It's in our nature to save them. It's what we do.
— Officer Rigg talking about his work[src]

The Police Station is a fictional location from the Saw franchise.

Layout and Structure

The police station was the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Department. When John Kramer, better known to the public as the Jigsaw Killer, started his series of murders, the detectives of department's homicide unit were the ones in charge of the investigation until it was taken over by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (Saw VI)

The station itself was a multistoried building. The offices and interrogation rooms were located on the basement and upper floors. The basement also hosted the evidence room as well as multiple detention cells. Additionally, the station had at least two morgues, one of which was located on one of the upper floors. (Saw, II, IV, V, 3D)


Criminal Charge

One day, years before the beginning of the Jigsaw murders, Police Officer Daniel Rigg engaged in a fight with a Rex, a man who was suspected in a case of child abuse against his daughter, Jane. During that fight, Rigg broke Rex' nose and was therefore charged by his lawyer, Art Blank, who demanded that Rigg had to be suspended from office. When he interrogated Rigg and his partner, Detective Mark Hoffman, at the police station, the latter made an incorrect statutory declaration, causing the charges to get dismissed. Rigg's career wasn't further endangered by this incident. (Saw IV)

The Jigsaw Case


Hoffman finds the letter

When the infamous Jigsaw Killer started his series of murders, Detective David Tapp became the lead investigator on the case. During the beginnings of the murders, Seth Baxter, a convict who had murdered Detective Hoffman's sister, Angelina Acomb, five years ago, was released from prison. This caused Hoffman to abduct him and put him in a self-made trap which eventually killed him. Due to this unusual cause of death and a jigsaw piece cut from Seth's skin by Hoffman, the police believed the murder had been committed by Jigsaw. As Hoffman was potentially biased, the further investigation on Seth's death, which soon became known to the public as the "Pendulum Murder", was taken over by Detective Allison Kerry. However, Hoffman still asked Detective Fisk to keep him informed, to which the latter agreed. Moments later, Hoffman returned to his office and was surprised when he found an envelope with his name lying on his desk. The envelope only contained a letter with one single sentence written on it: "I know who you are." Alerted by this, Hoffman left the station. When he arrived at home, he was attacked and abducted by Jigsaw, who had found out about the murder of Seth and had therefore written the letter. During Hoffman's brief captivity, Jigsaw convinced him to become his apprentice. (Saw, V)

First Suspect

After more and more victims of Jigsaw's deadly games turned up, the police soon found a suspect when they discovered a penlight with fingerprints of Dr. Lawrence Gordon at a crime scene. Therefore, Gordon was taken to the station for his interrogation by Detective Tapp and his partner, Steven Sing. Upon consulting with his friend and lawyer, Brett, Gordon admitted that he had been with his mistress and medical student, Carla, at the time of the murder. When he asked Brett what to do now, his lawyer advised him to tell the police the truth as they wouldn't believe him later on. (Saw)

Amanda Young's Interrogation

Amanda Young Saw

Amanda's interrogation

Following his lawyer's advice, Gordon revealed his alibi to the cops. Shortly afterwards, Detective Sing told him they checked his alibi and found out it was the truth. However he asked him to stay for a little longer to witness the interrogation of Amanda Young, a new victim of Jigsaw and the first survivor of one of his deadly games. Upon listening to her, Lawrence was visibly horrified by the things she went through and even more so when Sing told him that she had to cut a man open in order to get a key from his stomach while he was still alive and merely drugged with an opiate overdose, which had prevented him from moving or feeling anything. (Saw)

Finding Jigsaw's Hideout


Tapp discovers a clue to Jigsaw's location on one of his tapes

Shortly afterwards, Detective Tapp further examined Jigsaw's video tape from the crime scene of Amanda Young's game. When Sing was about to leave work for the day, he asked him to go to the bar at the corner for an after-work beer with him and some of their colleagues, which Tapp declined with thanks as he wanted to continue his examination. Sing joked that Tapp should find himself a girlfriend before he left but was held back by Tapp when the latter saw something in the background of the video that made him suspicious which Sing eventually identified to be a graffito of K2K, a small gang from 118th street. Upon hearing a fire alarm in the background, Tapp ordered his partner to help him checking all fire reports for the area from the last two weeks. Ultimately Sing found out about a fire in a rear house at 213 Stygian Street and told Tapp about an abandoned mannequin factory in this area which would be a potential hideout for Jigsaw. Despite his doubts that this would be enough for them to get a warrant, he immediately agreed to go there with Tapp. This later resulted in the death of Sing, which in return caused the discharge of Detective Tapp. (Saw)

Eric Matthews

More than a year after Tapp and Sing's death, Jigsaw still hadn't been caught and continued his games unimpeded. When the corpse of another victim, Michael Marks, was discovered, Detective Kerry examined the crime scene and found a message written at the ceiling which was addressed to Detective Eric Matthews, her former partner, and therefore decided to call him for help. When Eric arrived, he identified Michael as his informant due to a tattoo on his leg. However when he saw the jigsaw piece cut from Michael's skin and read the message Jigsaw left for him, he refused to help Kerry as he didn't want to have anything to do with the case nor with her.


