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I promise you, when all this is done, I will provide a way out for you.
— John hints at Dr. Gordon's role after his death[src]

The Saint Eustace Hospital is a fictional location from the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw V, VI and 3D.


Lindsey Perez' Death

The Saint Eustance Hospital was a hospital, which treated several surviving victims of serial killer John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, and his successor, Detective Mark Hoffman. One of these victims was Special Agent Lindsey Perez, who was severely injured during her investigation of the case. Later that night, both, John Kramer and his accomplice, Amanda Young, died at the hands of Jeff Denlon, another one of their victims. However, as the agents suspected there was another yet unknown accomplice, Perez' supervisor, Special Agent Dan Erickson, visited her at the hospital. Together, they decided to fake Perez' death for the sake of her safety until they knew who the remaining accomplice was. After receiving her instructions from Erickson, Perez went into hiding and the hospital reported her death to Detective Hoffman as well as Perez' partner, Special Agent Peter Strahm, who had been taken to the hospital the same night as her after he had barely escaped one of Jigsaw's traps. (Saw III, IV, V, VI)

Hoffman condoles on Perez' death

Shortly after receiving the news of Perez death and the information that her last words had been "Detective Hoffman", Strahm went to her room. Mourning her death, he sat down at her bed. Eventually, Hoffman arrived after he had been informed about Perez' death. He condoled with Strahm on the death of his partner. Strahm however reacted angrily and told him that her last words had been "Detective Hoffman", which further fueled his suspicion towards him. Therefore he confronted him with the events at the Gideon Plant, stating that he didn't believe Hoffman's story according to which he had escaped when his arm straps broke. Irritated by Strahm's accusations, Hoffman angrily left the hospital.

Strahm talks to Erickson

Later, after he had returned to his own room, Strahm was visited by his supervisor, Special Agent Dan Erickson. Erickson criticized him for going to the Gideon Plant without waiting for the reinforcements. Nonetheless, Strahm told him that he wanted to interrogate Jill Tuck one more time. Erickson however dismissed his request and informed him that over a dozen dead victims had been found at the plant, including Detective Eric Matthews and Officer Rigg. Strahm tried to defend himself by claiming that many lives had been saved by him as Jigsaw was dead. Erickson however told him that he was off the case on his orders and eventually left the hospital. (Saw V)

Simone's Interrogation

Hoffman talks to Simone

Several days later, Simone, a young woman, came to the hospital after she had cut off her own left arm in order to escape one of Hoffman's traps. After the police had found the crime scene, Hoffman went to the hospital for a first interrogation of Simone. When he left the elevator that took him to her floor, he was already expected by Pamela Jenkins, an investigative journalist who was well-known for her sensational reports about the Jigsaw investigation. During their discussion, Hoffman confronted her with her lurid twisting of facts for the sake of a better story, calling her irresponsible for it. Pamela, who claimed to report only facts to the public, claimed to know more about John Kramer than he might have thought and revealed to him that she had been at the probate court where she had learned about a black box left to Jill Tuck, John Kramer's ex-wife, after the latter's death. Seemingly annoyed by her obtrusive attitude, Hoffman acted unimpressed by her knowledge and asked her what she wanted. Pamela asked him to arrange an interview with Jill Tuck and in return promised to dial down her sensationalism. To fob her off, Hoffman told her that he'd see what he could do before he entered Simone's room and closed the door before Pamela. Simone, whose wounds had been treated by the doctors, told Hoffman about her game and her and Eddie's actions which had got them targeted in the first place. However, when Hoffman asked her if she was able to learn anything from her game, Simone became angry and told him to look at her arm stump, furiously asking him how anyone could learn from a gruesome experience like hers. As the doctors tried to calm her down, Hoffman left the room again. During a following operation, Simone's missing arm was replaced with a prosthesis and she was released from the hospital. (Saw VI, 3D)

Final Request

Jill at the Saint Eustace Hospital

Later that day, several hours after Simone's interrogation, Jill Tuck went to the hospital. Besides other materials, that were needed for the preparation of future games, the black box left to her by John had contained an envelope addressed to Dr. Lawrence Gordon, John's former oncologist and secret third apprentice. Upon entering the building, Jill asked a janitor for the way and reached Gordon's office shortly afterwards. When standing in front of the door, she initially hesitated, but eventually posted the envelope through the mail slot before leaving the clinic again. Shortly afterwards, Gordon found the envelope, which contained a video recorded by John prior to his death. In the video, John told Gordon that he was perhaps his greatest asset and asked him to watch over Jill, assuming that she might be in danger. Therefore, he told Gordon to act immediately on his behalf if anything happened to her and promised him not to keep no more secrets from him. Finally, he told Gordon about the many places he showed to him and reminded him of the one that might be the most meaningful to him, thereby hinting at a dilapidated bathroom, where Gordon had once been tested on his own, before becoming John's apprentice. (Saw, VI, 3D)