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History repeats itself?
— Jigsaw's warning for Campbell[src]

The Scythe Trap is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw II: Flesh & Blood.

Design and Function

This trap consisted of large scythe, which was attached to a contraption mounted to a wall above a door. A metal weight was connected to this contraption. Once the door was opened, the weight was lowered down and thereby activated the device, causing the scythe to swing down from the ceiling. As there was no way to deactivate these traps from the other side of the room, the victims who came across it had no other choice but to exercise extreme caution. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Michael Tapp's Trial

At some point, John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, targeted Michael Tapp, a dishonest reporter and son of David Tapp, a discharged detective formerly working for the Metropolitan Police Department, who commited suicide after having been unable to arrest Jigsaw. After having been abducted by Pighead II, one of Jigsaw's accomplices, Michael had to face series of tests. Throughout this game, which took place at the abandoned Holmes Hotel as well as an abandoned chemical plant, he came across several of the scythe traps. By taking extreme precaution, Michael was able to evade all these traps unharmed. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Campbell Iman's Trial

At the same time, Campbell Iman, a drug addict and cancer patient, had to face a game on his own in a nearby railway building. As he made his way through the unknown location, he saw through a window and witnessed another man, who was trapped there as well and tried to go through a door. However, as he opened it, a large scythe swang down from the ceiling and impaled him. Terrified by this, Campbell went on. As he did, he saw another panicked man, who ran away from a mysterious hooded figure. A few moments later, he witnessed a third man on the floor behind a fence. However, the man lost his consciousness shortly afterwards when he tried to crawl forward. Unable to reach him, Campbell continued his path and thereby noticed the words "History repeats itself?" written on a wall. As he opened the next door, another scythe swang down, just like the one which had just killed one of the other victims. Campbell however was able to evade it quick enough and therefore remained unharmed.

Campbell went on and after some time, found himself in a dark room. Suddenly, the door slammed shut behind him and the lights turned on. Before him was a gaping chasm with only a single wooden beam leading to the other side. The last TV turned on and introduced Campbell to his final test. On the other side of the room was a glass elevator, which fit only one person. However, somewhere above Campbell's position was another victim, Michael, who had reached the end of his game as well. Campbell and Michael had never seen each other, but Michael was about the same age as Campbell's estranged son. Campbell now had to make the choice to either sacrifice himself for Michael or to try to save himself.

Campbell is killed by the swinging scythe

As the TV turned off, the walls and the ceiling of the room started to move towards each other. Due to his desire to see his son once again, Campbell walked over the beam and thereby reached the elevator in time. As it went up, he saw Michael, who desperately tried to enter the elevator. However, he was crushed to death by the ceiling right in front of Campbell's eyes. As the elevator went further up and finally reached its destination, the door opened. Another metal door next to him opened as well, revealing Jigsaw, who had already waited for him. He revealed, that Campbell's son was alive and unharmed and offered him the chance to leave the building to see him. Campbell however was furious and charged at Jigsaw, yelling that he couldn't let his son live in a world with people like him in it. Jigsaw however evaded his attack and Campbell was impaled by a scythe swinging down from the ceiling. As he died, Jigsaw ended his game and remarked his failure with the words "Game Over." (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)