Kerry and Eric at the Police Station

Back at the police station, this resulted in an argument between them. While Kerry was examining the video found at Michael's crime scene, Eric interrupted her and compared her to Jigsaw, claiming they have much in common as they both like to play with other people. When Kerry apologized for her behaviour at the crime scene and tried to convince Eric to help her, he reminded her that this was her case and they were no partners anymore, causing her to leave angrily, asking when he stopped to be a cop.

Rigg SWAT 2

Rigg instructs his men

However, when Eric eventually managed to deduce Jigsaw's location at the Wilson Steel Plant, he decided to accompany Kerry and a SWAT team led by Sergeant Daniel Rigg during their raid on the building the day after. In Eric and Kerry's presence, Rigg, who had been at Wilson Steel at one point already, instructed his team before they finally went to the plant together. Upon invading the building, they were successfully able to arrest Jigsaw and identify him as John Kramer. John however had already planned his arrest and had prepared a game for Eric, who was led to believe that his son, Daniel Matthews, was trapped in a house where he had to fight for his life. In order to buy them some time to find Daniel, Kerry finally convinced Eric to play John's game and talk to him for the duration of two hours. However, the game eventually escalated, leading to John Kramer's escape with Eric Matthews' as his hostage. (Saw II)

Jill Tuck's Interrogation

Hoffman Jill

Hoffman interrogates Jill

As Detective Kerry had urged Eric to accept John's game at Wilson Steel, she began to feel guilty and became mentally unstable, making it impossible for her to keep her leading position on the case. Therefore, Hoffman took over her work and continued the investigation as head of the task force. Following the reveal of John Kramer's true identity as well as the identity of Amanda Young, who had become his apprentice after surviving her game, the police began to examine John's past. Therefore, they also interrogated his ex-wife, Jill Tuck, who was soon treated as a suspect as well, and searched her house for evidence. Upon doing so, they found a small wooden ventriloquist puppet resembling the mechanical puppet occasionally used by John to communicate with his victims as well as a red tricycle. During Jill's interrogation at the police station, Hoffman asked her about these finds. To cover the fact that they knew about each other and their connection to John, Jill refused to give him any useful information and instead called her lawyer, Art Blank. (Saw III, IV)

FBI Assistance

Hoffman Rigg

Hoffman tells Rigg to go home

Six months after the disappearance of Eric, Detective Kerry was murdered by Amanda Young, who put her in a manipulated trap without giving her any chance to survive. When Kerry's corpse was found four days later, the forensic team found a bullet shell clamped between her body and her trap. Hoffman ordered Fisk to check it for fingerprints. Eventually, he was consulted by Special Agent Lindsey Perez and Special Agent Peter Strahm, who revealed that Kerry had provided them with information about the progress of the investigation. In order to assist the homicide division, Strahm and Perez were offered one of the police station's offices. When Hoffman took them to the station, they interrupted Officer Rigg, who was depressed by Eric's abduction and Kerry's death, and rewatched the old interrogation tapes of Jill, believing that she knew something about John and therefore maybe also about the whereabouts of Eric. Rigg tried to convince Hoffman to let him continue his work, but Hoffman ordered him to go home and take some time off, stating that it was unlikely to find Eric alive after he had been missing for six months. Albeit Rigg initially refused to do so, he ultimately gave in and left the office. When the agents asked him what his problem was, Hoffman replied that everyone connected to Rigg seemed to die, which was the reason for his obsession with finding Eric.

