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John Kramer was right, the spiral. A symbol of change, evolution, progress.
— William Emmerson[src]

The Spirals are recurring symbols used in the Saw franchise.


Billy the Puppet

Jigsaw billy.jpg

Billy was a mechanical puppet resembling a male clown. Its face was pale white with a protruding brow and cheeks that had red spirals painted on them. His red lips formed a grin, his eyes were black with red irises and his head was topped with black, messy hair. Additionally, he wore a black tuxedo with a white shirt and gloves, a red bow tie as well as red shoes and always had a red handkerchief in his breast pocket. In the short film he also wore a bowler hat. Due to being a mechanical construction, Billy was able to move on his own. Most of the time, Jigsaw used video recordings of him to inform his victims about their situation. However, at times, Billy also appeared to the victims in person and occasionally rode an old red tricycle John had used in his childhood. (Saw IV)

The Shotgun Carousel


William Easton's fourth test is the Shotgun Carousel William came across the door of the room, which had a large, red spiral painted on it. As he approached it, he heard noises coming from the other side, which he recognized as the voice of Shelby. When he asked her about her situation, she told him that her five colleagues were trapped with her as well, and they were all strapped to some sort of a spinning carousel. However, she couldn't see anything as the room was pitch dark. After some hesitation, William finally opened the door and entered the room, causing the lights to turn on. Thereby, he was able to see his associates, who were all chained to a rotating playground carousel in the center of a large animal enclosure.


As he approached them, they asked why they were there, he responded that this was some kind of game. Seconds later, a TV turned on in front of them and a mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared on screen. The puppet introduced William to his test and explained him the rules of this game. A rigged shotgun was positioned in front of the carousel. The carousel would stop periodically, resulting in one of his associates sitting directly in front of the barrel of a shotgun. This victim would be killed after a few seconds if William didn't decide to save the person. In order to do so, he would have to simultaneously press two buttons in a small box before him. However, he could only save two of them while the other four would inevitably die. After William received his instructions, the TV turned off again. William's six assistants Aaron, Emily, Gena, Dave, Shelby and Josh rode the carousel. (Saw VI)

Jill Tuck's Nightmare

Hoffman starts the pain train

After the death of John Kramer, his ex-wife, Jill Tuck, received a black box from his executor, Bernie Feldman. The box contained one of John's vicious contraptions, a Reverse Beartrap, which she had to use to test John's successor, Detective Mark Hoffman. Jill decided to carry out John's final request and put Hoffman in the trap. However, she didn't give him a chance to escape. To her shock, Hoffman managed to escape the trap nonetheless, albeit heavily injured. Afraid that Hoffman might take revenge on her, she went to the police station to talk to Matt Gibson, an officer of the Internal Affairs Department, who had once reported Hoffman to the department after the latter had ruthlessly killed an unarmed suspect. Furthermore, she demanded that she wanted to talk only to him, and neither the homicide department nor the FBI, as she didn't trust them. In exchange for protection and complete immunity, she offered Gibson information about Hoffman. Gibson accepted the deal, seeing a chance to close the Jigsaw Case once and for all. After their conversation, Jill went back to her apartment at 545 4th Street. Nonetheless, Jill didn't feel safe and began to have terrible nightmares. During one of those, she left the police station after talking to Gibson. However, as she left the station, she was shocked when she saw a red tricycle standing there, surrounded by two police cars, which illuminated the scene with their spotlights. This tricycle had been used by a sinister mechanical ventriloquist puppet, which both John and Hoffman had occasionally used to communicate with their victims. As Jill approached the tricycle, she was suddenly attacked and subdued from behind by Hoffman, who covered his face. Shortly afterwards, she woke up in a chained up position. Upon hearing loud engine noises, she lifted her head and was afraid when she saw Hoffman at the other end of the room next to the Pain Train. a spiral can be seen on the trap. (Saw 3D)

Mitch's Test

Mitch in his trap

The victim in this trap is Mitch. Mitch finds a tape with his name on it. Once he pressed it, he was dragged upside down to his trap. John's voice was heard in the tape and says that years ago, he sold a motorcycle to a man who was John's nephew. Mitch lied to his nephew saying that the motorcycle was working but in reality, it had a faulty brake which lead to the death of John's nephew. He was suspended above a cone-like metal object with metal coils on the inside. John explains that he must press the handbrake at the bottom of the cone in order to stop the trap. After the tape, Mitch was slowly lowered down into the cone. As this happened, the very bike that Mitch had sold to John's nephew ran, causing the trap to spin. Anna climbed on top of the trap and tries to jam the wheels with a metal rod and was successful. Mitch, relieved, stops trying to reach the brake. However, the motorcycle wheel breaks the rod and begins spinning again, and as Mitch panics, he begins to swing, essentially throwing himself into the coils, which kills him and mutilates his body as Anna stands at the top of the trap. (Jigsaw)

