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You aided dirty cops in their drug cartel, telling yourself it was for money. The real reason, of course, was revenge. Revenge for a life of abandonment.
— Jigsaw confronts Michael with his sins one last time[src]

The Railway Building is a fictional location from the Saw franchise as well as one of the main locations of Saw II: Flesh & Blood.


Michael Tapp's Trial

The railway building was a large area, which was abandoned at some point for unknown reasons. Eventually, John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, used the building for one of his deadly games. This game primarily focused on Michael Tapp, a reporter who had destroyed the reputation of his estranged father, David Tapp, a discharged detective who had formerly investigated the Jigsaw Case. Eventually, Michael was abducted by Pighead II, one of Jigsaw's accomplices, who took him to the abandoned Holmes Hotel right across from the plant, where he had to face the first part of his game. After passing most of his tests, Michael escaped the hotel and eventually entered an abandoned chemical plant. From there, he ultimately found his way to a sewer area, which was connected to the railway building. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


After saving Solomon Bates, a criminal accountant involved in a drug cartel, from a trap at the chemical plant, Michael pursued him to the sewers beneath the area. Solomon insulted him, stating that it was his fault that they were targeted by Jigsaw. Therefore, Michael attacked him and caused him to run away. In his attempt to escape Michael, he crawled through a small passage in a collapsed hallway. However, as he left it again on the other side, he was attacked by Pighead. As he tried to flee, Pighead pushed him into a pit filled with thousands of syringes and then closed the door behind them, making it impossible for Michael to reach them.

Therefore, Michael went on and climbed up a ladder. Through a hole in a wall, he entered a subway tunnel, where he came across Sarah Blalok, a drug addict involved in the same cartel as Solomon, who had been saved by Michael earlier as well. When he confronted her with her involvement in the drug cartel, she admitted that she was blackmailed into spying on his father as her accomplices from the cartel were afraid that he might find out about their criminal activities. However, when she was about to reveal the identity of Pighead to him, Detective Joseph Poltzer, another member of the cartel, suddenly sneaked up on her and shot her in the head. Afterwards, he aimed his gun at Michael since he knew too much about the criminal organization. To avoid being shot, Michael ran from cover to cover and thereby got closer and closer to Joseph, forcing the latter to retreat. Eventually, Joseph fled to a utility room and closed the door behind him. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Robert's Test

Roberts spots Michael

In another room nearby, Michael found several nail bombs, which were connected to a timer. There were also 16 TV monitors in front of him, each one with a different picture on screen. Michael had to choose, which two pictures fitted together until all eight pairs were found. He eventually managed to do so successfully and the timer was stopped. Furthermore, a nearby shelf was opened, enabling Michael to pick up the key to the utility room. With the key in his possession, he proceeded through a number of rooms and eventually found himself in a big hall. In the middle of the hall, he saw Robert, another victim of Jigsaw, who was chained to a metal column surrounded by several explosive barrels. The length of the chain around his neck allowed him to move forward to a certain distance of only a few metres. At regular intervals, a mechanism was activated and Robert was pulled back again. The only way to free himself was to take someone else with him to the column. However, he had several sharp, pointy razor blades pierced through his forearms and therefore had to be careful not to kill Michael. A flammable substance, probably oil or kerosine, leaked from the barrels around him and catched fire. Michael managed to evade Robert's attacks and extinguished the fire, which blocked his path, by turning to valves on both sides of the room to activate the sprinklers on the ceiling. Afterwards, he ran past Robert and left the room. Just as he did, a roller door slammed shut behind him and Robert was killed in an explosion. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Storage Hall

Michael jumped down an elevator well and eventually reached the station building's main hall. However, Joseph was there as well and once again tried to shoot Michael from behind a fence. As before, Michael managed to evade his attacks and escaped to the next area. There was a heavy metal door blocking his way. In order to pass it, he had to place a motor on a pressure plate. However, he was wearing a mechanical vest, which was activated by sensors located around him and would kill him if he stayed in the area for too long. Michael ultimately managed to deactivate these sensors and pushed the motor onto the pressure plate, which opened the door.

