As you can see, the choice is not so clear when you are face to face with the people whose blood will stain your hands.
— John introduces William to his test[src]

The Gallows are a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw VI.

Design and Function

This trap was the second one in a series of tests. It was located inside a large, empty aquarium located at the abandoned Rowan Zoological Institute. Two victims were standing on small platforms with their hands strapped behind their backs. Additionally, both of them had a noose made of barbed wire around their necks. To survive, the test subjects had to rely on the help of a third person. Before the aquarium's glass pane was a panel with two handles that were attached to chains. The third test subject had to take the handles. However, only one of the other two victims could be saved. Therefore, the third victim had to let go of one handle in order to save the other victim. Over the course of the game, the chains to which the handles were attached were occasionally pulled tight. Once the primary test subject had made his decision, the two victims were released from their straps and the platform of the one who was sentenced to death would fall back, causing the person to be hanged by the wire noose. (Saw VI)


William Easton's Test

Hello, William. Standing on the platforms behind me are two of your colleagues. One: your file clerk, a young healthy male with no living relatives. The other: a middle aged woman, with a family history of diabetes. According to your policy, your secretary is older and weaker, and therefore less worthy to survive, but you know the loss that she will be to her family? While young Allen will disappear without a blip on the world’s radar. Only one can exit this room and the choice of whom falls upon you. You must let go of one to save the life of the other. As you can see, the choice is not so clear when you are face to face with the people whose blood will stain your hands. Let the game begin.
— William Easton's tape[src]

The persons tested in this trap were William Easton, manager of the Umbrella Health insurance company, who had caused the death of numerous seriously sick people by denying the coverage of their treatment costs for spurious reasons, as well as his secretary, Addy, and his file clerk, Allen. One day, all of them were abducted and taken to the Rowan Zoological Institute by Detective Mark Hoffman, the successor of the late John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, who was in fact one of William's former clients. At the zoo, he trapped Allen and Addy's unconscious bodies in their traps.

Saw vi addy

Addy in her trap

Shortly afterwards, William came across the aquarium, but couldn't see his colleagues as the aquarium was without light. Before the glass pane, he noticed a panel with two handles, each one attached to a chain. When he passed them, he saw the words "TAKE THEM" on two monitors. William initially refused to do so and tried to went on. However, after a few seconds, he heard a beeping sound from an electronic strap around his right arm, which would explode if he ignored Jigsaw's rules. Therefore, he stood in front of the aquarium and reluctantly took the handles. Upon doing so, the chains were tightened and a spotlight was turned on a mechanical ventriloquist puppet, which was standing on another small platform behind the panel with a noose of barbed wire around its neck. One moment later, the platform folded away, causing the puppet to swing forward and hit the glass panel, giving a suggestion of what would happen next. Two spotlights turned on and revealed Allen and Addy on their platforms. The puppet introduced William to his colleagues and confronted him with his business policies. According to those, Addy was less worthy to live as she had a family history of diabetes, while Allen was perfectly healthy but had no living relatives who would miss them. Finally, the puppet told him that he had to let one of them go in order to save the other one. Seconds later, the puppet was pulled up and out of sight by its noose.


William witnesses Allen's death

William yelled at the puppet and assured his colleagues, who began to panic, that he wouldn't let any of them die. However, moments later the chains were pulled on further. Allen frantically begged his boss to help him. William tried to defend himself, claiming that this wasn't the way he decided about the fate of his clients. The game however went on and the chains were pulled on again. While the two of them begged William for help, the two monitors on the panel showed him photos of Addy with her family and pictures of Allen, who walked around all alone. As the chains were pulled tight, Allen and Addy were forced to walk towards the edge of their respective platform. William bursted out crying and apologized before he finally let go of the handle holding Allen, which immediately sprang back. Allens shackles were then opened. Realizing that William had sentenced him to death, Allen angrily yelled at him. Seconds later, his platform folded away, causing him to swing forward and hit the glass panel. As he was hung to death, his blood splashed against the pane, moments before he was pulled up and out of sight just like the puppet did before. A few moments later, Addy was released from her shackles as well. She immediately took the gag from her mouth and in tears thanked William for her salvation. William then told her to be careful and to try to find a way out as he had to go on. He then left her behind and continued his own game. (Saw VI)


The zoo was found and raided by the Metropolitan Police Department shortly afterwards. As the police secured and searched the entire building, they discovered the many corpses of Jigsaw's victims, including Allen. All of them were sent to the morgue for their obduction by Dr. Adam Heffner and the wire nooses as well as the puppet and the small platforms were sent to the evidence room. (Saw VI, 3D)


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