judged. We will begin with one, one who is not only a liar but a thief, a purse snatcher, and when you had a chance to fix the harm that you had done, you chose to do nothing. Now it is you who could die without the right medication. While unconscious this deceiver among you, this criminal, was injected with a poison. One of the syringes in front of you holds the antidote, one is a saline solution, the other an acid that will cause an excruciating death. Inject the correct one and your chain will be released. Failure to make the right choose could result in death for you all. I ask you, what is a life worth to you?
— The group is introduced to their second test

The group in the second room

After the four test subjects reach the second place, the doors with the saws that previously cut them are closed and the chains stop for a few seconds. Carly quickly decides to touch her back and notices that she is bleeding and starts screaming, Anna decides to help Carly while she asks her name. A mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared in front of them with a sign that said confess. Ryan exclaims that he is not afraid at all, seconds later the chains are activated again and the four test subjects begin to be dragged forward. Ryan and Carly begin to resist to avoid being dragged but to no avail. Anna however decides to lean on a column with metal thorns that was next to her. Later Anna is dragged forward causing her to be cut with the metal spines that were in the column. Mitch finds a tape that said "Play Me" and tries to reach it before reaching one of the endpoints of the chains. When Mitch reaches the tape and reproduces, the endpoints of the chains break and make the chains gallows.

Three syringes in a hanging base fall in front of Ryan. The audio tape begins to explain that it was time to judge a bag thief, the four test subjects begin to worry a bit when the audio tape says that the bag thief has a poison in his body and that one of the syringes has the antidote but another has a saline solution and the other a lethal poison and if she decides not to inject any of the three syringes all would be hung and die. When the audio tape ends, Mitch expresses that the person must confess or all will die. Anna suggests the fact that if they were injected they might have marks on their bodies and that they should check. Everyone except Carly checked their bodies, causing the other three to suspect Carly. Ryan took the three needles and told her to choose a syringe. Mitch exclaims that Carly has to inject the antidote and the four would leave alive. Carly refuses, exclaiming that she might inject the acid. Anna tells Carly that she only has to confess, but Carly expresses the fact that she did not kill anyone. Ryan gets angry with Carly, exclaiming that this is not the attitude of regret that Jigsaw wants.

The group asks Carly to pick a syringe

After Carly accepts that she saw a woman die but it was not her fault, Ryan threatens her by telling her to choose a syringe otherwise Ryan will inject Carly with all three syringes. Anna calms Ryan, telling him that this was not the form. Mitch asks Carly if any of the numbers on the syringes reminds her of something, but thanks to the pressure that Ryan exercised on Carly, Carly can not concentrate. After a while Carly mentions three dollars and fifty-three cents, Ryan immediately asks the meaning of the number to which Carly responds "what a life is worth to me" referring to the money found in the purse she stole from the woman that died because of her.

Ryan tries to inject the syringes to Carly

The chains begin to move but this time upwards. Ryan starts to make Carly nervous by yelling at her to pick a syringe and inject it but Carly keeps denying. Even though Ryan reminds Carly that all four are going to die if a syringe is not injected, Carly still refuses. Mitch exclaims that they are going to die while Anna tries to calm Ryan. While the four begin to be hanged, Ryan grabs Carly and screams at her to inject a syringe, however Anna holds Ryan back to prevent him from injecting Carly with all the syringes. Carly starts to evade Ryan trying to get away from him. While Anna and Ryan begin to suffocate because they are hanging Carly manages to get away once, but the inertia brings her back to Ryan. After several attempts by Carly trying to get away from Ryan, Ryan finally manages to inject all three syringes into Carly which causes the chains to come loose from their necks and the four fall to the ground.