Donovan rushes out of the elevator

Afterwards, he passed a small alleyway and reentered the building on the other side. Thereby, he found himself in a large storage hall. Just as Michael came across and elevator, the doors were opened and he was attacked by Donovan, a prisoner he had already encountered at the chemical plant. Donovan wore a cage-like device on his head as well as a harness with several even bigger spikes. Furious to see Michael, Donovan rushed towards him and barely missed him, causing his spikes to briefly get stuck in another crate. Another fight ensued between the two of them, during which Donovan yelled at Michael to help him and free him from his trap. When he got stuck in another crate, Michael embraced his chance and hit a button on a panel nearby, which caused a large container to be dropped from the ceiling, crushing Donovan in the process. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Spotlight Carousel

The carousel

Michael retrieved a key from Donovan's mutilated corpse and passed another door. A few moments later, he entered another big hall. In front of him was a giant rotating carousel, which was divided into several segments by large fences. Additionally, there were several red spotlights illuminating the carousel. As Michael went further, a TV turned on in front of him and a mechanical ventriloquist warned him to avoid the spotlights as they would immediately activate his shotgun vest. Nonetheless, Michael had to enter the carousel. To get to the other side of the room, he had to find a way past the fences while avoiding the red lights. By carefully moving forward, Michael ultimately overcame this obstacle and went on. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Final Encounter

Moments later, Michael entered the next room. Through a window, he saw Henry Jacobs, the corrupt Chief of Police and head of the drug cartel, who talked to Pighead. Seeing that he intended to kill him, Henry tried to prevent him from doing so by threatening him that the entire police department would be after him. Pighead, however, barely hesitated and ultimately stabbed him multiple times, while Michael witnessed his demise from the next room. After his death, Pighead left the two of them behind and calmly went away. Michael went in a different direction and thereby came across a mixing station. By mixing ammonia and paint thinner found in the next room, Michael built a chemical bomb and used it to destroy a wall nearby.

Joseph is shot with his own gun

Through the hole in the wall, he entered the main hall where he encountered Joseph once more. As before, Michael evaded his gunshots by running from cover to cover. Everytime Joseph had to reload his revolver, Michael used the break in the firing to get closer to him. Thereby, he forced him to retreat. While avoiding the shots, he pursued Henry to the upper floor. When he had to reload his gun again, Michael embraced the opportunity and attacked Joseph, causing the two of them to break through a damaged wall. When they found themselves in an alleyway outside the building, they fought the gun. During this struggle, Joseph was shot in the head and killed by the last bullet in his revolver. Afterwards, Michael reentered the building through another door and found himself in a dark room, where his final test was going to take place. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Campbell Iman's Trial

At the same time as Michael traversed the building, another victim had to play one of Jigsaw's game. Campbell Iman was a drug addict and terminal cancer patient, who had abandoned his own son when he was still a child. After having been abducted, Jigsaw or one of his accomplices took him to the railway building, where they had set up his series of tests. While Campbell was still unconscious, a key was surgically implanted behind his right eye. Additionally, a strange symbol was carved into his chest. Afterwards, a mechanical device, a Death Mask filled with sharp and pointy nails, was locked onto his body and he was placed on a chair in the middle of a room.

Campbell in his trap

When Campbell finally woke up, he immediately panicked and tried to remove the mask with brute force. When he jumped up from the chair, a TV turned on in front of him. The mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared on the screen. It confronted Campbell with both his and his son's drug addiction and their bad relationship, stating that Campbell didn't even know if his son was still alive. However, it also offered him to show him the truth about his son, but only if he was willing to play his game.

Campbell cuts open his scar

As the TV turned off again, Campbell saw an x-ray of his head on the wall. Realizing that the key to the mask was hidden behind his eye, he immediately grabbed a scalpel from a small table in front of him. Despite the great amount of time and the mask's timer, which constantly ticked down, Campbell tried to stay calm and slowly cut open the scar right below his eye. Eventually, he ripped the key out of his wound and freed himself from the mask, only seconds before it slammed shut. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Symbol

The lock

In an attempt to find a way out, Campbell quickly calmed down and tried to find the exit. As he entered the next room, he saw the words "Now is the time to take a hard look at yourself" written on the wall. Additionally, there was a heavy metal door with a strange lock consisting of multiple dials with symbols drawed on and the words "Look around" next to them. As Campbell followed the advice, he saw himself in a mirror on the wall and was shocked when he noticed the symbol carved into the skin of his chest. However, he understood the true meaning of the clue and was therefore able to open the metal door by turning the dials until they fit the symbol on his flesh. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


In the next room, Campbell found a flashlight on a small table. As he picked it up, the face of the puppet appeared on multiple TV screens around him. The puppet told him that the light could reveal to him what was hidden, but warned him that relying on it woud "obscure the path." Campbell attached the light to the leather harness he was wearing and looked around the room. Thereby, he noticed a chart with the message "You can see, but do you understand, Campbell?" written on it. As he turned off the flashlight, the numbers 573 suddenly appeared on the chart as they had been written with a special fluorescent color and were only visible in the dark. Upon finding this clue, Campbell opened the next door, which was secured by a combination lock. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Further Progress