Perez and Strahm

Strahm and Perez at the police station

When they were alone, Strahm and Perez discussed the current situation and debated on whether they should tell Hoffman about Detective Kerry's last message, according to which two officers might be in danger. At this moment, Hoffman interrupted them and asked for their progress. On this occasion, Fisk came to him and informed him about the disappearance of a doctor, Lynn Denlon, from the Angel of Mercy Hospital. Upon hearing this, Hoffman told Fisk that he would take care of it. When Perez saw a cuddly toy in his arm, she asked him if it was for a girl or a boy. Hoffman said it was for a girl, leading Perez to the assumption he was married. However, he denied this and left the station to return to John Kramer and Amanda Young's new hideout at the abandoned Gideon Meatpacking Plant at 11235 Blake Drive. (Saw IV)

Daniel Rigg's Trial


Fisk is informed about the fingerprints

Later that day, a fingerprint from Officer Rigg was found on the bullet shell from Kerry's crime scene by a member of the forensic team. When Detective Fisk informed the agents about this, a young cop told him about a reported shooting at 23 Park Place, the location of Rigg's apartment. Shortly afterwards, the agents entered the apartment with the assistance of a SWAT team. Upon doing so, they found out that another game had begun. Photos in the apartment revealed to them, that Eric Matthews, who was still alive, and Mark Hoffman, who was seemingly abducted as well, were part of the game, leading the agents to the conclusion that they were the two officers who were in danger according to Kerry. Additionally, they also found several photos of Jill Tuck.

Peter Strahm and Lindsey Perez' Test


Jill during her interrogation

Therefore, Strahm and Perez brought Jill to the station for further interrogation. When Perez told her that they wanted to talk about her rather than John, she became irritated and told her to come to the point instead of wasting their time. Perez then left the room and Strahm took over the interrogation. He asked her if she knew about the meaning behind the words "Four walls build a home", as the agents had found this message at the latest crime scene in Rigg's apartment. When Jill asked him for the reason of his questions, he showed her a bunch of photos of her which were found at the crime scene as well. However she still refused to answer. Therefore, Strahm asked her about the words "Cherish your life". When she answered that this was John's motto, Strahm showed her a flyer of her clinic with the same motto. To provoke her, he mockingly asked her how she felt when John used the motto of her clinic, where she wanted to help the drug addicts, to justify his crimes. However, she merely responded that she had nothing to do with the dark side of her ex-husband. In an attempt to put her under pressure and make her talk, Strahm told her that they suspected her as the accomplice of her ex-husband and intended to charge her if she didn't help them. Therefore, she became nervous and eventually agreed to tell them about John's workshop. As she told Strahm about her marriage with John and her devotion to him, he asked her why she had separated, to which she responded that it was actually him who ended their marriage. Thereby, the conversation fell upon her son, Gideon Kramer. Jill revealed that she had been pregnant and that John had meticulously planned their son's birth. However, Gideon died due to a miscarriage caused by Cecil Adams, one of Jill's patients at the Homeward Bound Clinic for drug addicts, during a robbery. Strahm initially didn't believe her story, but before he could go on and on, he was suddenly interrupted by Detective Fisk, who informed him that another crime scene had been found at the Alexander Motel. Therefore, Strahm went to the scene and ordered Fisk not to let Jill leave the police station.


Strahm threatens Jill

Over the course of the game, Strahm and Perez found out that they themselves were actually the two officers targeted by Jigsaw. However, they continued their investigation undaunted which ultimately caused Perez to be heavily injured by a trap. After she was taken to the hospital, Strahm returned to the police station and called her mother to tell her what happened to her daughter. His anger caused him to riot in the office. Meanwhile Jill waited in the room alone and her nervousness increased greatly. When Agent Strahm eventually returned, he was furious because of what had happened to Perez. Therefore, he showed her an official bill of indictment with her name on it to further put her under pressure. He angrily yelled at her and asked her about the puppet, the tricycle and about John's partner before his transformation to Jigsaw. He had also found out that her lawyer, Art Blank, had been John's partner despite Jill's claim that he never had one. Furthermore he had gained knowledge that Art was also the lawyer of the latest victims found over the course of the last hour. When she refused to answer, he drove her into a corner and showed her Perez' blood on his shirt, stating that more people could die within the next 15 minutes. Frightened by him, Jill eventually gave in and told him about a dispute between Art and John, John's emotional detachment from her after Gideon's death, his cancer diagnosis and his attempted suicide. Upon Strahm's question whether she had tried to contact John afterwards, she affirmed this and eventually told him about a conversation between her and John during which he had revealed to her that Cecil Adams had become his first victim. However, as he was still unsatisfied with these information, Strahm eventually left the room angrily, but returned moments later when he realized the connection between Gideon and John's first building, the Gideon Meatpacking Plant. When he urged her to tell him where it was, she finally gave him the address at 11235 Blake Drive. (Saw IV)

