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Tear from your mouth the tongue that has so often been used to lie and to deceive.
— William Emmerson[src]

The Subway Trap is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Spiral.

Design and Function

The victim was placed inside a subway tunnel. There was a contraption hanging from the ceiling by chains, which was attached to the victim's tongue by a screw. Below the victim was a wooden stepstool on which they would stand. There was also a small length of barbed wire holding the hands of the victim behind the back. Finally, the trap made use of a subway train which would arrive at the trap scene in two minutes and hit the victim if they did not escape in time, killing them. The victim had to jump off the stepstool, ripping their tongue from their mouth. After doing so, the victim could walk behind the handrails on either side of the tunnel and wait for the train to pass. (Spiral)


Marv Bozwick's Test

Hello, Detective Bozwick. I want to play a game. The 3 train is arriving in two minutes. It is up to you to decide whether this will be your final stop. You have taken the witness stand many times, and railroaded innocent people with your lies, putting them away in jail. Today it is you who will be railroaded. You have one chance to live. Tear from your mouth the tongue that has so often been used to lie and to deceive. Take a leap of faith, and you will live. Only your weight will rip away your lying tongue and save you. Live or die; make your choice.
— Marv Bozwick's tape[src]


The victim of this trap was Marv Bozwick, a homicide detective in the Metropolitan Police Department who had previously lied in court to get innocent people put in jail. Therefore, he was targeted by William Emmerson, who abducted him during a night of 4th July, while Bozwick was in the sewers, chasing a criminal that William hired to lure him into there. After this, William took off Bozwick's shoes, coat and hat, and took his unconscious body to a subway station. He then stranded Bozwick on a wooden stepstool, tied his both hands to his back with barbed wire and attached his tongue to a metal contraption hanging from the ceiling by chains by piercing it with a screw. Then, he placed a TV in the rails in front of him and left the scene.

Later, Bozwick woke up in the trap and panicked. Suddenly, the TV in front of him turned on and William appeared on the screen with a pig mask on his face and introduced Bozwick to his game. William told Bozwick that the 3 train will be arriving in 2 minutes and it was up to him if this will be his "last stop". He then talked about how Bozwick took the witness stand many times and how he railroaded innocent people with his lies by putting them in the jail but today, he is the one who will end up railroaded. He told Bozwick that if he wants to escape, he has to tear from his mouth his tongue, which he used so many times to lie and deceive and that the best way of doing so was by doing a leap and using the weight of his body in order to tear it. Then, the TV turned off and the game began.

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Bozwick struggled a bit until he was able to untie his hands from the barbed wire. After that, he grabbed the metal contraption and vainly tried to pull it off in an attempt of get it off of his tongue. Bozwick started to cry out of pain. Meanwhile, the train was getting closer to Bozwick, with the conductor too distracted to notice him. After noticing the train, Bozwick got desperate and continued struggling to get the metal contraption off of his tongue, but once the train got closer enough to him, Bozwick startled and accidentally jumped off the stepstool, causing his tongue to be teared out by the contraption. However, right when he was falling to the ground, Bozwick got run over by the train, tearing him to pieces. The conductor stopped the train and observed the remains of Bozwick that were splattered in the train's window in horror, as he just realized what happened. (Spiral)


When the game ended, William returned to the subway and removed the metal contraption along with Bozwick's tongue. He then put Bozwick's tongue and police plaque inside a small box, tied the box with a string and left it on the metal bars of one of the windows of a courthouse building. He also painted a red spiral on the wall and recorded a video showing the spiral in order to give Detective Ezekiel Banks a clue about who was the victim of the game.

The police at the crime scene

The crime scene got later reported to the Metropolitan Police Department, believing that it was a homeless man the one who was run over. After various cops went there to see what happened, Captain Angie Garza informed Ezekiel Banks and his new partner William Schenk (who was actually the killer using a different last name) about this and told them to go there in order to investigate. Once Ezekiel and William arrived at the subway where the game was played, they found various police officers taking evidence including Grant and Livingston. Zeke asked the Livingston who was securing the scene what happened, to which he told Zeke him to see it for himself. Zeke and William passed the security tape and observed the remains of Bozwick while William pretended to be disgusted and wanting to vomit. Ezekiel told William that if he wants to vomit to not do it in the evidence, to which William replied that he will not, as he's been waiting to do this since he was twelve years old. While Ezekiel was lighting the remains of Bozwick with his flashback, William saw the TV, which was destroyed when the train arrived and asked if TV sets are in subways, to which Zeke replied telling him that lots of things appear in subways. William then said that it will be difficult to identify Bozwick, who was still believed to be a homeless man, but Zeke wasn't sure of the victim being a homeless man, due to noticing a step counter watch in one of Bozwick's arms. He was also able to identify that Bozwick was married and was wearing a Fitbit. (Spiral)


  • The trap might be a reference to the Pain Train from Jill's dream in Saw 3D.
  • Due to the position of the lingual artery and the way the tongue was ripped out, it stands to reason that the victim would die either way - be it from the impact with the train or from bleeding out due to the severed artery.
  • It was originally planned that the trap would be fishhooks that pierce the tongue of Detective Marv Bozwick. but Darren Lynn Bousman decided to replace them with vice
  • Given the fixture, the tongue would be unlikely to get ripped out at the base. It is far more probable that if it was already damaged enough by the bolt to be kept in place, it would rip around the bolt and at the thinnest spot, thus leaving the victim with the majority of the organ intact. Possibly even retaining the ability to speak, thus voiding the test.