Carly dead due to the injected acid

After the four recover from the fall, Carly realizes that Ryan injected her with the three syringes on the right side of her neck. Ryan, Anna and Mitch watch as Carly begins to cry while she starts to bleed from her neck, eyes and ears. After convulsing for a few seconds, Carly falls dead to the floor. Anna immediately starts hitting Ryan screaming at him why he killed Carly, Ryan stops Anna responding that the only thing he did was save the lives of the three but Anna is still confused and keeps yelling at Ryan, Mitch quickly stops them and tells them to calm down. After calming down, Anna exclaims "three dollars and fifty-three cents". A disoriented Ryan asks the reason of those numbers and Anna replies that they were the numbers that Carly said before her death. Later Mitch decides to look for a syringe with that number while Anna takes off her jacket and covers Carly's face with her jacket. (Jigsaw)

Security Trap

There are no short cuts in life, please forgive the rather crude example I will make of your decision to not follow the rules, pull the handle and you will be set free .
— John's tape

No Exit Door

After Carly died, Ryan, Mitch and Anna decide to go to a door, after the test subjects entered the new room, Ryan observes a chained door that had "No Exit" written in red. However Ryan decides to take a shovel and try to open the door. Unfortunately, when Ryan tried to open the door, he was standing on a false floorboard which broke apart, leaving Ryan's foot in a trap where he was tied with several cables while a sound was activated. Immediately Ryan begins to scream in pain as the cables tighten more tightly as time went. Mitch and Anna are surprised by what happened and quickly, Mitch takes the shovel that had Ryan to be able to break another side of the false floorboard and save Ryan, Anna decides to continue breaking the gap that Ryan caused for realizing the interior of the trap. Anna realizes that there is a lever inside the trap and claims that it is most likely to be activated. Mitch breaks another part of the floor and realizes that there is an audio tape on the floor, however, the cables are tightened more causing the foot of Ryan begins to sacre. Anna wants to play the tape, Mitch decides to take a rake to reach the audio tape. However, when the rake was about to reach the audio tape, one of the tips of the crawl touches the cable that was attached to the foot of Ryan causing it to tense even more. Finally, the crawl is destroyed due to contact with the cables causing Ryan's foot to start bleeding more. Ryan starts to get upset, screaming at Mitch to grab the audio tape with his hands, at first Mitch refuses, exclaiming that he will not. However, Ryan yells at him and reminds him that he saved both him and Anna by injecting the three syringes in Carly's neck. Anna tells Mitch to do it, Mitch decides to listen to Anna and Ryan and slowly removes the audio tape from the trap. When he manages to take out the audio tape, Mitch calms down. Ryan tells Mitch to play the audio tape, but Mitch refuses and tells Ryan that he should play it. Mitch delivers the audio tape to Ryan and he plays it. When the audio tape is played and explains that the only thing to do to get free is to pull the lever, Ryan panics and begins to ask what he should do, Anna says he must pull the lever which means that Ryan will lose his foot, Ryan starts to cry while his foot is held by the trap wires.

Mitch grabs the audio tape

While Ryan's foot is tied up in the trap, Anna and Mitch decide to look for a way out. Anna decides to go to a kind of window and see if there is an exit, Mitch decides to hit the door marked several arrows indicating the way. However, the lights go out and a small room with the door open is illuminated. As Anna and Mitch head towards the small room, Ryan starts shouting that he will not confess anything and starts hitting the ground. When Anna and Mitch enter the place. Ryan notices that there is a small screen lighting up in the same place where Ryan's foot was tied. Mitch and Anna realize that there is a remote hanging in the place where they were. Mitch decides to jump to reach it but it is in vain. Ryan starts shouting at Anna and Mitch that a TV screen went on, however, Anna and Mitch don't listen to Ryan. Mitch suggests Anna that he will raise her to be able to reach TV remote. Anna decides to pay attention and Mitch boosts her up by her feet. Anna manages to seize remote of TV. However when Anna grabs the TV control, the cable that was holding it contracted caused the door where Anna and Mitch to close. Anna and Mitch quickly hit the door that was closed to open it but it is in vain. Mitch decides to grab the remote control and presses plays on the TV screen. When Mitch pressed play to the TV, the mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared on two screen and introduced them to their game, telling them that in their past, they made mistakes that were never clarified but at that moment Ryan should make a decision, whether he lets Anna and Mitch die or pull the lever and all the three of them would be free at the cost of leg getting sliced into three pieces.

