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It's okay. It's okay...
— Xavier talks to Addison before leaving her[src]

The Razor Box is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw II.

Design and Function

The Razor Box was a trap located in the Nerve Gas House. It consisted of a large glass box suspended from the ceiling of a room by four chains. Glued to the bottom of the box was a syringe with the antidote for a deadly nerve agent that the prisoners in the house were breathing in. Additionally, there were two holes in the bottom of the box, just big enough to put an arm through them. However, on top of the holes were large, sharp razor blades, which were impossible for the victim to see when standing in front of the box. If a victim put their hand through one of the holes, they would be able to push the blades aside but couldn't pull the hand back out again, as every attempt to do so would cause the blades to cut deeper into the victim's arms and wrists, leading to a massive loss of blood and subsequently the death of the victim. In order to obtain the antidote inside, the victim merely had to look at the other side of the box where a lock was located, with the key already sticking in it. (Saw II)


Addison Corday's Test

At one point during his series of murders, John Kramer targeted the corrupt detective Eric Matthews, who had innocently framed and arrested numerous people throughout his career, including one of John's apprentices, Amanda Young. Therefore they set up a big game which was going to be directly connected to Eric's test. This game focussed on seven people. The first one was Daniel Matthews, Eric's son who had become estranged from him after he had cheated on Daniel's mother with his former partner, Detective Allison Kerry. The other persons tested throughout the game were Jonas Singer, his manager Gus Colyard, the prostitute Addison Corday, the drug dealer Xavier Chavez, Laura Hunter, and Obi Tate. Additionally, Amanda was among them to participate in the game as well and played as another victim primarily in order to observe the other prisoners' progress. These people, except for Daniel, had all been framed and arrested by Eric for crimes the didn't commit. All of them were unconscious and lay on the floor of a room on the lower floor of the Nerve Gas House. Upon waking up, an audio tape left by Jigsaw informed them about a deadly nerve agent they were all breathing in. While the doors would open after three hours, the gas would already kill them after two hours. In order to survive the prisoners had to find syringes with the antidote which were hidden in the house. (Saw II)


Addison is trapped in the Razor Box

However, as time went by and the prisoners' desperation and physical condition worsened, the group started to divide. Eventually, Addison decided to leave the group as well to look for the antidote on her own. Severely weakened by the gas, she eventually stumbled into a room with a large glass box suspended from the ceiling by four chains. A syringe with the antidote was glued to the bottom of the box. She found another envelope with a tape but threw it away as she didn't have the recorder with her. Instead, she tried to grab the antidote by inserting her hand in one of two holes on the bottom of the box. However, she accidentally pulled off the upper part of the syringe and therefore spilled the antidote. Ridden by fear and desperation, she put her other hand in the second hole. Unfortunately, there were razor sharp blades placed above the holes which now prevented her from pulling her arms back out. Therefore, Addison started to cry and screamed for help. By following her voice, Xavier eventually reached the room. However, he wasn't interested in helping her but rather in something else. At this point, he had discovered that they all had numbers written on the back of their necks, which all belonged to the combination to the safe in the starting room. Instead of helping Addison, Xavier merely checked her number, a blue "9". After obtaining it, Xavier slowly walked out of the room and closed the door behind him, while Addison angrily yelled at him. Eventually, she succumbed to her wounds and died in the room. (Saw II)


Addison Corday bleeds to death


Following the end of the game, Jigsaw's apprentice, Detective Mark Hoffman, returned to the Nerve Gas House, where he disposed of the traps as well as the corpses of the other prisoners. Additionally, he renovated the entire building and even refurnished it, giving it the appearance of an average residential house. (Saw V)


  • In an early script of Saw II, the trap planned for Addison was written to resemble a waffle iron. Upon trying to grab a syringe with the antidote, two clamps would trap her wrists and slowly heat up. In order to free herself, she had to press her face against a third hot iron positioned right in front of her. This would activate a mechanism that would release her from the clamps so she could obtain the syringe. Her instruction tape would have said something like "she had to sacrifice her looks in order to save her life."
  • The Razor Box was originally planned to be used for Gus Colyard.
  • In one of the early script drafts, Gus' tape would have said something along the lines of him "reaching his hand into the cookie jar for money", suggesting that he was guilty of embezzlement.
  • Another version of his tape said that Gus' trap was designed to "punish the hands that had harmed innocent others when his anger had reached its peak", suggesting that Gus was regularly abusive toward his family and those around him while enraged.
  • The design of the razor box is almost identical to Zeke's trap from Saw II: Flesh & Blood.


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