Message from the Grave


John's body in the morgue

Jigsaw's games eventually came to an end, resulting in his and Amanda Young's death at the hands of Jeff Denlon, another one of their victims. When the Gideon Plant was secured by the police, their bodies were taken to the morgue and examined by Dr. Adam Heffner. When he and one of his colleagues performed the autopsy on Jigsaw's body, he cut open John's stomach and thereby unexpectedly found a wax-coated cassette tape, which John had swallowed shortly before his death. Therefore, he immediately called for the homicide division. Shortly afterwards, Hoffman arrived at the morgue and ordered the pathologists to cut the tape from the wax. After doing so, they gave the tape to Hoffman. The recording contained a message for him, which warned him that the games had just begun and that he wouldn't get away untested. (Saw IV)

Mark Hoffman's Promotion


Hoffman gets promoted

Despite this unnerving message, the Chief of Police gave a speech to the police and the press during a memorial ceremony for Hoffman as well as his deceased colleagues and thereby proudly announced that the Jigsaw killings had come to an end. Additionally, he promoted Hoffman to the rank of a Detective Lieutenant and thereby handed him an honor plaque for his efforts in the case. Hoffman gave thanks to him for this honor and also gave a speech to the press as well, claiming that he and his colleagues had done their best to serve true justice.


Hoffman in his office

After the ceremony Hoffman returned to his office and placed his honorary certificate on his shelf. However he became worried when he found a letter on his desk similar to the one Jigsaw sent to him after the murder of Seth Baxter. Initially thinking the letter was from Strahm who might have deduced his identity as Jigsaw's accomplice, Hoffman went to the evidence room and took Strahm's mobile phone in order to use it to set his colleagues on a wrong track. When he took the phone, a young officer told him that the hospital had tried to contact him to tell him about the death of Agent Perez. (Saw V)

Reopening of the Seth Baxter Case

However, some days later, Perez' supervisor, Special Agent Dan Erickson, revealed to him that Perez was still alive and that they had faked her death for the sake of her safety. Meanwhile, Strahm had died in his attempt to apprehend Hoffman. Therefore, Hoffman had been able to convince Perez and Erickson that Strahm was actually Jigsaw's successor. As they needed to find them, they agreed to work together in the future.

Shortly afterwards, Dr. Heffner examined another victim, a man named Eddie, and thereby discovered that a knife with a tined blade had been used to cut the jigsaw piece from his skin while the other victims' pieces had been cut off with a plain scalpel. The tined blade had only been used on one other occasion, the murder of Seth Baxter. When he called the agents and Hoffman to the morgue to tell them about this circumstance, Perez and Erickson decided to reopen the Seth Baxter case, much to Hoffman's displeasure. (Saw VI)

Chasing Mark Hoffman


Rogers informs Gibson about Jill

Following another game, Hoffman's true identity was finally revealed to the police by Jill Tuck. After the latter had unsuccessfully attempted to kill Hoffman, she went to the police station to talk to Officer Matt Gibson, who worked for the Internal Affairs Division, as she knew that Gibson had once reported Hoffman to the department after the latter had ruthlessly killed an unarmed suspect. His partner, Officer Rogers, informed him that she didn't trust the FBI nor the homicide division and therefore only wanted to talk to him. When Gibson eventually entered the interrogation room he introduced himself and sat down at the table in front of Jill. Jill told him that she had information about the successor of John and demanded protection and complete immunity in exchange for the information. Gibson however refused to accept the deal without more details. Therefore, Jill told him that John's successor had assisted him in most of his killings and would go on killing if he wasn't apprehended. She also said, that he knew Gibson and vice versa, before she finally revealed that the successor was actually Detective Mark Hoffman. Both, surprised and shocked by these information, Gibson accepted the deal, seeing a chance to close the Jigsaw Case once and for all.

A few weeks later, Gibson talked to Adam Heffner about a humiliated corpse at the morgue. When Gibson asked him for the reason of death, Heffner sarcastically stated that the man had died while smoking at a gas station and handed Gibson the autopsy report. Moments later, Gibson was called by Rogers, who had found the crime scene of another game at Pete's Auto Body, a junkyard at 58th Street. When he arrived there, they found the Reverse Beartrap which Jill Tuck had previously used in her attempted murder of Hoffman and sent it to the lab. When they learned that Jill's fingerprints were on the trap, Jill was taken into protective custody in one of the detention cells on the basement of the police headquarters. Additionally the body bags which contained corpses of Evan, Kara, Dan and Jake, the four victims of the trap, were sent to the morgue.