In the past you have all put your own interests above others and then lie to yourselves and deceived the world about your callousness, your larceny, your criminality. Now you will look in the mirror and you face who you really are. The choices you have made may cost you your life. You can not escape from the truth. There is however one person who can help you, Ryan. If he pulls the lever before you're buried alive, you will live. Ryan, free yourself to free them.
— The group is introduced to their new test

Ryan watching Anna and Mitch

When the message ends, the two screens for a brief moment turn off and seconds later they become the player of the security cameras. Anna and Mitch manage to see Ryan through the screen that was in the small room where they were and Ryan can see Anna and Mitch through the screen that was in the trap where his foot was. Seconds later sand grain begins to fall by means of two slits that were on top of Anna and Mitch. Ryan watches as Anna and Mitch are slowly being buried and starts screaming what was going on in the other room. Mitch responds that it is grain and Anna desperate begins to yell at Ryan to save them, Ryan begins to refuse and exclaims that he cannot do it. Mitch begins to hit the wall while Anna begins to knock on the door to be able to open it but neither of them achieves its mission. Ryan looks at the lever and tries to grab it but regrets it. Slowly Anna and Mitch begin to be buried by the grain of sand, Anna keeps screaming for help to Ryan just like Mitch. Mitch begins to yell at Ryan to pull the lever to save them, Ryan attempts to pull the lever but at the last moment, he hesitates and curses at the security camera that was watching him Ryan from the behind. Finally, the sand grain stops falling towards Anna and Mitch leaving the body of the both buried up to their necks. Seconds later a rake falls in front of Mitch and he starts to scream, being heard by Ryan who gets nervous and a saw and a knife fall in front of Anna and causing her to back off in order to save herself, seconds later two knives fall in front of Mitch causing one to lock on his left shoulder. Ryan begins to sweat and begins to think about pulling the lever but he continues to hesitate. Another circular saw falls in front of Anna causing her to almost cut her face, prompting her to start screaming Ryan's name imploring him to save her. Mitch manages to remove the knife that was buried in his left shoulder and later throws the knife away from him. Anna and Mitch start yelling at Ryan to pull the lever but Ryan still does not pull the lever.

Ryan's severed foot

While Anna was yelling at Ryan a shovel falls in front of her and seconds later three nails are buried in her right arm. Ryan tries again to pull the lever but hesitates once again. Finally, several sharps including grapples, nails, saws, rakes and shovels begin to fall to the sides of Mitch and Anna. Finally, Ryan starts screaming and manages to pull the lever, causing his foot to be cut into three pieces, Ryan screamed in excruciating pain. Then the lights come on and the door with the right path opens like the door where Anna and Mitch were buried, Anna and Mitch leave the place along with the whole grain of sand, however, Anna almost suffered an accident with a rake but nothing happened. Ryan lies down at where he was and loses consciousness from the immense pain from his severed leg. (Jigsaw)

Third Test

Hello, Mitch. You admitted to selling a boy a motorcycle. But you've not told the entire story, have you? Six-hundred dollars for a bike that you listed in excellent condition, even though you knew the brakes were faulty you took his 600 bucks and in return you delivered him to his end. He was my nephew, and he never hurt anyone. The device you see here has a unique power source. It's the same engine that graced the bike you sold my nephew. However I assure the brake lever for this one works perfectly. Avoid the dangers around you. Hit the motorcycle brake handle and the motor will stop. Live or die, Mitch, the choice is yours.
— Mitch is introduced to their test

