The man in the pig mask, you know him, he's a friend of your father's.
— Sarah, about to reveal Pighead's identity to Michael[src]

Pighead II is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as the quarternary antagonist of Saw II: Flesh & Blood.


Michael Tapp's Trial

Not much is known about the mysterious man nicknamed "Pighead II", besides the fact that he was a friend of David Tapp, a discharged detective obsessed with apprehending John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. However, at one point, Pighead became an apprentice of Jigsaw himself. While his motivations are unknown, he assisted Jigsaw in setting up one of his biggest games, which was going to take place at the abandoned Holmes Hotel, an old chemical plant and a derelicted railway building. This test focused on Michael Tapp, a reporter and son of David Tapp, whose reputation he had destroyed by publishing a defaming article about him.

Pighead abducts Michael

Dressed in a red cloak and with his face concealed by a sinister pig mask, which gave him his name, he went to the apartment building where David had committed suicide. While the Metropolitan Police Department investigated his flat, Michael went out to have a smoke. Unnoticed by him, Pighead sneaked up on him and injected him with an anesthetic. Afterwards, he also subdued Detective Joseph Poltzer and the Chief of Police, Henry Jacobs, who both searched Tapp's apartment, as well as one of Tapp's neighbors, a drug addict named Sarah Blalok. Afterwards, he took their unconscious bodies to the Holmes Hotel.


Once everything was put in place, Pighead began to oversee the game. At some point, Michael saw Pighead throw a man off a fire escape to his death. As Michael made his way through the building and faced several obstacles, he ultimately reached the kitchen, where he came across Zeke, a pedophile, whose arms were trapped in a glass box suspended from the ceiling in an adjacent room. Due to several razor blades cutting his wrists, he was unable to pull his arms out. By following the instructions provided by Jigsaw, Michael managed to free him. However, due to the immense blood loss, Zeke collapsed and lost consciousness. Afterwards, Pighead entered the room and dragged Zeke away, while Michael watched him. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Pool Pump

Following the end of Zeke's game, he met up with Jigsaw and they went down to the pool area of the hotel. Sarah Blalok was trapped in a glass tank on top of a large cage in the middle of the pool. When Michael arrived there, he was informed that the water was energized. Therefore, he first had to drain the pool and shut off the power in order to save her. Michael looked around and tried to enter the next room. However, he wore a vest, which suddenly made a beeping noise, causing him to back off. Seconds later, Jigsaw entered the room and calmly warned him not to get closer as there was a sensor on the wall, which would activate Michael's vest and kill him if he entered the room. During their brief conversation, Jigsaw told Michael about Gideon, his son, who died before his birth due to a miscarriage. At the same time, Pighead shoved the water pump into an elevator, moments before Jigsaw followed him.

After taking the pump to the upper floor, Pighead suddenly encountered another prisoner held hostage at the hotel and engaged in a quick struggle. Thereby, he brutally pushed him through a door and threw him down the fire exit stairs, while Michael witnessed him from an alleyway below. Afterwards, Pighead went back into the building and disappeared. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Elevator Trap

Pighead went to the abandoned chemical plant right across from the hotel, where the next part of Michael's game was going to play out. There, he came across Carla Song, a doctor who stole pharmaceuticals from her clinic to sell them on the street, and subdued her. After that, he took her with him and strapped her legs to the top of a freight elevator and her arms to a contraption suspended from the ceiling of the elevator well. Moments later, Michael appeared. However, before he could reach them and save Carla, the elevator took the two of them to the upper floor. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Sarah Blalok's Abduction

Meanwhile, Sarah Blalok had made her way to the chemical plant as well. When she tried to find a way to escape the building, she ended up trapped in another room. As her path was blocked by hot steam, she couldn't escape on her own and screamed for help. Eventually, Michael appeared on a catwalk above her and mocked her for her unfriendly attitude back at the hotel, which resulted in a brief argument between the two of them. Nonetheless, he eventually decided to help her and redirected the steam via a valve. His own path, however, was blocked as well. By slowly moving forward and using the valves on the upper and lower level of the room, Sarah and Michael helped each other in turns. This ultimately allowed Sarah to climb up a ladder to the catwalk where Michael was. Despite her initial hostility towards him, she was grateful and called Michael a good man, just like his father. However, when he responded that she didn't know his father, she slapped him in the face and told him that his father still loved him despite having abandoned him as a child. Unwilling to talk about his father, Michael turned away. Unnoticed by him, the door behind Sarah was opened and Pighead grabbed her. As he witnessed how he carried her away, Michael tried to help her, but was held back when the door was closed again. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Killing Spree

As Michael's game went on and came closer to its end, he eventually found out about the connection of all the victims involved in the game. Henry Jacobs, Joseph Poltzer, Carla Song and Sarah Blalok were all part of a drug cartel. During his investigation of the Jigsaw Case, Michael's father gained knowledge of their criminal activities. Eventually, Michael ended up in a sewer area connected to the railway building, where the last part of his game took place. He pursued Solomon Bates, another prisoner and the last member of the cartel. In his attempt to escape Michael, he crawled through a small passage in a collapsed hallway. However, as he left it again on the other side, he was attacked by Pighead. As he tried to flee, Pighead pushed him into a pit filled with thousands of syringes and then closed the door behind them, making it impossible for Michael to reach them.

Michael witnesses Henry's death

Afterwards, Pighead continued his way through the building. Thereby, he came across Henry Jacobs, who was the head of the drug cartel. Seeing that he intended to kill him, Henry tried to prevent him from doing so by threatening him that the entire police department would be after him. Pighead, however, didn't hesitate and ultimately stabbed him multiple times, while Michael witnessed his demise from the next room. After his death, Pighead left the two of them behind and calmly went away.

Following Henry's death, Pighead made his way through an adjacent building, where another victim, a drug addict named Campbell Iman, faced a series of tests on his own, which were connected to Michael's game. While making his way through the building, Pighead encountered a prisoner lying on the ground and proceeded to drag him into a room and kill him, all while being witnessed by Campbell. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Not much can be said about Pighead's personality, primarily due to the fact that he never spoke during his encounters with Michael and Campbell and because his motivation for helping Jigsaw were never revealed. However, it is noticeable that he never acted hostile towards Michael, besides his abduction, but showed absolute merciless and brutality when he faced the other victims of the game, who were mostly criminals arrested by David Tapp. This suggests that he was extremely loyal to Tapp and therefore was eager to protect his son over the course of the game.


  • Some fans have speculated that Detective Mark Hoffman might be Pighead II, due to his brutality towards some of the prisoners and his connection to David Tapp.
  • According to another theory, Pighead might be the estranged son of Campbell Iman. During Campbell's final encounter with Jigsaw, the latter stated that his son came to him of his own free will, seeking answers, and thereby successfully learned his lesson from Jigsaw. However, Sarah Blalok told Michael that Pighead was a friend of David Tapp and Jigsaw told Campbell that Michael was his son's age. In addition, Campbell's son was a drug addict. All of this makes it unlikely that he was Pighead.
  • Another possible candidate is Jennings Foster, a crime scene investigator, who was saved from a trap by David Tapp in the first video game and therefore felt deep gratitude. Furthermore, he was the only person who investigated Tapp's apartment but wasn't abducted. However, the time it would take to change clothes and knock out Michael before he left the apartment after talking to Sarah Blalok makes this theory unlikely to be true.

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