It was him or me and I chose to live. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.
— Sidney talks about her survival[src]

Sidney is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Saw 3D. She was portrayed by Oluniké Adeliyi.



Sidney was an insecure woman and the girlfriend of a man named Alex. Alex, however, was abusive and frequently battered her. Due to her lack of self-confidence, Sidney endured his abuse for a long time and found herself unable to leave him, even though she wanted it to end. As she didn't do anything to protect herself from him, she was eventually targeted by an infamous serial killer known as Jigsaw. (Saw 3D)


Sydney is covered in Alex's blood

One day, she and Alex were subdued and abducted by the killer. When they woke up again, they found themselves several feet above the floor and were forced to cling onto two levers hanging from the ceiling. These levers consisted of sharp and pointy metal parts, which harmed their hands as they held onto them. Below them on the floor were several upturned lawnmowers. In order for one of them to survive, the other one had to let go off the lever and thereby fall into the lawnmowers. In panic, Sidney begged Alex to save them. He however tried to kick her of her lever without any hesitation. Realizing that she had no other choice, she slapped him in the face, causing him to fall down to his death, where his body was ripped apart by the rotating blades of the lawnmowers. As she was covered in his blood, Sidney began to scream. She had, however, survived and won her game and was therefore eventually able to leave unharmed. (Saw 3D)

Survivor Group

Sidney tells her story

Following her game, Sidney joined a self-help group of Jigsaw survivors who met in a local church. During one of these meetings, Sidney told the others about her test and revealed that she suffered from nightmares and anxiety attacks since then. However, she also stated that Alex had frequently battered her and said that her game was the first time she took action against him, calling it the best thing that ever happened to her. Therefore, she was berated by Simone, another survivor, as Alex had to die for Sidney to leave him and then told her about her own game, during which she had cut off her own left arm. Afterwards, she spoke to Bobby Dagen, another member of the group who had gained wealth and success by publishing his own story of survival, and asked him why he had brought a camera team with him to film their conversation. Bobby responded that he wanted to illustrate the fact that a traumatic experience such as the kind that each one of them had been forced to endure can have a positive outcome, such as a new perspective on life. As Simone attempted to contradict him, Bobby interrupted her, showing understanding and respect for her anger, and told her to take a look at the other survivors, who had all managed to find something positive in their horrific experiences.

In yet another one of his dramatic speeches, he encouraged the others not to be ashamed of their experience but to be proud of having been able to survive. Thereby, he unbuttoned his shirt and let the others take a look at his own scars. Furthermore, he talked about the value of beloved people, which he, according to himself, had never done before his martyrium, and then introduced Joyce to the group, while kissing and declaring his love for her. He was, however, interrupted by Dr. Lawrence Gordon, another survivor, who, unknown to Bobby, was an accomplice of Jigsaw and therefore knew about his lie. Therefore, he sarcastically mocked him and his "remarkable" ability to get something positive out of his horrifying experiences. Bobby however tried to act confident and thanked him. Therefore, Gordon and the other confused members of the group applauded him, showing their gratefulness of being part of his story. (Saw 3D)


Sidney was a shy and scared woman, who was neither very self-confident nor assertive. Due to this, she let her boyfriend abuse and humiliate her for a long time, and didn't have the courage to leave him. In the end however, her accrued hatred for him enabled her to release herself from him and his brutal tyranny by killing him in their trap.

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