Campbell destroys the wall

In the next room, he saw that one of the walls was severely damaged. By using a heavy pipe from a nearby table, he destroyed the wall and thereby opened a new passage. After passing it, he saw through a window and witnessed another man, who was trapped there as well and tried to go through a door. However, as he opened it, a large scythe swang down from the ceiling and impaled him. Terrified by this, Campbell went on. As he did, he saw another panicked man, who ran away from a mysterious hooded figure. A few moments later, he witnessed a third man on the floor behind a fence. However, the man lost his consciousness shortly afterwards when he tried to crawl forward. Unable to reach him, Campbell continued his path and thereby noticed the words "History repeats itself?" written on a wall. As he opened the next door, another scythe swang down, just like the one which had just killed one of the other victims. Campbell however was able to evade it quick enough and therefore remained unharmed. Seconds later, he realized that he was in the same hallway as the last man he had seen. However, as he approached him, the man regained his consciousness, but was then dragged into the room behind him by another person with a pig mask. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Bullish Man

Campbell faces his attacker

As the door slammed shut behind the man, Campbell was unable to follow him. Therefore, he turned around and went the opposite way. Upon leaving the hallway, he found himself in a small open area. As he looked around, he saw the warning message "Watch your step" written on a wall above an elevator. As he pressed the button to call it, the doors opened and revealed another one of Jigsaw's victims. The man wore a cage-like device on his head, similar to Donovan. Another set of TVs turned on, showing the puppet. It warned Campbell that the man would try to kill him and that he couldn't stand against his strength. However, it also told him that "gravity" could help him to defeat him.

Campbell is attacked

As the TVs turned off, the man immediately charged at Campbell in an attempt to kill him with the spikes of the cage device. Even though Campbell tried to convince him to stop, the man repeatedly attacked him. Therefore, Campbell pressed the elevator button and opened the doors once again. When the man ran towards him again, Campbell quickly evaded his attack. Unable to stop soon enough, the attacker ran right through the open doors and fell down the elevator well.

Following the man's death, another door was opened. Campbell went on and progressed through several hallways. As he finally went through another metal door, he witnessed the pig-masked figure once more behind a fence as they dragged away the body of another victim. At the same time, another set of TVs turned on in front of him. Jigsaw's puppet revealed the killer's knowledge of Campbell's cancer disease and his attempts to find his son. As promised, it told him the truth about him. Campbell's son was indeed still alive and had passed his own test. However, Campbell himself had to face one final task. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Final Decision

Michael in the elevator room

After both of them had made their way through their respective series of tests, Campbell and Michael ended up in a dark hall, with Michael being on the upper floor while Campbell was on the lower level. Before them was a large gaping chasm with only a single wooden beam leading to the other side. On the other side of the room was a glass elevator, which fit only one person. As they approached the chasm, the doors behind them slammed shut and a TV turned on behind each of them. The ventriloquist puppet appeared on the screen and confronted both of them once more with their past sins, before introducing them to their final test. It explained to them that only one of them could survive and offered them a last chance to either fight for their lives or to sacrifice themselves for the life of their respective opponent. Campbell and Michael had never seen each other, but Michael was about the same age as Campbell's son. Campbell now had to make the choice to either sacrifice himself for Michael or to try to save himself. Depending on the player's choice, there were two different outcomes:

Campbell is killed by the swinging scythe

  • Path of Blood: As the TV turned off, the walls and the ceiling of the room started to move towards each other. Due to his desire to see his son once again, Campbell walked over the beam and thereby reached the elevator in time. As it went up, he saw Michael, who desperately tried to enter the elevator. However, he was crushed to death by the ceiling right in front of Campbell's eyes. As the elevator went further up and finally reached its destination, the door opened. Another metal door next to him opened as well, revealing Jigsaw, who had already waited for him. He revealed, that Campbell's son was alive and unharmed and offered him the chance to leave the building to see him. Campbell however was furious and charged at Jigsaw, yelling that he couldn't let his son live in a world with people like him in it. Jigsaw however evaded his attack and Campbell was impaled by a scythe swinging down from the ceiling. As he died, Jigsaw ended his game and remarked his failure with the words "Game Over."

Michael is offered a final choice

  • Path of Flesh: As the TV turned off, the walls and the ceiling of the room started to move towards each other. Michael managed to cross the beam and entered the elevator, either because Campbell sacrificed himself or simply wasn't fast enough. As the elevator reached the upper floor, the door opened, enabling Michael to escape. He stumbled into a storage hall and was greeted by the puppet, which approached him on a red tricycle and maniacally laughed at him. At the same time, three TVs turned on around him. Jigsaw informed him that he had passed his test by bringing justice to the members of the drug cartel and offered him one final choice. He could take the files collected by his father to publish the truth about the cartel, although Jigsaw told him that people would forget about it quite soon. However, he could also choose to become Jigsaw's apprentice to rehabilitate people by using his methods. In the end, two doors were opened before him. The first one led out of the building and enabled him to leave. Behind the second door, however, were the cloak and the mask of Pighead, waiting for him if he chose to ally himself with Jigsaw. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)