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I can assure you and the public that this department is doing everything in its power to ensure that the guilty person or persons is apprehended.
— Willis talks about the Jigsaw investigation.[src]

Detective Ron Willis is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. He serves as a minor character in the Full Disclosure Report.

He was portrayed by Sven Davison.


Paul Stallberg's Death

Ron Willis was a homicide detective who worked for the Metropolitan Police Department. At some point in his career, Willis got involved in the investigation of a serial killer case. The first victim was a 46-year-old accountant named Paul Stallberg, who had been reported missing and was found in a vacant building three weeks later. As the police investigated the crime scene, they were shocked to see that Paul had become the victim of a deadly game. The back part of the basement area where Paul was trapped was fenced-in and, thereby, basically turned into a cage. This cage was almost entirely filled with razor wire. Upon examining the crime scene, the investigators found an audiotape, which Jigsaw had left for Paul. According to the tape, Paul was supposed to crawl through the razor wire to reach the exit door and save his life. However, the wounds he received in the process were so severe that he ultimately died of blood loss. After his death, a jigsaw piece had been cut from his back, leading to the killer being nicknamed "Jigsaw." (Full Disclosure Report)

David Tapp's Disappearance

Several months after the beginning of the murders, Alison and Diana Gordon, the wife and daughter of the renowned oncologist Dr. Lawrence Gordon, were held hostage in their apartment by a hospital orderly named Zep Hindle. Gordon had been considered a prime suspect earlier after his penlight had been found at a previous crime scene. However, he provided the police with an alibi that was eventually confirmed by one of his medical students, Carla. Nonetheless, Detective David Tapp, the lead investigator on the case, still wasn't entirely convinced of the doctor's innocence. When his partner, Detective Steven Sing, died in one of Jigsaw's traps shortly afterward, and Tapp was subsequently discharged from the police force, Tapp's distrust grew into a downright obsession. Convinced that Lawrence was the killer, Tapp rented a run-down flat across from the doctor's apartment and focused on observing him from then on. Therefore, Tapp witnessed how Zep Hindle held Gordon's family at gunpoint. Believing that Zep was the Jigsaw Killer, Tapp stormed into the apartment and opened fire on Zep, while Alison grabbed the chance to free her daughter and escaped with her. When the attacker fled, Tapp pursued him in his car. The men were later described to the responding officers.

Therefore, Tapp and Zep were ultimately identified. When Willis and his colleagues searched Tapp's apartment, they discovered that the former detective had become obsessed with his theory of Lawrence Gordon being the Jigsaw Killer. He had wallpapered his flat with countless newspaper articles about everything that had to do with Jigsaw in any way. Besides several notebooks, the officers found an e-mail sent by Tapp to Adam Stanheight, a photographer. Tapp used the alias of "Bob" to hire Adam and suggested meeting each Friday. During these meetings, Tapp wanted to review Adam's progress and give him his weekly payment.

Upon searching Adam's apartment, the investigators discovered that Adam had gone missing the same night as Tapp, Zep, and Dr. Lawrence Gordon. As they examined the flat, they found several photos of the doctor and a destroyed mechanical ventriloquist puppet named Billy in the living room. A similar doll had been used by Jigsaw during one of his previous games. (Full Disclosure Report)

The Full Disclosure Report

One year later, Willis was interviewed for the "Full Disclosure Report," a documentary focusing on Jigsaw's earliest crimes. During the interview, he spoke about Jigsaw's games and the investigation. Thereby, he also revealed details about the examination of David Tapp's and Adam Stanheight's apartments. Besides being asked about the investigation, Willis was also confronted with the public resentment toward the police as they seemingly made no significant progress. However, he assured that he and the department did everything they could to end the murders and apprehend the ones responsible for these crimes. (Full Disclosure Report)


Ron Willis seemed to be a dedicated detective, eager to solve the Jigsaw case and end the killer's deadly games for good. At the same time, he was loyal to his department. As the investigation didn't lead to significant results and the police subsequently experienced public resentment, Willis used the interview for the "Full Disclosure Report" as an opportunity to defend his and his colleagues' work on the case, thereby trying to preserve their reputation.

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