Palmer shows the surveillance recording to her colleagues

After securing the junkyard, Gibson and Rogers returned to the police station where Gibson showed him a video Hoffman had sent to the safe house where Jill had been until her transfer to the detention cells. In the video, Hoffman told him to give Jill to him and in return promised to end the next game, which had already begun. If Gibson refused to take the offer, Hoffman threatened him that everyone would die. Gibson became suspicious of an angel statue placed behind Hoffman, recognizing it from somewhere. However, before he could further think about it, Officer Palmer informed him that someone had sent her a video from a security camera in the downtown area. The video showed the abduction of Bobby Dagen, a supposed Jigsaw survivor, by Hoffman, who had covered his face with a pig mask. Bobby's wife, Joyce Dagen, and his crew had been reported missing as well, leading the officers to the conclusion that they were the victims of the new game Hoffman had talked about. After receiving these news, Gibson showed a photo of Bobby to Jill and asked her if she knew about him, which she denied. She also couldn't tell him if John knew about him. Therefore, Gibson and Rogers returned to the office room, where Palmer had received an e-mail with another video from Hoffman. He told Gibson to "look beyond the crossroads to the clear dawn", thereby hinting at the incident at the abandoned Crossroads Manufactory years ago which was the reason why Gibson had reported him to the Internal Affairs Department. Understanding the true meaning of this clue, Gibson went to the manufactory, accompanied by Rogers, while Palmer tried to get a trace on the e-mail.

Shortly afterwards, Rogers returned while Gibson, who had found out that Bobby Dagen's game was played at the abandoned Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital, went there along with a SWAT team. At this time, Palmer managed to trace back the mail and called Gibson, informing him that the mail had been sent from the junkyard. Moments later, Rogers, who guarded Jill Tuck, received a call and was informed about this as well. Therefore, he told Jill that Gibson had found Hoffman's hideout. The hideout however was actually secured by a trap. Shortly after her last conversation with Gibson, Palmer received another call from him. He ordered her to call all officers back to the station immediately, but wasn't able to tell her the reason for this as he was shot by the trap moments later. (Saw 3D)

Killing Spree


Hoffman infiltrates the morgue

Meanwhile, the corpses from the junkyard had arrived at the morgue. However, when Dr. Heffner opened one of the body bags he realized that Hoffman had removed the corpse of the victim, Dan, to infiltrate the station in the bag. Before he could react he was stabbed in the throat by Hoffman. After killing him, Hoffman left the bag and noticed that another coroner was about to enter the room. When he opened the door, Hoffman attacked him and stabbed him in the throat as well, before he left the morgue and went to the detention cells located on the basement. On his way, he came across an officer who wanted to enter the evidence room and killed him. After that, he locked the exit door and went on. Shortly afterwards, he reached a big office room where Officer Palmer tried to call Gibson, not knowing that he had been killed by the sentry gun at the junkyard. When Hoffman approached and grabbed her from behind, she panicked and they engaged in a brief struggle until Hoffman broke her neck. When she was dead, he went to the heavy metal door leading to the cells and looked through the eyehole. Behind the door was another guard who observed Jill through a one-way-mirror. Therefore, Hoffman dragged Palmer's corpse to the door, placed her body in front of the eyehole and knocked the door to attract the guard. When he saw Palmer through the eyehole, thinking she was still alive, he opened the door. Hoffman embraced his chance and threw the corpse away. When the guard unlocked the door, Hoffman dragged him back into the room and stabbed his throat. Afterwards, he took the dead officer's gun. Now only Officer Rogers stood between him and Jill. As he couldn't see Hoffman through the mirror, the latter aimed at him unnoticed and finally shot him right in the eye.

When she saw him, Jill immediately panicked and backed away from him. Hoffman then took the key to her cell's door from Rogers' corpse, entered the room and calmly approached Jill. He violently grabbed her hair and forced her to look at his scar, asking her how he looked. Unnoticed by him, Jill had grabbed a nail file and stabbed it in his neck, enabling her to run away. Hoffman was briefly paralyzed, but pulled the file out shortly afterwards and took up his pursuit of Jill. As Hoffman had locked the exit doors, she was forced to go into hiding in the evidence room.

Possessed jill

Jill is killed by the Reverse Beartrap

Moments later, Hoffman entered the room and turned on the light. After searching the room, he initially thought that she was hiding elsewhere. However, as he was about to leave the room again, he heard a noise. Upon following it, he eventually found Jill who crouched behind a filing cabinet. As she wanted to flee again, he violently kicked her in the stomach and dragged her away. He placed a chair, the same to which she had strapped him at the zoo, in the middle of the room, when he saw that Jill was trying to stand up, he brutally smashed her head on a table and then strapped her arms to the chair. Then, he took the original beartrap formerly used on Amanda Young from one of the shelves and put it on Jill's head. When she woke up, Hoffman started the timer, causing Jill to panic immediately. However as she had no chance to escape, the timer eventually went off, which caused the trap to burst open and rip her jaws apart in front of Hoffman's eyes who left the room and closed the door with the words "Game Over." (Saw 3D)



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