He's been injected with an opiate overdose. Couldn't move or feel much of anything.
— Sing tells Gordon about Donnie Greco's death[src]

Detective Steven Sing is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a supporting protagonist of the first Saw film. He was portrayed by Ken Leung.


The Jigsaw Case

Steven Sing was a homicide detective working for the Metropolitan Police Department and one of those who were involved in the Jigsaw case from the beginning. He was also a good friend of the leading investigator on the case, Detective David Tapp. During the early days of Jigsaw's murder series he had to visit numerous crime scenes of his deadly games, such as the place of Paul Leahy's death. When he and Tapp arrived at the crime scene, they were expected by their partner, Detective Allison Kerry, who had already gathered information from the forensics and therefore was able to tell them about Paul's game, as well as his fatal injuries, and presented them an audio tape, which had been used to give Paul his instructions.

Shortly afterwards, he was also present at the crime scene of Mark Wilson's game, where Kerry found a peephole used by Jigsaw to witness his game and remarked that she had seen one of those before at Paul Leahy's crime scene as well. Furthermore, she told them about a penlight found at the place of Mark's death. Tapp ordered her to send it to the laboratory to see if they could find any fingerprints on it.


Tapp and Sing visit Lawrence Gordon at the hospital

Upon further examination of the penlight the laboratory was able to find fingerprints on it that belonged to Dr. Lawrence Gordon, a renowned oncologist at the Angel of Mercy Hospital. Sing and Tapp went to Dr. Gordon's office where they asked him about his alibi for the previous night when Mark Wilson had been killed. They took Gordon to the police station where he was further interrogated. After some hesitation he eventually revealed that he was with his mistress, Carla, at the time of the murder which the police quickly found out to be the truth. However despite this Detective Sing asked him to stay for a little longer to witness the interrogation of Amanda Young, a new victim of Jigsaw and the first survivor of one of his deadly games. Upon listening to her Lawrence was visibly horrified by the things she went through and even more so when Sing told him that she had to cut a man open in order to get a key from his stomach while he was still alive and merely drugged with an opiate overdose, which prevented him from moving or feeling anything.


Tapp discovers a clue to Jigsaw's location on one of his tapes

Shortly afterwards Detective Tapp further examined Jigsaw's video tape from Amanda Young's crime scene. When Sing was about to leave work for the day he asked him to go to the bar at the corner for an after-work beer with him and some of their colleagues which Tapp declined with thanks as he wanted to continue his examination. Sing joked that Tapp should find himself a girlfriend before he left but was held back by Tapp when the latter saw something in the backround of the video that made him suspicious which Sing eventually identified to be a graffito of K2K, a small gang from 118th street. Upon hearing a fire alarm in the backround Tapp ordered his partner to help him checking all fire reports for the area from the last two weeks. Ultimately Sing found out about a fire in a rear house at 213 Stygian Street and told Tapp about an abandoned mannequin factory in this area which would be a potential hideout for Jigsaw. Despite his doubts that this would be enough for them to get a warrant he immediately agreed to go there with Tapp. (Saw)

Jigsaw's Hideout

Saw 169Pyxurz

Tapp and Sing invade Jigsaw's hideout

Minutes later Tapp and Sing arrived at the factory. Armed with a shotgun Sing broke through the front door and entered the building followed by Tapp who gave him cover. Upon going upstairs they found the K2K graffito and recognized as the same one from the video. When they searched the hideout they found a box with little figures resembling another deadly game Jigsaw had already planned for the future. Furthermore they found one of the pig masks he used for his abduction as well as the mechanical ventriloquist puppet from Amanda Young's video which had been used by Jigsaw to give her the instructions for her game. Moments later they were startled by a noice nearby coming from under a large red hood. Eventually this turned out to be the voice of Jeff Ridenhour, a man strapped to another one of Jigsaw's traps. However when they wanted to free him they suddenly heard the elevator. Sing was eager to finally arrest the Jigsaw Killer and initially refused to follow Tapp's order when he told him to hide until they got a better look at him but eventually he decided to actually to do so and put the cloth back on Jeff before quickly going into hide with Tapp. (Saw)



