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You have to realize that you've been doing it backwards.
— John Kramer

The Shotgun Keys is a trap in the Saw franchise, appearing in Jigsaw.

Design and Function

The trap consists of two victims chained by the leg to opposite sides of a milking room in the Pig Farm. A shotgun would be placed between them. The shell inside the gun contained the keys necessary to free the victims. If one victim fired the gun, it would shoot backwards, killing them. However, the shot would also destroy the keys, dooming the other person.


The Murderers' Trial

After both Anna and Ryan attempt to escape through a door marked "No Exit", they are both subdued and taken to the milking room. As Anna and Ryan wake up, the former identifies their captor as John Kramer, her neighbor. John explains their respective reasons for being tested, before saying that they have been getting things "backwards". John holds up the shell and says, "Here's your key to freedom." before loading the gun and leaving. Anna misinterprets this and attempts to shoot Ryan, thinking that is how she is supposed to free herself. In the state of panic, Ryan suddenly realized the shotgun was going to shoot backward after recalling John's word backward and attempt to warn Anna. However, Anna pulled the trigger causing the gun backfires and shoots Anna in the head, killing her. After that, Ryan notices that there were two keys in the shell, but they were shattered when Anna pulled the trigger. Ryan realizes that John was speaking literally about the shell being their key to freedom. With no way to escape from the room, Ryan eventually dies of dehydration or from blood loss.

Anna's Death


Ten years later, Logan Nelson recreates the original game in the same barn. After abducting Detective Brad Halloran, Logan takes him to the same milking room to take part in a different game. After Logan reveals himself to Halloran, he shows him the decomposed corpses of Anna and Ryan, which were never found by anyone else. After Logan kills Halloran, he leaves his body in the same room.


  • This is the 5th trap in the entire Saw franchise where a shotgun is involved.
  • Ryan's situation after Anna dies is similar to Adam Stanheight's supposed death in the Bathroom. Both test subjects were shackled to one ankle and were left to die if they failed their games.
  • This was the only trap in Jigsaw that required its test subject to obtain a key.