We were ruining people's lives. And he wanted us to learn.
— Simone talks about the reason for her test[src]

Simone is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a supporting character in Saw VI and 3D. She was portrayed by Tanedra Howard.


Early Life

Simone was a money lender who granted people high credits of money. However, these credits were too high for those people to pay them back, leading to the attachment of their property. This way, Simone and her partner, Eddie, ruined the lives of these people by plunging them into debts. Therefore, they were eventually targeted by John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. (Saw VI)


Following John's death at the hands of Jeff Denlon, another one of his victims, his accomplice and eventual successor, Detective Mark Hoffman, continued his games and abducted Simone and Eddie. After subduing them, he took them to a room inside an abandoned factory and placed them on chairs face-to-face. Then, he placed a vicious metal device on each of their heads before leaving again.


Simone awakes in her trap

Shortly afterwards, Simone woke up again. While she was initially confused, she quickly realized the danger she was in and started to panic. When she jumped off the chair, a metal pin was pulled out of the contraption on her head. Afraid by the situation, she screamed for help but stopped when she saw someone else on the other side of the room, which was divided in two sections by two metal grates. Moments later, she realized that it was her partner, Eddie. When he woke up, he was just as confused as her. Simone tried to calm him down and told him not to move. However, Eddie didn't listen to her and stood up, causing his metal pin to be pulled out as well. Thereby, a TV turned on and a mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared on the screen. The puppet introduced them to a deadly game and told them that they had been chosen for their reckless work which had ruined the lives of many people. Therefore, Eddie angrily yelled at her that their imprisonment was her fault. The puppet informed them that once the game began, they had 60 seconds to cut off their own flesh and toss it on a scale located between the two grates. To enable them to do so, each of them was provided with a knife and a meat cleaver chained to wooden tables. Whoever managed to sacrifice the most flesh would survive while the other one would be killed by the metal device which would pierce the person's skull with metal drills. Simone tried to use the cleaver to destroy the chains which connected the cutting tools to the tables. However, this attempt remained unsuccessful. Moments later, the TV turned off and the game began.

Saw vi simone

Simone tries to cut off her arm

At the same moment as the timer started to count down, the contraptions on Simone and Eddie's heads started to drill the screws into their heads. When they stopped after a few seconds, Eddie ripped his shirt and used his knife to cut off the flesh from his own stomach. Shocked by this, Simone ripped her shirt as well but realized that she was too slim to do the same as Eddie. Therefore, she grabbed a tube and used it as a tourniquet to constrict her left arm. Then she took the knife and attempted to cut off her own fingers. However, she couldn't bring herself to do it. Therefore, she tried it otherwise and eventually began to slowly cut her arm while screaming in agony. Meanwhile, Eddie had cut off the first piece of flesh from his stomach and threw it on the scale. Simone then began to cut even faster. However, while she only made little progress, Eddie managed to cut off a second piece of flesh, causing her to further panic. Therefore, she applied the knife higher on her arm and continued to cut. In the meantime, the contraptions were briefly activated once again and pierced their temples even further. As she saw that Eddie was about to cut off another piece of flesh and the timer went off, she made a desperate decision, grabbed the meat cleaver and repeatedly smashed her own arm until she finally managed to cut it off. Shocked by what she had just done, she took her severed arm and threw it on the scale, thereby tipping the scale in her favor. Seconds later, Eddie was killed by the metal contraption, while Simone collapsed and screamed in horror. (Saw VI)



Simone at the hospital

However, she eventually managed to calm down and found a way out of the building and to the Saint Eustace Hospital where the doctors treated her wounds. Shortly afterwards, she was visited by some police officers. While they began the interrogation, Detective Hoffman entered the room only moments later. Simone told Hoffman about her game and her and Eddie's actions which had got them targeted in the first place. However, when Hoffman asked her if she was able to learn anything from her game, Simone became angry and told him to look at her arm stump, furiously asking him how anyone could learn from a gruesome experience like hers. As the doctors tried to calm her down, Hoffman left the room again. (Saw VI)

Survivor Group

Saw 3d simone

Simone at the survivor group's meeting

During a following operation, Simone's missing arm was replaced with a prosthesis. After her release from the hospital, she soon joined a self-help group for Jigsaw survivors. One day, she went to one of the group's meetings in a local church. Upon entering and sitting down, she listened to the tearful story of Sidney, another survivor, who had to kill her boyfriend, Alex, to escape one of Jigsaw's trap. However, when she stated that Alex had frequently battered her and said that her game was the first time she took action against him, Simone berated her as Alex had to die for Sidney to leave him and then told her about her own game. Afterwards, she spoke to Bobby Dagen, another supposed survivor attending the meeting, and asked him why he had brought a camera team with him to film their conversation. Bobby responded that he wanted to illustrate the fact that a traumatic experience such as the kind that each one of them had been forced to endure can have a positive outcome, such as a new perspective on life. As Simone attempted to contradict him, Bobby interrupted her, showing understanding and respect for her anger, and told her to take a look at the other survivors, who had all managed to find something positive in their horrific experiences.

In one of his dramatic speeches, he encouraged the others not to be ashamed of their experience but to be proud of having been able to survive. Thereby, he unbuttoned his shirt and let the others take a look at his own scars. Furthermore, he talked about the value of beloved people, which he, according to himself, had never done before his martyrdom, and then introduced Joyce to the group, while kissing and declaring his love for her. He was, however, interrupted by Dr. Lawrence Gordon, another survivor, who, unknown to Bobby, was an accomplice of Jigsaw and therefore knew about his lie. Therefore, he sarcastically mocked him and his "remarkable" ability to get something positive out of his horrifying experiences. Bobby however tried to act confident and thanked him. Therefore, Gordon and the other confused members of the group applauded him, showing their gratefulness of being part of his story. (Saw 3D)


Simone was a self-confident woman, not afraid to openly state her opinion even if it hurt others. During her career as a money lender, she proved to be extremely reckless as she ruined other peoples' lives for the sake of her own personal gain, not thinking or simply not caring about the consequences her actions had for others. Following her survival of Jigsaw's game, she became embittered and angry and was unable to get over her traumatic experience.

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