Sing's corpse

Moments later a hooded man, Jigsaw, arrived and approached Jeff. When he told Jeff that he had planned a bigger test for him they came out of their hiding spot and held Jigsaw at gunpoint. However the latter managed to activate Jeff's trap which caused two drills to approach his head until they finally pierced it, giving the detectives merely 20 seconds to save him. While Tapp took care of the killer and held him at gun point Sing asked him how to stop the trap and was told that a key would unlock the metal neck brace which held Jeff's head in place. When Sing found a set of keys in a box he desperately tried to find the right one among the dozens of keys. Having only a few seconds left Sing decided to shoot the drills, saving Jeff's life in the process. However this distracted Tapp, giving Jigsaw the chance to slash Tapp's throat with a hidden blade. When he ran away Sing immediately pursued him and eventually managed to shoot him in a hallway, causing him to collaps. Thinking that Jigsaw was dead Sing approached him but unwittingly walked right into a booby trap and was shot by four shotguns. When he died, Jigsaw, who wore some kind of body armor under his cloak and therefore remained unharmed by the shot, stood up and left the hideout leaving the detectives and Jeff behind. Moments later Tapp, weakened by his injury, found the corpse of his dead friend and partner. (Saw)


Steven Sing Saw 5

Sing's picture at the memorial

After Jigsaw's death at the hands of Jeff Denlon, another one of his victims, Sing and his deceased partners Daniel Rigg, Eric Matthews, David Tapp and Allison Kerry were given a memorial. His picture stood next to those of his colleagues. On this occasion, Detective Hoffman and the Chief of Police each delivered a speech to honor them and their efforts. (Saw III, V)

Non-Canon Appearances

Saw: The Video Game

Detective Sing was frequently mentioned in various tapes and documents, some of which were newspaper articles by Oswald McGillicutty who had published the details about Sing's death and therefore destroyed Tapp's reputation. At one point Tapp found the badge of his late partner. It is further revealed that he had a wife, Melissa Sing, and a son, Franklin, who were both abducted by Jigsaw as part of Tapp's game at the Whitehurst Insane Asylum.

Saw II: Flesh & Blood

Detective Sing was also mentioned numerous times in Tapp's files and audio tapes and a report by Detecive Kerry, found by Tapp's son, Michael Tapp, in the second game. One of the tape contained Tapp's confession about what truly happened in the night of Sing's death. It was also revealed that Michael stole this tape and therefore he was the one who actually published it.

According to Tapp's files he and Sing worked together on at least to occasions already before Sing became part of a Jigsaw Taskforce founded by Chief Henry Jacobs and led by Tapp. One of these cases were the Bilson murders, the other was about a mass execution of K2K members by the local yakuza. This was the first case they worked on together. Tapp described Sing as the best cop he knew. However he disliked his tendency to drink more than most of his colleagues but was sure this didn't affect his judgement.

Full Disclosure Report

The raid on the factory as well as Steven Sing's death were both mentioned in the documentary Full Disclosure Report, hosted by TV moderator Rich Skidmore. Therefore it was also revealed that Sing was 20 years old at the time of his death.


Sing was one of the youngest detectives who worked on the Jigsaw case and therefore followed the orders of his longer-serving colleagues most of the time. He seemed to be very popular with most of his colleagues including David Tapp. While he wasn't as obsessed with the case as some of his colleagues he was just as eager as them to arrest Jigsaw and put an end to his games. Due to his friendship with Tapp and the latter's working experience he trusted him almost blindly which was the reason why he agreed to enter Jigsaw's hideout without a warrant when Tapp said so without any hesitation.


  • According to Sing's "Full Disclosure Report" he was 28 years old when he died. However in newspaper clipping in the first game he is listed as being 34.
  • In a scene that was cut from the script of Saw III, Jeff was suppose to have come down the hallway Steven went down to pursue Jigsaw from the first film and finds Steven's rotting body.
  • In the scene when he entered Jigsaw's hideout he was played by Leigh Whannell as Ken Leung wasn't available at the shooting date.

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