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This article is about the Jigsaw character. You may be looking for the Saw 3D character.

No, that's not creepy at all.
— Ryan's reaction to Billy the Puppet

Ryan is a fictional character from the Saw franchise and the tritagonist of Jigsaw. He is portrayed by Paul Braunstein.


Early Life

Ryan watches the explosion that he caused

When Ryan was young, he was a very extroverted person who drank with friends until long hours of nights. One day, while in a moving car with two of his friends, Ryan tried to get out via the hood. His best friend who was driving, tried to pull Ryan back in which made lose control of the vehicle sending it into another moving car. Ryan managed to get out before both cars exploded killing his friends and the other passengers. He was the only survivor and knowing this - he lied arguing that the fault was in his friend driving the car rather than taking the blame when interrogated by police. Years later, Ryan resorted to committing minor crimes such as selling credits that could not be paid, selling cocaine, not paying state taxes, and cheating on his two wives. (Jigsaw)


Ryan being put in the Bucket Room

Because of Ryan's dishonesty, criminality, and murders, he was chosen by Jigsaw to be involved in his first game along with 5 others. Eventually, he was abducted and subdued by John Kramer and taken to the Tuck's Pig Farm along with the other test subjects with a bucket placed on his head. (Jigsaw)

First Test

Ryan listening to the instruction tape

Along with all the other victims, he is left in an empty metal room in a barn. Upon waking up, a recording from John explains that in order to escape, the five victims must offer a sacrifice of blood in order to get a "green light" and proceed safely. He further expresses they "confessing their past sins" and allowing "the truth to set them free". As the explanation of the first part of the game ends, the saws on the other side of the room activate, the mechanics behind the wall pulling the chains around their necks - pulling the victims toward the saws. The four conscious victims (as the fifth one is still unconscious) begin to struggle cluelessly, until one of the test subjects, Anna, figures out only small amounts of blood would suffice. With Anna's guide, Ryan cuts his arm and frees himself from the bucket. He is then dragged through the wall with 4 others (one waking up too late to be tested).(Jigsaw)

Second Test

The needles falling in front of Ryan

In the next room, the chains continue to drag them forward despite their struggles. They stop for a brief moment as a ventriloquist puppet pops up with a sign stating "confess" in which reacts to by saying that he's not afraid at all. The puppet laughs and the chains start to move again despite their struggles and Ryan tries to make Anna and Mitch confess to stop it. After Mitch grabs a tape that was tied to the puppet's chest, the chains' endpoints break, turning them into gallows. A trio of syringes in a hanging base fall in front of Ryan from the ceiling. Mitch plays the tape, in which John Kramer's voice explains that a member of the group inadvertently caused the death of a victim, after robbing and refusing to help when they had the means to. He explains that said member has a poison coursing through their veins; in one syringe is the antidote, in another is a saline solution, and in the final one is a deadly acid. He tells the person to ask themselves "how much a life is worth to you?". He also warns that if they don't make the correct choice, they would all be hung by the chains around their neck.

Ryan tells the others to confess or else they would all die, so Anna has the idea of checking if they have injection marks in their bodies. It's revealed that the group member John spoke of was Carly, due to her being the only one not checking for marks, so Ryan grabs the three syringes, scaring Carly, but he tries to calm her down and tells her to pick one of them. After Anna asks Carly if she stole a purse, Carly admits that she took the purse of an asthmatic woman with her inhaler inside and despite Carly trying to give it back to the woman, the latter had an asthma attack, prompting her death. Carly allowed the woman to die, and ran off with $3.53 (also the numbers on the syringes). Ryan shows immense intolerance/impatience as the chains slowly begin to recede into the ceiling, demands Carly choose a needle. Speaking to herself, Carly realizes what "How much is a life worth to you?" means. Despite this she refuses to choose any of the needles. Ryan becomes more and more frantic as the four remaining victims are lifted off the ground, everyone struggling up until Ryan's patience wears out and he stabs Carly with all three needles freeing them from their chains whilst the side of Carly's face is dissolved by the deadly acid. Anna gets mad at Ryan for murdering Carly, but he tries to tell her that he saved their lives by doing so. Mitch intervenes in the fight to calm them down, then the group uses the numbers inside of one of the needles as a combination for the locked door. (Jigsaw)

Third Test

Ryan activating the lever that will save Anna and Mitch

After entering the room, the door behind them gets locked automatically. Ryan sees through a window while trying to break its bars and discovers that they are on a field. Anna asks Ryan about his name and what he did to being there, so Ryan tells her his name and confesses that he sold credits that couldn't be paid, sold cocaine, avoided paying state taxes and also cheated on his two wives. Ryan then asked Anna about what she did, to which she answered telling about how his husband accidentally suffocated their baby. Ryan then grabs a shovel and tries to cheat by escaping through a door named "No Exit", Mitch and Anna try to stop him, saying that there are two other doors they can go through, however Ryan ignores them and tries to open the door with the shovel. This causes the floor that Ryan is standing on to broke and a razor-sharp wire trap gets tied on his leg, trapping him. Anna sees through the hole and spots a lever. Mitch uses the shovel to break through the floor and spots a tape, suddenly, the wires in Ryan's leg tighten more. Mitch uses a rake to reach the tape but accidentally touches the wires, which causes them to get each time tighter and end up destroying the rake. Ryan tells Mitch to grab the tape, Mitch at first doesn't want to but Ryan tells Mitch that he is the one who saved his life so now he has to return the favor. Mitch is able to grab the tape and handles it to Ryan for him to play it. Ryan plays the tape, and John's voice is heard, calling out Ryan for trying to cheat and telling him that if he wants to be free, he needs to pull the lever. Ryan wonders what John meant with being free, to which Anna answers telling him "Good luck Lollipop".

