Renato Guedes (born 1980) is a comic book artist, best known for his work for DC Comics.

He was the art director of Saw: Rebirth.


Personal life

Renato Guedes was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1980. He began studying art in 1999 at Fabrica de Quadrinhos, later known as the Quanta Academy of Arts. There, he studied comic art. Before he became an artist, Guedes was a publicist agent, occasionally illustrating covers for the Opera Graphica.



Year Title
2001 Superman
2003 Smallville
Stargate SG-1: 2003 Convention Special
Superman/Batman Secret Files 2003
2004 24: One Shot
CSI: Miami - Blood/Money
CSI: Miami - Thou Shall Not
Stargate SG-1: POW
2005-2006 24
2005 100% DC
24: Midnight Sun
Saw: Rebirth
Superman Magazine
Superman: The Ruin Saga
2006 DCU: Brave New World
Superman: Secret Files and Origins
Superman: Infinite Crisis
Superman: Up, Up and Away!
2007 Green Arrow/Black Canary
2008 Superman: New Krypton Special
2009 24: Omnibus
CSI: Miami
Superman: New Krypton
Superman: Secret Files 2009
2010-2011 Avengers
2010-2012 Wolverine
2010 JSA 80-Page Giant
Origins of Marvel Comics: X-Men
Secret Avengers
Superman: Codename: Patriot
Superman: Mon-El
Wolverine: Road to Hell
X-Men: Curse of the Mutants Saga
2011-2012 Green Lantern
2011 DC Comics Presents: Batman - Blink
Wolverine: Wolverine Goes to Hell
2012 Superman Beyond
2013-2014 Constantine
2013 American Vampire Anthology
Geoff Johns Presents Superman
Wolverine: The Complete Collection
2014 Constantine/Hellblazer Special Edition
Justice League: Trinity War
2015 Bloodshot Reborn
2016 Star Wars
Wonder Woman
2017 Divinity
Eternal Warrios: Awakening

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