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Open the door and you will find me.
— Jigsaw's clue for Strahm and Perez[src]

The Sick Room Key was an important item in the Saw franchise, primarily appearing in Saw IV.


Peter Strahm and Lindsey Perez' Test

Hoffman meets the agents

When John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, felt that his impending death came closer and closer, he began to plan his final games. One of these games focused on the special agents Peter Strahm and Lindsey Perez. To attract their attention, he sent them a key along with a message which said "Open the door and you will find me" and a warning, according to which two officers might be in danger. The agents however believed that the key and the messages came from Detective Allison Kerry, their informant in the Metropolitan Police Department. When Kerry was eventually found dead in one of Jigsaw's trap, they decided to take action and went to the crime scene in a basement area, where they were greeted by Detective Mark Hoffman, the leading investigator in the Jigsaw Case. They told him that Kerry was their informant and asked him if he knew something about the meaning of the words "Open the door and you will find me." However, Hoffman denied this. After that, he led the agents to the corpse of Detective Kerry. Upon doing so, Detective Fisk, who had arrived at the crime scene as well, informed him about a bullet shell clamped between the device and the body which Hoffman ordered to be examined for fingerprints. When Agent Perez found the open lock of the trap she quickly came to the conclusion that this wasn't a Jigsaw trap. However when Hoffman said it was probably a trap by Amanda Young, John Kramer's apprentice, Agent Strahm negated this as Kerry weighed approximately 130 pounds while Amanda Young weighed only 107 pounds according to her arrest report and therefore couldn't have placed Kerry in the trap on her own, leading to the conclusion that a third yet unknown person assisted her and John Kramer.

Perez is taken to the hospital

Over the course of the night, a new game began, focusing on Officer Daniel Rigg. Additionally, Strahm and Perez received another warning which caused them to realize that they were Jigsaw's targets. In their attempt to stop Rigg's game, they followed him to all the locations to which Jigsaw had led him throughout the game. Therefore, they eventually reached an elementary school. Upon searching the building, they entered the principal's office. Thereby, they discovered Jigsaw's mechanical ventriloquist puppet, sitting on a chair in a circle of candles with a tape recorder hanging from its neck. When Perez started the tape, it told her that her partner would soon take the life of an innocent man and warned her that her next move would be critical. However, instead of listening to the warning, Perez leaned forward to the puppet as it started whispering incomprehensibly. A few seconds later the puppet's face suddenly exploded, severely injuring her face and neck with shrapnel. As Strahm was taking her to safety, the puppet mockingly laughed at her before it gave up the ghost. Strahm yelled for help, causing the police forces to call an ambulance, which arrived shortly afterwards. While lying on gurney, Perez handed him the key, which had been sent to them by Detective Kerry, before she was finally taken to the hospital. Following this incident, Strahm left the school as well and returned to the police station.

Strahm kills Jeff in self defense

Shortly afterwards, Strahm finally found out that Jigsaw's hideout was located at the abandoned Gideon Meatpacking Plant at 11235 Blake Drive and went there immediately. Upon his arrival, he called the police for reinforcements. However, as they needed some more time to get to the building, he decided to go in alone and entered the plant through the delivery entrance. While making his way through the building, loud noises suddenly attracted his attention. Upon following them, he reached a large hall which contained the new makeshift workshop of John Kramer. Thereby, he heard voices coming from the next room, followed by gunshots and eventually the sound of a buzzsaw. When he approached the door to the room, it suddenly slammed shut. He carefully examined it and looked for any hidden traps connected to the door. As he didn't find anything dangerous, he attempted to open the door, albeit unsuccessfully. However, he still had the key in his pocket which had been sent to him by Detective Kerry. Thereby, he realized the true meaning of the words "Open the door and you will find me." With the key, he was finally able to open the door and therefore entered the room. Upon doing so, he found Jeff Denlon, another victim who had been forced to play one of Jigsaw's games on his own, and told him to show him his hands. Jeff however aimed the gun at him and demanded to tell him where his daughter was, as she had been abducted as well, which caused Strahm to shoot him in self-defense. After Jeff's death, he went further into the room and was horrified when he found the corpses of John Kramer, Amanda Young and Jeff's wife, Dr. Lynn Denlon. As he was too distracted, he didn't notice how Detective Hoffman, who was in fact the real, yet unknown accomplice of Jigsaw, entered the workshop only moments later and locked him up inside the room along with the corpses. (Saw IV)

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