Anna and Mitch discover an unlocked door leading into a grain silo, however they succumb to another trap, locking them inside. A TV in the grain silo turns on and Billy the Puppet explains that the two will be buried in grain and/or killed by falling debris unless Ryan manages to pull the lever that will free him from the wires around his leg, which would enable their freedom. Ryan refuses to pull the lever several times in fear of loosing his leg. It wasn't until Mitch and Anna pleaded for their lives to him once buried in grain up to their necks and deadly objects falling from above that Ryan agreed to pull the lever. He does so freeing them both but also causes the wires to slice his leg into three pieces. Anna and Mitch take Ryan to the next room and lay him down on a cuboid hay bale, where Anna wraps up her blouse and a belt on his stump in order to stanch the flow of blood. Throughout the third game Ryan rests in the same position until Mitch's remains fall in front of him, waking him up and causing him scream hysterically. Anna tries to escape from the barn using the shovel to open the "No Exit" door, leaving Ryan behind, while the latter pleads for Anna to come back and screams that he is bleeding out. Anna finally opens the door and is able to get out, but ends up getting subdued and taken to a room by John Kramer. Ryan is also subdued by John.(Jigsaw)

Final Test

Ryan cowering from Anna

In the final test, Gravely wounded but still alive, Ryan wakes up with Anna, chained up in a room with a hooded figure. The hooded figure reveals himself to be John Kramer who tells them that they are on their final test. Ryan, angrily, tells John that he already passed his test do to having to cut his leg, to which John answers Ryan that that wasn't his test and that what happened to his leg could have been avoided if he followed the rules. John then reveals about the accident that Ryan caused that took the lives of his two friends and a driver, and how he got worse over the years. Ryan admits what he did but also says that he wants to live, to which John answers that everyone does. John also reveals that he witnessed Anna, an old neighbor of his when he was first diagnosed with cancer, suffocate her infant child in a fit of rage, and threw the blame on her husband by planting her child's body next to him while he slept. Her husband later committed suicide in a fit of grief, believing he accidentally suffocated his own baby.

John explains that the two have not yet earned their survival, that have gotten his message "backwards", and that he will give them a chance to "turn it all around". He places a gun between them and grabs a shell telling them that it is the "key" to their survival. John loads the shotgun and leaves the room saying that it's all up to them. Anna believes that she needs to kill Ryan in order to be free, so Ryan tries to stop her and convince her that it not may be the right choice. Anna takes the gun and prepares to shoot Ryan, who covers himself, then Ryan figures out John's message about the shotgun being backwards, but is too late to warn Anna as she pulls the trigger, only for the gun to backfire and kill her. (Jigsaw)


After the test ended and Anna died, Ryan crawls to the shell and realizes that the keys to their chains were hidden inside of the gun, and destroyed when Anna attempted to shoot him with it. He notices that the green key coordinating with Anna's green lock has been bent and out of use and his coordinating yellow key and lock has been split in half. Ryan begins to cry, telling Anna's corpse that they both could have been free. With no hope of escape, Ryan regrets one last time and eventually dies of either dehydration or blood loss.(Jigsaw)


Ryan's corpse ten years later

Ryan and Anna's corpses are decomposing in the Tuck's Pig Farm where John Kramer put them to the test with a 10 year+ time stamp as Logan, who is the successor of John Kramer, reveals to Brad Halloran, a corrupt police detective and his test subject, that in reality those games happened ten years ago and that was the reason why nobody had known what happened until now similar to a theory on a Jigsaw fan website. After killing Halloran with the laser collar, Logan seals the room and leaves the former's corpse alongside Ryan and Anna's. (Jigsaw)



  • Ryan is the first character in the Saw franchise who has a secondary actor for a younger version of him, followed by William Schenk.
  • Ryan is also the only character in the entire Saw franchise who shares the same first name with another one without a last name revealed.
  • In his trial, he held the highest kill count out of everyone before being abducted by John Kramer, with a total of three. However, he also held the highest save count - saving Anna and Mitch two times.
  • His fate is similar to Adam Stanheight. Both are chained and died in the places that they were trapped in and their bodies are never discovered by police.
  • Ryan was the only original participant in the Murderer's trial who did not have a replica after him in Logan Nelson's recreation.
  • During the Laser Collars trap while Logan is monologuing to Halloran, Logan puts the blanket back on Ryan, covering his dead corpse and leaves Anna uncovered. Possibly out of respect for Ryan being the most altruistic participant in his trial, saving the lives of Anna and Mitch twice at the cost of losing one of his legs and Anna was left uncovered because of her recklessness and deliberately causing her own and Ryan’s demise.

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