The trap

Shortly afterwards, Anna and Mitch decided to leave Ryan resting so he could recover from the loss of his foot and find a way out that could keep them safe for all three of them. While Anna and Mitch were looking for a way out, Mitch finds a tape with his name and Anna wants him to play it, when Mitch plays the tape, a harness holds Mitch's legs and begins to raise him. While Mitch is lifted by the harness, Anna tries to help him but in vain. John's voice begins to speak through the tape arguing that Mitch has not told the whole truth, John says that Mitch sold a motorcycle in poor condition to his nephew, the only problem was that the motorcycle was in poor condition and Mitch knew about the poor condition of the motorcycle, however, the only thing Mitch wanted at that time was the money from the sale of the motorcycle which cost 600 dollars. When John's nephew was driving on the motorcycle that Mitch sold him, he noticed that the motorcycle had no brakes, when John's nephew tried to brake, it was in vain and was later hit by a truck, killing him. Later, John adds that Mitch will be put to the test with the same motorcycle with which was his nephew’s, where if Mitch does not catch the brake, that while Mitch is descending inside of the trap is getting narrower and the brake of the motorcycle is on the bottom of him in time, Mitch will be cut by a kind of 'giant metal spiral'.

The trap begins

After the tape comes to an end, Mitch begins to descend towards the spiral, while Mitch begins to scream asking for forgiveness to John Kramer for being the culprit of the death of his nephew. Anna decides to help save Mitch by looking for a metal rod and a way to get to the motorcycle so she can stop it and save Mitch from being cut. Mitch carefully tries to get to the motorcycle's brake to get through his test while Anna manages to get to the top of the trap by climbing a column of barn wood, Mitch begins to encourage Anna to save him by screaming desperately as he slowly descends by the spiral. Later, Mitch manages to get to touch the brake of the motorcycle with one of his hands, however being so narrow the place does not reach to grab the brake of the motorcycle causing it to move and that Mitch cut his arm. Anna finally arrives at the motorcycle and with the help of the metal rod she had grabbed before the floor and brakes the motorcycle by inserting the metal rod in the rear tire causing the trap to stop and for Mitch and Anna to calm down for a few moments. Mitch thanks Anna for saving him and asks her to help him out, but Anna decides to rest for a few seconds without noticing that the power of the bike is about to break the metal rod, when the metal bar is split in half by the rim of the motorcycle, the trap is activated again but this time cutting Mitch all over his body since Mitch was in the narrowest part of the spiral. Mitch's blood spreads all over the place, even reaching Anna's face when Mitch's body is cut off, his corpse comes out of the trap falling next to Ryan. Ryan wakes up, baffled by the noise, he notices Mitch's corpse and starts screaming in horror. (Jigsaw)

Final Test

After Mitch died, Anna finds a way out of the barn. However, she is abducted again by John Kramer injecting a medicine that knocks her unconscious and is later taken to another room inside the barn next to Ryan.

Now if you want to achieve your freedom, you have to learn. You have to realize that you've been doing it backwards. So, I'm gonna give you an opportunity to turn it all around. Here's your key to freedom. It's all up to you. Now the game's simple, best ones are, you have one shotgun, you have one shell. Like I said, it's up to you.
— John Kramer explains the Final Test to Anna and Ryan


Ryan finding his key

After Anna erroneously shot herself trying to kill Ryan with the shotgun that John Kramer gave them. Ryan begins to panic and notes that there were two keys in the only cartridge that had the shotgun. Ryan immediately analyzes the situation and comes to the conclusion that the only thing that had to be done was to open the shotgun and take out the two keys that would earn freedom to Anna and Ryan. Unfortunately, Ryan's key was destroyed when Anna pulled the trigger to kill him, sealing his fate to death. In his final times, Ryan was doomed to stay trapped in Tuck's Pig Farm, chained to his foot to die. In his final moments, he apologizes for everything he’s done before dying from blood loss or dehydration. (Jigsaw)


