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Your life is in her hands.
— The message left for Rex[src]

The Spike Gun is an item in the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw IV.

Design and Function

The spike gun was a rather larger, heavy metal devices. It could be used to shoot long, thin metal spikes with pinpoint precision, similar to a harpoon. However, it wasn't used as a weapon but rather as a tool to set up one of the deadly games designed by John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. Nonetheless, it was a very dangerous device, especially due to the highly sensitive trigger which could be activated by even the slightest touch. (Saw IV)


Morgan's Test

Morgan and Rex in their trap

The gun was used to set up a game designed for Rex, an abusive husband and father, and Morgan, his wife who had been abused and humiliated by him for several years. One night, Art Blank, Rex's lawyer, who had become a victim of John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, abducted him and Morgan, as was forced to wear a device which would cut his spine and kill him if he didn't follow the orders given to him. After subduing him, he took them to a classroom at an elementary school. After that, he put a leather harness on them and chained them back to back to a metal column in the middle of the room. Then, Art used the Spike Gun and shot eight metal spikes through their bodies. While Morgan only received severe flesh wounds, Rex was mortally wounded as the spikes had pierced his major arteries. After that, Art chained a tape recorder to Morgan's wrist which contained the instructions for her test. Additionally, he positioned a chart of the human body in front of Morgan and a wooden chart with the words "Her life is in her hands" in front of Rex and also hung up numerous X-rays of the broken bones and injuries Morgan had received from Rex in the past. Having finished the preparations, Art went on and left the school. (Saw IV)


The photographer is killed by a spike

Later that evening, Morgan was found by Officer Daniel Rigg after she had pulled out the spikes from her body, which had resulted in Rex' death due to the immense loss of blood. As Rigg had to play one of Jigsaw's games on his own, he left her behind and set off the fire alert to make sure that Morgan was found. Due to the fire alert, the Metropolitan Police Department was able to find Morgan in time to save her. After a brief interrogation, during which she identified Rigg as the one who saved her, she was taken to the hospital. After that, Special Agent Peter Strahm and Special Agent Lindsey Perez investigated the crime scene. Shortly after their arrival, Perez received a call and was informed about a connection between Morgan and Rex and the previous victims of Rigg's tests: all of them were clients of Art Blank, who had been able to defend all of them successfully in the past. Additionally, he was also the former lawyer and business partner of John Kramer as well as the lawyer of Jill Tuck, Kramer's ex-wife. However, only moments after she shared her new knowledge with Strahm, one of the forensic investigators accidently activated the device used to pierce Morgan and Rex, which subsequently shot one last spike Perez' direction. Peter Strahm managed to pull her away but instead the spike pierced the head of a police photographer. The device was later taken to the police station's evidence room. (Saw IV)

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