Jigsaw Spiral

Spiral (also known as Spiral: From the Book of Saw) is an upcoming American horror film and will be the ninth installment in the Saw franchise. It is slated to be directed by Darren Lynn Bousman and co-written by Josh Stolberg, Pete Goldfinger, and Chris Rock. Filming for the movie began on July 8, 2019. Originally, it was scheduled for release on May 15, 2020, but pulled due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was scheduled to be released on May 21, 2021, But its release date was later pushed up to May 14, 2021.

Although originally thought to be a reboot, Rock has confirmed that it will share a continuity with the other movies. The film was originally going to be called The Organ Donor, but the title was later officially revealed as Spiral.



Spiral is an upcoming 2021 American horror film and will be the ninth installment in the Saw franchise. It is to be directed by Darren Lynn Bousman and co-written by Josh Stolberg, Peter Goldfinger, and Chris Rock.


  • This will be the first Saw film not to be released in October.
  • The "spirals" in the film allude to the red spiral markings on Billy the Puppet, which was often used by Jigsaw to interact with the victims trapped in his deadly games. Ironically, this will be the first Saw film not to have Billy The Puppet as a character.
  • This is the first film not to have Tobin Bell reprise his role as John Kramer, and the second time since Saw: Rebirth where he doesn't return as the character overall.


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