Logan Nelson preparing the new game

Ten years after John Kramer, the original Jigsaw, created his first game, Logan Nelson, one of the first test subjects of that trap, who later became the successor of Jigsaw decided to replicate the first game by John Kramer. The five victims of this new game were five persons who committed a crime but lied to the authorities not to be judged. The people tested were Edgar Munsen, responsible for the death of Logan Nelson's wife, three Halloran clients, who committed a crime but went to Halloran not to be sent to jail, and Detective Brad Halloran, responsible for releasing several criminals including the other four test subjects. Therefore, the four Halloran clients were abducted by Logan Nelson, the successor of John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. After subduing them, Logan placed three of Halloran's clients in the first room of the area and put a bucket in their heads and collar around the neck of each one of them and put Edgar Munsen in an abandoned warehouse by leaving him lying down before leaving. Later, after Halloran followed him to Pig Farm, Logan abducted Halloran and put him in the same place where Shotgun Keys was developed. Finally, Logan Nelson pretended to be another test subject so that Halloran did not believe that Logan Nelson was the real culprit. (Jigsaw)


Hello Edgar, you're about to play a game. Five lives are in your hands. Follow my instructions exactly.
— Edgar's tape

Edgar Munsen wakes up in his trap

When Edgar woke up he noticed that he was in an abandoned warehouse and next to him there was an audio tape that had written: "Play Me". The audio tape which gave him the instructions for a test. At a certain time, he had to find a trigger and use it to start a game involving five people, who were trapped inside a barn outside the city. If he refused to do so, he would be killed on his own.

Deciding to play the game, Edgar attracted the attention of the police, which resulted in a car chase. With his car, Edgar sped down the roads until he was outbraked by spike strips laid out by the police on the street and eventually hit a street barrier, consisting of numerous water barrels and police vehicles. He smashed his window and climbed out of the car to continue his flight on foot. Pursued by officers, Solomon and Palermo, Edgar eventually reached the warehouse where he previously received his instructions and made it to the rooftop. There, he noticed a red "X" drawn on a steel scaffold, which marked the position of the trigger. Just as he grabbed it, the officers arrived and aimed their guns at him. In the distance, Edgar saw a clock tower and told the officers that five people would die if they didn't call Halloran.

Edgar being chased by the SWAT

The officers did as he said. As the time passed, Edgar started to panic. However, Halloran finally arrived along with his colleague, Detective Keith Hunt. Edgar told him that he was given the choice to either start the game or die on his own. Halloran ordered his man to aim for the trigger and tried to convince Edgar to drop it, but as the time ran out, Edgar activated the trigger. The officers immediately shot the trigger. However, unnoticed by them, Logan was watching them from another rooftop nearby and shot Edgar in the chest with a sniper rifle. As Edgar collapsed, he told Halloran that the game had begun before he passed out due to his injury. (Jigsaw)

First Test

Minutes after Edgar was shot, Halloran's three clients woke up in a replica of the first Bucket Room, having the same development, the two Halloran clients followed the instructions and cut off some part of their body in order to continue living. However Malcolm Neale apparently could not overcome the game dying minutes later to fail. The two remaining test subjects were thrown to their second test. (Jigsaw)

The games have started again and they will not end until the sins against the innocents have been amended. I'll take care of the next four. You take care of the others.
— Audio found on a USB in Malcolm Neale's corpse

Second Test

Death of the one Halloran's client

The two test subjects arrived at a replica of the original Chain Hangers, apparently, the woman had injected the same poison that Carly had ten years before in her body and she had in his hands the same three syringes with the same contents that Carly had at her time. Unfortunately, the woman injected the wrong syringe into her neck, seconds later the acid that contained the syringe killed her in the same way that Carly died. Is unknown if was she herself who injected her syringe or it was her test partner. (Jigsaw)

