Time to let go.
— Jeff is introduced to his second test[src]

The Pig Vat is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw III.

Design and Function

This trap was the second one in a series of tests. It took place in a big hall inside the abandoned Gideon Meatpacking Plant at 11235 Blake Drive and was formerly used for meat processing until John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, utilized it as a trap. The victim was bound to the floor of a big cylindrical vat by a neck restraint that had a key lock-in. Right next to the vat was a giant blender that connected to the vat via a chute with a conveyor-like contraption directly above it. Once the game began the blender would activate, triggering the conveyor to produce several rotten pig carcasses. They would fall into the blender to be hackled to a thick, grey, stinking pulp which poured into the vat 's chute - and down onto the victim's body. If not freed from their restraint - the pulp would eventually fill the vat and cause them to drown. To survive, the test subject had to rely on the help of a second person. The key to the chain was hidden in an incinerator among many memorabilia of great importance for the second test subject. However, in order to save the victim from the vat, the second person had to activate the furnace which would burn all the things inside, except for the key, which would then drop down into the incinerator's ash container. (Saw III)


Jeff Denlon's Test

Jeff, when the judge presiding over your case sentenced your boy's murderer so lightly, your soul never recovered. Now, you have the power to sentence his soul straight to hell. Or, you could forgive. The key that will free him is hidden inside your son's possessions, possessions you have clung to for far too long. Now if you flip the switch on the incinerator underneath you, a fire will cleanse you of this obsession and destroy them all, leaving only the key remaining. It is also the key that will bring you closer to the man accountable for taking your child. He doesn't have much time, Jeff. Let the game begin.
— Jeff Denlon's tape[src]

Halden in the vat

The persons tested in this trap were Jeff Denlon - a vengeful father who suffered from severe depressions after his 8-year-old son Dylan died in a car accident three years ago, and Halden - the presiding judge who sentenced the drunk driver Timothy Young to merely six months in prison. While making his way through the building, Jeff eventually reached a long hallway. While going in, he saw a mechanical ventriloquist puppet lying on the floor next to a red tricycle. This scene closely resembled the death of his son. Feeling uncomfortable, Jeff calmly approached and carefully picked up the puppet. However, when he did so and took a look at it, the puppet began to maniacally laugh at him. Therefore, Jeff immediately dropped it and eventually saw a door before him with the words "Time to let go" written on it, which led him to his second test. When he attempted to open it, it turned out to be quite hard as unknown to him, a contraption was attached to the other side of the door with a tightened wire that extended across the room to a control panel. However, Jeff finally managed to open it and stumbled into the room. Upon doing so, he saw how a metal pin connected to the end of the wire was pulled out of the panel. As he carefully went further into the room, the door suddenly slammed shut just like the one in the freezer room. Again, Jeff tried to open it but stopped when he heard the scared voice of a man screaming for help. As he followed the voice, Jeff climbed a metal stairway up to a catwalk above a large vat where he saw another audio recorder dangling from the ceiling. Upon grabbing it, he gazed down to see the man who was screaming, shacked to the bottom of the vat by a metal chain around his neck.


Jeff is introduced to his second test

The audio tape introduced him to Halden, the presiding judge responsible for the mild prison sentence of Timothy Young. Again, Jigsaw gave Jeff two options. He could either let Judge Halden die or he could go down the stairs where a big furnace was located. Inside the furnace where all the memorabilia of his son which he had kept over the past three years. As the key to Halden's chain was hidden among Dylan's possessions, the only way to get it was by activating the incinerator, which would burn all the toys and photos until only the key was left. When the tape ended, a giant blender with multiple interlocking saws, which was connected with the vat via a chute, was activated. Just as Halden wondered about the loud sound of the saw blades, a conveyor-like contraption on the ceiling was set into motion. Seconds later, several rotten pig carcasses hanging from the conveyor were carried into the room and dropped over the saws. Thereby, they were hackled to a thick, grey, stinking pulp which was poured into the vat over the chute and dashed Judge Halden's body. Disgusted by the stench and the shocking eyesight, Jeff stepped back. Frightened and angered, Halden yelled at him that he couldn't let him die there. In return, Jeff furiously reminded him of Timothy Young and his mild sentence of merely six months in prison, claiming people get longer for unpaid parking tickets. In an attempt to convince Jeff to help him, Halden offered to discuss the case and told him that he could help him to get the sentence extended. Jeff however furiously yelled at him as Timothy had already been released long ago. In a final desperate attempt, Halden told him that he had a son himself and asked Jeff if he really wanted to become a murderer as well. Therefore, Jeff turned away and climbed down the stairway, causing Halden to panic. When he stood in front of the incinerator, Jeff tried to open its door and got angrily kicked against the vat when it didn't work. He struggled with himself, intensively thinking whether he should burn his last memorabilia of his son.

Jeff saves Judge Halden

However, as time went by and he heard the screams and apologies of Halden, Jeff ultimately turned on the furnace, causing all the toys of his son to be burned forever. His eyes filled with tears, but eventually, he saw the key dropping into the incinerator's ash container. As soon as the flames were turned off, Jeff grabbed the key, run up the stairs again and climbed down a ladder into the vat. Disgustedly, he unlocked the shackle around Halden's neck and pulled him up, only seconds before the last torrent of pulp splashed into the vat. (Saw III)


  • Originally, Halden was supposed to be suspended above the giant blender in his trap. As he would have been lowered down into the blades, Jeff would have had to dive into the pulp of rotten pigs to obtain the key. However, this was changed as the creators wanted it to be an emotional trap rather than a bloody and violent one.
  • The blender concept, however, was later used for Mitch's Trap in the movie Jigsaw.
  • The maggots on the rotten pigs are actually real. They used sterilized maggots in case any of the crew members happened to swallow one on accident.  


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