Redefine your priorities.
— Bobby is introduced to his second test[src]

The Silence Circle is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw 3D.

Design and Function

This trap was the second one in a series of tests. The victim of this trap sat on the chair in the middle of a metal contraption. To prevent the subject from moving away, the person wore a straightjacket as well as a contraption, which held their head in place. The machine surrounding the victim consisted of a metal ring held up by four metal posts at approximately the same height as the victim's head. Attached to each of these posts was a pointy metal rod aiming at the victim's throat. To survive, the test subject had to rely on the help of a second person. Once the game began, this second person had 60 seconds to obtain the key, which could deactivate the machine. Otherwise, the rods would move forward and eventually pierce the first victim's throat. The key, however, was in the first victim's stomach, attached to a fish hook hanging from a wire. Within 60 seconds, the second subject had to pull out the key, thereby causing immense pain for the first person. Additionally, each one of the metal posts had a phonometer, which registered every noise in the room. Every time the decibel level in the room rose above a whisper, for example when the victim started to scream, the metal rods would move forward, thereby killing the victim even sooner. (Saw 3D)


Bobby Dagen and Nina's Test

Hello, Bobby. Before you is one of your trusted colleagues. She has been your publicist for years, knowing your lies, but choosing to speak no evil. She has been richly rewarded for her words, but today, she will be rewarded for her silence. In the x-ray you will see a key, the key to Nina's survival, which will shut off her device. But there's a catch. You have one minute to pull the fish hook from her stomach and to unlock the device or else the four spikes will penetrate her throat, silencing Nina forever. Remember, the spikes will also advance each time the decibel level in this room rises above a whisper, killing her even sooner. Will Nina live or die Bobby? The choice is yours.
— Bobby Dagen's tape[src]

One of the persons tested in this trap was Bobby Dagen, a man who had gained wealth and fame by publishing his book "S.U.R.V.I.V.E. - My Story of Overcoming Jigsaw", in which he told his readers how he supposedly survived a deadly trap set up by the Jigsaw Killer and how his life developed afterwards. In fact however, he had never been tested by the killer and his whole story was nothing but a lie. The other subject was Nina, Bobby's publicist, who supported his lie for the sake of gaining wealth, even though she knew that his story was merely fabricated. One day, both of them were abducted by Detective Mark Hoffman, the successor of the late John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. After subduing them, he took them to the abandoned Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital, where he placed Nina in the trap. Furthermore, he had prepared a deadly game for Bobby.


Bobby tries to comfort Nina

As Bobby made his way through the building, he eventually reached a door with the words "Redefine your priorities" written on it. He carefully opened it and thereby entered a store room. As he closed the door behind him, the light in the room turned on, revealing Nina in her trap, screaming for help. Upon noticing Bobby, she immediately begged him to save her. He immediately tried to free her from a contraption, which prevented her from moving away. As this attempt remained unsuccessful, Nina further panicked. Moments later, Bobby saw the words "Play Me" written on the wall along with a red arrow pointing at a tape recorder. As he started the tape, he was introduced to his first actual test. The tape referred to a x-ray before him, which showed the key to Nina's trap, which was hidden inside her body. Bobby had 60 seconds to pull a fishing line, to which the hook and the key were attached, out of Nina's stomach. Otherwise, the four rods surrounding her would approach and pierce her throat. However, they would also move forward each time the decibel level in the room rose, thereby killing her even sooner.


Bobby pulls out the key

Despite the warning, Nina further panicked and started to scream once the tape ended. Bobby quickly pressed his hand onto her mouth and told her to be quiet, while also trying to comfort her and calm her down. However, when he started to pull on the fishing line, she screamed again due to the pain inflicted on her by the hook. Once more, he pressed his hand onto her mouth, before trying to pull out the key. Nina tried to stay calm, but couldn't do so for long and started to scream yet again. Bobby shut her up again and frantically begged her to be quiet. However, as the time quickly ran out, he had to pull even stronger, thereby causing even more pain. Additionally, Nina started to cough and spit blood in his face. Nonetheless, she told Bobby to just go on.
Nina impaled by the four spikes

Nina is killed by the trap

As he did it, she started to scream again, but as they didn't have much time left, Bobby didn't try to shut her up again and instead went on until he finally pulled out the hook, which had a piece of Nina's flesh hanging from it. Bobby quickly tried to unlock the device. However, the time went off and the rods impaled Nina's throat, killing her in the process. Shocked by what had just happened, Bobby yelled at her that she only needed to shut up. After a few moments, he managed to calm down again and continued his way. (Saw 3D)


Nina's corpse

Nina's corpse

Within the next hour, the hospital was found by the Metropolitan Police Department. While Officer Matt Gibson and a SWAT team made their way through the building in an attempt to find Bobby and end his game, they came across the corpse of Nina, who was still in her trap. Seconds later, Gibson was called by Officer Palmer, who had been able to trace an e-mail sent to them by Hoffman from his hideout. When he saw that only 15 minutes were left on the timer, he ordered the SWAT leader to go on with his team while he went after Hoffman. Therefore, the SWAT continued its way and left Nina behind. (Saw 3D)


  • This trap's alternative name, "Speak no Evil", is a reference to the Three Wise Monkeys from the Japanese myth. Thereby, it directly refers to Iwazaru, the monkey covering his mouth.


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