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I did what I was supposed to do...
— Seth's last words before his death[src]

Seth Baxter is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a supporting antagonist in Saw V. He was portrayed by Joris Jarsky.


Early Life

Seth Baxter was the boyfriend of a 25-year-old woman named Angelina Acomb. However, he was also a criminal and was involved in a drug offense. Therefore, he was arrested but eventually released on probation. A bit more than a week later, he engaged in a domestic dispute with Angelina, who wanted to go to a farewell party of one of her colleagues without him. During their argument, Seth, who presumably was under the influence of drugs, attacked Angelina and slit her throat, killing her in the process. After her death, he took flight, but was eventually found and arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department two days later. Due to the murder of Angelina, he was sentenced to life in prison. (Saw V)


However, Seth was ultimately released from prison after five years due to a technicality. This filled Angelina's brother, Mark Hoffman, with rage and anger and therefore he planned his revenge on Seth. As he was a detective working on the case of a serial killer known as Jigsaw, he decided to kill Seth and make the murder look like another one of Jigsaw's crimes. The month after his release, Seth was abducted by Hoffman, who took him to an abandoned hall and strapped him to a metal table.

Seth in his trap

Shortly afterwards, Seth woke up and immediately panicked when he realized that he was shackled. He initially screamed for help but stopped when suddenly a TV turned on in front of him. A mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared on the screen and confronted him with Angelina's death. As he never had the chance to learn from his mistake due to his early release from prison, he was now forced to play a dangerous game. Once the tape ended, a giant pendulum blade would swing down from the ceiling. After 30 seconds it would touch his body and after 60 seconds cut him in half. The puppet told Seth that the only way to stop the pendulum was to insert his hands into two vises to the right and left of him and push the buttons behind them. This would activate the vises and crush his hands.

Seth is slowly cut in half

When the recording ended and the TV was turned off, the pendulum blade started to swing back and forth above him. Seth begged for mercy, claiming that the death of Angelina had been an accident. However, the trap didn't stop. Therefore, he tried to push the buttons but quickly pulled his hands back out of fear. When he tried it once more, he managed to withstand the pain. While he screamed in incredible agony, the vises slowly crushed his hands. When they were done, Seth's broken hands were released and he pulled them back. However, only moments later, the pendulum swung down and began to cut his body, thereby tossing his entrails all around the room. Seth screamed in great pain but ultimately had no power to do so anymore.

Seth notices his abductor

As he was dying, he suddenly noticed a door on the other side of the room and realized that his abductor was watching him through a peephole in the window of the door. A confused Seth muttered that he had done what he was supposed to do. Nonetheless, the pendulum swung down once more and thereby ultimately sliced his body in half. Moments later, the shackle around Seth's neck was opened while the pendulum slowly came to a standstill. (Saw V)


Seth's corpse

Moments later, Mark Hoffman left his hiding spot behind the door and entered the room. To make the murder look like another deadly game of the Jigsaw Killer, he cut a jigsaw piece from his skin and took it with him when he left the building. Shortly afterwards, Seth's corpse was found. When Detective Fisk, one of Hoffman's colleagues, took him to the crime scene and told him that the victim was a convicted murderer who had been released from prison the last month. Upon seeing him, Hoffman identified him as Seth Baxter, the ex-boyfriend and murderer of his sister. Fisk, who knew the story about the murder of Angelina, was surprised by this but stated that Seth had become what he deserved. Shortly afterwards, Seth's body was taken to the morgue for his autopsy by Dr. Adam Heffner. (Saw V)

Non-Canon Appearances

Saw II: Flesh & Blood

Seth's death and the murder of Angelina were mentioned by Detective David Tapp in various audio tapes and case files in the video game Saw II: Flesh & Blood. According to him, even he didn't feel sorry for Seth despite his intense hatred for Jigsaw and his crimes. Additionally, he mentioned that Hoffman had asked him for his permission to avoid the crime scene, to which he had agreed.


Seth Baxter was an amoral man and a criminal despite his work as a lawyer. He was highly violent-tempered and jealous and tended to act aggressive even in completely mundane situations, evident by the murder of Angelina Acomb. Additionally, he felt no remorse for his deeds as he claimed that Angelina's death had merely been an accident and didn't apologize or adhere to his crimes even when he was directly confronted with them. Seth might also have had ties to neo-nazis, due to nazi symbolism being tattooed on this body, including an SS schutzstaffel and the aryan cross.

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