Eleanor's Studio


Eventually, the Jigsaw murders came to an end. However, Jigsaw had a lot of admirers who praised him for his philosophy. One particularly passionate admirer of his work was Eleanor Bonneville, a pathologist working for the Metropolitan Police Department. At one point, she bought a building which she used as a studio and a storage for several replicas of Jigsaw's traps that she built on her own with materials she bought on the internet. There was also a version of the Cycle Trap among these replicas. Ten years after the murder series had come to an end, new victims turned up all around the city. Eventually, Eleanor and her mentor, Dr. Logan Nelson, were both suspected to be responsible for the killings by Detective Brad Halloran, who investigated the case. Therefore, he ordered Detective Keith Hunt to follow and observe the two of them. Eventually, Eleanor showed her studio to Logan, who was apparently shocked and told her to get rid of the replicas as soon as possible. Unnoticed by them, Keith took numerous photos of the studio and showed them to Halloran. Shortly afterwards, Halloran ordered a raid on Eleanor's studio. When he arrived there, accompanied by Keith and a SWAT team, the replicas were secured and sent to the evidence room. (Jigsaw)

USB Message

Spiral Still7.jpg

At the station Angie Garza, Fitch, Kraus, Drury, O'Brien, and Morgey try to find out who killed Boz. Zeke revives a box from the killer with USB in it Zeke plugs it in. They find the first video tape from the killer, who identifies the murdered man as a police officer. The killer plans to reform the Metro PD and remind them of the oath they took to the city. Schenk, Banks, and Detective Fitch piece together that the Jigsaw Killer has a new copycat. Once Zeke saw the video that Schenk anonymously sent to him in the form of an USB, he recognized the courthouse that appeared in the video, went there along with William and found the red spiral. Suddenly, two other cops that also watched the video, Fitch and Kraus. Zeke and William arrived at the crime scene, Detective Fitch and Detective Kraus, arrived at the scene too. William asked what they were doing there to which Fitch replied telling that they thought they would need some backup. Ezekiel insulted Fitch, telling him this wasn't his case. William told Zeke about the box that was in the metal bars of the windows of the building. Zeke leaped, grabbed the box and unpacked it. After opening it, inside they found Bozwick's tongue along with his plaque. All of them reacted with disgust, except for William who was once again faking it. Zeke then grabbed the police plaque and read the numbers. William asked Zeke who was the officer 4-5-3. Zeke got shocked after recognizing the numbers from the plaque and it was confirmed to him and the rest of the Metropolitan Police Department that Marv Bozwick was the one who was killed in the trap. (Spiral)

Fitch's Death

Zeke and William at the location of the truck from the video

Detective Fitch and Detective Deborah Kraus went to the pawn shop witch when he did the owner told Fitch they were closed Fitch showed him his badge the man then let Fitch inside to look at the security cameras Fitch saw Boz chasing a man dressed as Uncle Sam and realized the man was Benny Reitz and that he lived at a bread factory. Fitch decided that he would go there and look for Benny Kraus asked if Fitch if they should tell Zeke about this Fitch replied and told her not to. She then left the pawn shop Fitch asked the owner if he could see one of the guns and took it with him Detective Fitch is abducted and later put into a trap were he must rip off their fingers before the water made contact with the exposed wires, or else he would be electrocuted to death.However Fitch didn't rip his fingers off in time before the water made contact with the exposed wires and was then electrocuted to death. Zeke, Will and Kraus then find Fitch's corpse at bread factory the location of the crime scene. Drury suspects that Banks is involved since both Boz and Fitch had connections to Banks. Schenk, however, agrees with Banks that someone else is pulling the strings and puppet mastering the events around them. William remains the only cop who believes Banks. (Spiral)

Marcus Bank's Abduction

Marcus in the soap factory

Marcus Banks received a text from his son's phone that said to meet up with him on an old soap factory on 11th, in reality this text was sent by William Schenk, who was the killer all along. Once Marcus arrived at the factory, he started to look around the place with both his gun and a flashlight, there he found a wall that had written the word "Do you want to play a game Chief Banks?". As Marcus went deeper into the factory he eventually found a room with a typewriter and a puppet, just as he started to send a text about his findings he was abducted by William. (Spiral)

Zeke Banks Final Test

Zeke is ultimately abducted by the copycat killer. Ezekiel Banks's first test was to get out of handcuffs that were attached to a metal pipe by using the hacksaw on the floor near him. Zeke moves to another room in the maze, to find William Schenk. Zeke is confused for a moment before realizing that Schenk faked his death, having used the skinned corpse of Benny Reitz to do so. Schenk had been the copycat Jigsaw Killer all along. He presents Banks with a final test; shoot a target that will free Marcus from certain death but allows Schenk to escape, or kill Schenk and let Marcus die. His father, Marcus Banks, who is attached to a trap that slowly drains his blood via an IV drip. Ezekiel then given the choice by William Schenk, the Jigsaw killer in question to either shoot a target to free Marcus, but allows William to escape. Or he could kill Schenk, but also letting Marcus died due to blood loss. William also mentioned that he had called SWAT team before hands to free him. (Spiral)

Police Raid on the Soap Factory

The arriving SWAT going up the spiral stair case

Unable to lose his father, Banks shoots the target to free Marcus. After Marcus was released, he told Ezekiel to go after William, when his son started beating the killer, an arriving SWAT team were making their way up the stairs. When the Swat team found the door of the room they were in and started cutting it down while Zeke was beating William. When the SWAT team finally found the door to their room Zeke and Will were in the began to start cutting it down with buzz saw. (Spiral)