And then there were three...
— Letter found in woman's corpse

Third Test

The test subject that remained alive came to rest in the replica of the original Cycle Trap, following the standards of the original test, the test subject was hung on top of the test and had to grab an object that was under it. The test subject failed in the game and as a result, died in the same way that Mitch died, cut into several pieces by the trap. (Jigsaw)

And then there were two...
— Letter found in man's corpse

Final Test

Hello, gentlemen. You came looking for the game. Congratulations, you've found it. You are the final two players. You may recognize the device around your collar, Dr. Nelson. These laser cutters slice through tissue and bone like butter. The most powerful blade on the planet. You both have an opportunity to live. All you need to do is confess. It's that easy. If you admit to the reason that you deserve to die, you can escape death. I will be listening. Make your choice. The game will select one of you to begin in 60 seconds... unless, of course, someone chooses to go first.
— The instruction tape that played through the loudspeaker

After Eleanor Bonneville found out the location of the barn, she and Logan went there to investigate it, but both were followed and ambushed by Halloran. Eleanor managed to escape, while Logan was knocked out and Halloran was attacked by an unseen assailant. Both men awakened in a room, inside of collars rigged with laser cutters. A loudspeaker informed them, via John Kramer's voice, that they were the last two players of the game, and to survive their test, they needed to confess the reason they deserved to die. The voice also told them that they could choose who would face their test first. Halloran said that he would be the first, but forced Logan to go first instead, and Logan's lasers were activated. Panicking, Logan confessed that he mislabeled Kramer's X-Rays, which caused his cancer to go un-diagnosed until it was too late. Despite confessing, Logan appeared to be killed anyway. Halloran's lasers were then activated, and he was told to confess. Desperate, Halloran confessed that he allowed criminals to walk free and that innocent people died because of him. His lasers were deactivated and Halloran appeared to have passed his test. (Jigsaw)


However, Halloran noticed that Logan's lasers did not cause burn marks on the ceiling, unlike his own. He also noticed that Logan's collar contained blood capsules, which had burst to make it look like Logan had been killed. Suddenly, Logan stood up, alive and unharmed. He revealed to a confused Halloran that he had faked his death only to trick him into confessing, and played a recording of his confession. Logan then explained how he recreated the game that had happened in the barn ten years prior, of which he was one of the players. He used three criminals that Halloran had previously let off for his replica, leaving himself and Halloran as the final two players. Logan then reactivated Halloran's lasers and told him that he was going to die for letting Edgar walk free for killing Logan's wife. He also told him that he was going to frame Halloran as the new Jigsaw, with Eleanor providing his alibi. Logan declared how so many innocent people ended up on his table because of Halloran and that he would now speak for the lives ruined by such individuals. Halloran's head was sliced apart by the lasers, killing him, and Logan sealed his tomb with the words "I speak for the dead". (Jigsaw)


  • It is unknown what would be the test that Logan Nelson would have to face in case of surviving the Bucket Room because each test subject had an individual test in addition to the Bucket Room.
  • Most likely is that Leg Wires and Grain Silo Trap were not really planned to be surpassed by the test subjects, since these traps are only security and the audio tape did not include the name of some test subject.
    • Most likely, if the Leg Wires ever had not been discovered, the room to the Grain Silo Trap would not have opened as the trap is only survivable by pulling the Leg Wires lever.
  • It is unknown if the replica that Logan Nelson made with his test subjects actually could be passed since the choices of the test subjects was off-screen except for Halloran and Edgar Munsen.
    • Edgar was killed by Logan Nelson to accuse Halloran that he was the real culprit of the new deaths.
    • Halloran's test could not be passed by him, since it was Logan Nelson's decision whether if Halloran could live or die.
    • With the woman, it is not known if the three syringes actually had the original contents (the cure for the poison, the saline solution, and the acid) or if the three syringes had the acid and no matter what choice the woman made in the end she would die.
    • With the man, it is unknown what error he made in his version of the Cycle Trap.