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Eleanor's Studio is a fictional location from the Saw franchise as well as a minor location in Jigsaw.


Jigsaw Trap Replicas

The owner Eleanor Bonneville is a Jigsaw fan and searched through the dark web and found blueprints of Jigsaw's infamous traps, and made tiny replicas of the traps, including the Cycle Trap in which she explained to Logan Nelson saying that not only did John Kramer design it, he built it. Logan replied saying that no Jigsaw victim has died because of the trap, but Eleanor stated that maybe the bodies were never found. Implying about The Murderers' Trial (Jigsaw).


Halloran becomes suspicious of forensic pathologists Logan Nelson and Eleanor Bonneville, specifically Eleanor. Though in turn Logan, a military veteran whose wife was killed two years prior, is suspicious of Halloran's motives in investigating the case. The police captain orders John Kramer's grave to be exhumed in order to put an end to the rumors that the 'game' is really another Jigsaw game, and that somehow John is still alive, inside the coffin is instead Edgar's body, with a jigsaw piece cut out of his cheek. Logan and Eleanor speak in a bar about their distrust of Halloran, before Eleanor takes Logan to her studio, revealing that she is an obsessive fangirl of the Jigsaw case and has built many replicas of his previous traps, which she worries could incriminate her. Hunt has followed them and takes photos of her studio, which he shows to Halloran. Halloran, Hunt and an SWAT team then raid Elanor's lair upon doing so they find a body. The replicas were taken to the evidence room (Jigsaw).