I need some help here!
— John upon entering the hospital with Jill[src]

Dr. Steve is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Saw IV. He was portrayed by David Webster.


Gideon Kramer's Death

Steve was a doctor working at the Angel of Mercy Hospital. One night Jill Tuck, who ran the Homeward Bound Recovery Clinic for drug addicts, was assaulted by one of her patients, Cecil Adams. During the robbery he accidentally slammed a doorknob into Jill's stomach, who was in her seventh month of pregnancy at this time, causing a miscarriage. When her husband, John, found her he took her to the Angel of Mercy Hospital where they met Deborah, one of the nurses, who immediately took care of his wife. However, despite all efforts, the doctors weren't able to save the unborn child. It was Steve who told John about his son's death. (Saw IV)


Not much can be said about Steve's personality due to his short screen time. However, as a doctor, he seemed to be a dedicated individual who cared for his patients and was willing to do whatever he needed to help them. As such, Steve was shown to be quite sad both when Jill Tuck lost her unborn son at her seventh month of pregnancy due Cecil Adam's fault despite all his efforts and when the time came for him to inform John Kramer that he would no longer become a father.

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