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This article is about the trap from Saw II: Flesh & Blood. You may be looking for the Saw II trap.
Twist the device in the box to match the numbers you are given. This time, your hands will be red with blood.
— Jigsaw tells Zeke how to escape the trap[src]

The Razor Box is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw II: Flesh & Blood.

Design and Function

The Razor Box was a large glass box suspended from the ceiling of a room. Additionally, there were two holes in the bottom of the box, just big enough to put an arm through them. On top of these holes were large, sharp razor blades. The arms of the test subject were trapped in these holes and couldn't be pulled out due to the razors, which cut the victim's wrists every time they tried to get their hands out. Inside the box, there was another device with a combination lock. Entering the right combination would activate a mechanism, which would cause the blades to move back and enable the victim to escape. To survive, the test subject had to rely on the help of a second person. In the room in front of the first victim, there were several mannequins with numbers written on their backs. Furthermore, there were several numerical sequences written all over the wall. The victim trapped in the box already had the first digit. With this clue, the second victim had to choose the right combination from the wall and then had to press a button attached to each mannequin in the right order. However, each mannequin had a nail bomb attached to it, which would detonate if the second test subject didn't find the combination in time or pressed the buttons in the wrong order, then bomb will explode and kill the second victim in the process (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Michael Tapp and Zeke's Test

Hello, Zeke. You like to molest little girls, robbing them of their precious childhood and steering them into lives of prostitution and drug use. You were caught red-handed, but went to prison for only a fraction of your real crimes. Around your wrists are razors. Soon, someone will come in and tell you a series of numbers. Twist the device in the box to match the numbers you are given. This time, your hands will be red with blood.
— Zeke's tape[src]

Zeke in his trap

The persons tested in this trap were Michael Tapp, a reporter and son of the late Detective David Tapp, and Zeke, a convicted child molester. After having been abducted by John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, or one of his accomplices, Zeke found himself in the kitchen of the abandoned Holmes Hotel, with his hands trapped inside the box. A recorded message left on an answering machine on a table behind him confronted him with his crimes and the fact that despite his conviction, he had gotten away with a number of his sexual assaults. Besides that, the message also told him that someone would arrive soon to tell him the numbers he needed to escape the box.

Sometimes, moving forward in life means pain. Each of you has half the means to free yourselves. Michael, you have the information that Zeke needs to solve his puzzle. Giving him the information he needs to live will cause him a great deal of pain. But ignore the problem and you both go nowhere. Good luck.
— Michael Tapp's first tape[src]

Shortly afterwards, Michael Tapp entered the room as he had to pass the area as part of his own series of tests. A TV turned on in front of him and a mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared on the screen, which told him that he had to give Zeke the numbers to free him from the razor box and warned him that they'd both die if he refused to do anything.


Michael looks for the combination

When the tape ended, Michael told Zeke to hold on while he tried to figure out the right combination. Zeke however started to panic and frantically yelled at him to hurry up. As he looked around the room, Michael quickly noticed that one of the walls had several numerical frequencies written all over it. His only clue was the information, that the combination he was looking for started with "8". Thereby, he was able to find the right combination and pressed the buttons on the mannequins in the right order. After entering the combination "80647", Zeke was released from the box, but collapsed and lost his consciousness due to the immense loss of blood.


Don't feel too bad for Zeke. Those hands used to touch little girls. Now they'll just touch the bottom of a trash bin.
— Michael Tapp's second tape[src]

As Michael approached, he saw through a window how Zeke's unconscious body was dragged away by Pighead II, one of Jigsaw's accomplices, who had also abducted Michael earlier. At the same time, another TV turned on, showing the puppet, which told Michael not to feel sorry for Zeke and told him the truth about Zeke's crimes, before allowing him to go on to continue his own game. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


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