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Welcome back. We're live with Bobby Dagen, whose national tour, "S.U.R.V.I.V.E.: My Story of Overcoming Jigsaw," rolls into town this weekend.
— Donna introduces her viewers to Bobby Dagen[src]

The Stage 6 Studios are a fictional location from the Saw franchise as well as a minor location in Saw 3D.



Donna interviews Bobby Dagen

The Stage 6 Studios were a large, multistoried building complex used for the production of several TV shows such as "Daybreak", a reality show. One day, Donna Evans, the host of "Daybreak", invited Bobby Dagen for an interview. Bobby had become rich and famous by publishing his book "S.U.R.V.I.V.E. - My story of overcoming Jigsaw", in which he told his readers how he supposedly survived a deadly trap set up by John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, and how his life developed afterwards. During the interview, she asked Bobby about the public attention he got due to his national tour, during which he promoted his book. Bobby responded that he was quite overwhelmed and flattered by the great public response to his story, stating that it pleased him if his story helped other people. Donna also asked him about his actual experience in the trap. In a dramatic speech, Bobby told her how he had escaped by inserting two hooks into his pectoral muscles and hoisting himself up to a platform. While he had been close to accepting his impending death, he had eventually decided to fight for his life as in this moment something inside him had started to grow "from the bottom of his soul." Impressed by his dramatic story about what he called his rebirth, Donna thanked him for the interview and thereby further promoted his tour.

Bobby and his crew discuss the interview

After the interview, Nina, Bobby's publicist, asked him why he didn't kiss his wife, Joyce, after the interview as discussed earlier. Therefore, Bobby claimed that he had been afraid to seem unauthentic if he acted excessively emotional. Nina however insisted on him showing his love for his wife, calling it the "heart of the story." Bobby's lawyer, Suzanne, agreed with him, stating that too much emotion might cause his performance to feel like pandering, but was quickly rebuked by Nina who was annoyed since the public relations were her job. To cool the situation down, Bobby admitted that he had made a mistake. Cale, his manager and best friend, however told him that he had done nothing wrong. When Bobby shared a private moment with his wife afterwards, she further encouraged him and stated that the people would feel that his story was real. Cale then interrupted them, reminding Bobby about a meeting with a self-help group for Jigsaw survivors the next day. Moments later, Bobby and the others left the studio. (Saw 3D)