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The Tuck's Pig Farm, closed after an outbreak of Aujeszky's disease.
— Eleanor Bonneville explains Logan Nelson the location[src]

Tuck's Pig Farm is a fictional location from the Saw franchise as well as one of the main locations of Jigsaw.

Layout and Structure

The farm consist of many rooms like the cow milking room and grain silo. After John Kramer modified the farm for an upcoming test, the walls were reinforced to prevent any of the victims from escaping and several modification and traps were added to several of the rooms to test the victims.



First Test


The victims of this trap were Mitch, Anna, Ryan, Carly and Logan Nelson. All five of them had been placed in a room located in an abandoned barn. Throughout the trial, each of the participants had a game designed especially for him or her.This trap was the first part of the Murderer's Trial. After all except Logan woke up, the tape played and the chains started pulling everyone to the buzzsaws. Jigsaw explains that they will each have to sacrifice a small amount of blood in order to remove their bucketheads, and whoever tries to cheat would die. Anna realizes that they only needed to sacrifice at least a small amount of blood so she ends up cutting herself. The others follow what she did and end up being free from their buckets, aside from Logan, who looks like he got cut by the buzzsaws.

Second Test


The victim in this trap was Carly. Billy the Puppet wheels out with a tape attached to him and a piece of paper that says 'confess'. Everyone starts to get pulled by the chains again but Mitch grabs the tape that Billy had and the chains stop. The tape was the voice of John Kramer and was telling the group to confess and that one of them had poison injected into them and was a purse-snatcher which lead to the death of an asthmatic woman. The group check their body for marks but everyone is clear but Carly. Three needles descend from the ceiling which has numbers printed on them, the tape says that one has the antidote, while the other two contain a harmless saline solution and Hydrochloric acid. Before the tape ends, it asked, "How much is life worth to you?". Ryan grabs the needles and tells Carly to pick one. Carly keeps on repeating the numbers "3.53" as this is how much money she got from the lady. Carly starts freaking out and can't decide. The chains start to pull the group towards the ceiling, trying to hang them. Ryan tries to inject all three needles in Carly as they are close to be hanged on the ceiling. Ryan successfully injects all three and they all drop to the ground. Carly gets up and sees Ryan injected all 3 needles in her neck. Carly starts to scream and drops to the ground. Blood pours out from the needle wound and from her ears killing her as the needle in the acid was injected in her system.

Security Trap

Leg Wires and Grain Silo Trap Jigsaw.jpg

The victim of this trap was Ryan. Ryan spots a door marked "No Exit" and proceeds to walk towards it in hopes to break through and escape the game. The door is on a slightly raised wooden platform which Ryan steps onto. The platform breaks away from beneath him, causing his leg to fall through.Three cables to wrap around his leg; one around the bottom of his calf, another around the upper/mid calf, and the last one above his knee. the cables are pulled taut by a series of pulleys. A tape player is then found in the bottom of the trap, which Mitch attempts to pull out with a rake, on his first attempt to retrieve the tape, Mitch accidentally hits one of the cables, causing them to pull even tighter on Ryan's leg. Mitch then tries a second time to retrieve the tape player with a rake, and again hits one of the cables, this time supposedly triggering a second set of cables that shred the rake. Mitch attempts to grab it with his arm, and finally succeeds. John Kramer's voice is heard on the tape, explaining that there is a lever located behind the cables of the trap, that will "set him free" A door then opens which leads to the silo (and the Grain Silo Trap within).

Grain silo.jpg

The victims in this trap were Anna and Mitch. Mitch and Anna left Ryan in the leg trap, while they investigated the newly-opened door. They walked into what appeared to be a grain silo, where there was a video monitor, and two remotes: one hanging from above, and one near Ryan. The remote in the silo was just out of reach, so Mitch lifted Anna up to reach the remote. Once the remote was retrieved, the door to the silo slammed shut, locking them in. They pressed "play" on the remote, and Billy the Puppet appeared on screen to explain the rules of the trap, and how to escape it. Ryan must pull the lever near his leg that will set them free. He said that he must "Free himself to free others". After the tape ended, the silo filled with grain, burying Anna and Mitch up to their chests and arms, at which point it stopped. However, sharp objects such as knives, pitchforks, and circular saw blades then began to fall, surrounding the two, and occasionally hitting them. Once Ryan finally pulled the lever, the cables around his leg tightened until his leg was severed into 3 sections, freeing him from the trap, and opening the silo door, freeing Mitch and Anna.

Third Test

Saw 4.jpg

The victim in this trap is Mitch. Mitch finds a tape with his name on it. Once he pressed it, he was dragged upside down to his trap. John's voice was heard in the tape and says that years ago, he sold a motorcycle to a man who was John's nephew. Mitch lied to his nephew saying that the motorcycle was working but in reality, it had a faulty brake which lead to the death of John's nephew. He was suspended above a cone-like metal object with metal coils on the inside. John explains that he must press the handbrake at the bottom of the cone in order to stop the trap. After the tape, Mitch was slowly lowered down into the cone. As this happened, the very bike that Mitch had sold to John's nephew ran, causing the trap to spin. Anna climbed on top of the trap and tries to jam the wheels with a metal rod and was successful. Mitch, relieved, stops trying to reach the brake. However, the motorcycle wheel breaks the rod and begins spinning again, and as Mitch panics, he begins to swing, essentially throwing himself into the coils, which kills him and mutilates his body as Anna stands at the top of the trap.

Final Test


The victim in this trap is Anna. When Anna attempted to leave the barn, as Ryan was immobile and unable to follow, she was stopped by a man in a pig mask and rendered unconscious. Later, she and Ryan woke up in another room, and discovered they had been chained by their ankles to two opposite sides of the room. The person in the pig mask reveals himself as John Kramer, who then placed a shotgun on a pedestal between Anna and Ryan. John explains that they must see things upside down, and that the key is in their a shotgun shell, which John loads in the gun. Anna misinterprets what John said and proceeds to take the shotgun and shoot Ryan. However, the gun backfires and shoots Anna in the head, killing her. After that, Ryan realizes that there were two keys in the bullet, but they were both shattered when Anna pulled the trigger.


In the time after the death of John Kramer, Logan was active on a Jigsaw fansite on the Dark Web and sold some of his and John's blueprints for torture devices, including the Cycle Trap, which was completely unknown to the public. Years later, in order to get revenge on Detective Brad Halloran, a corrupt police detective who freed a criminal that murdered Logan's wife, he built a replica of the game in which John had tried to test him 10 years earlier. Logan's goal was to kill some of the criminals Halloran had helped walk free, thus framing him for their murders. The first victim Malcolm Neale, who died from getting sliced up by the buzz saws and was hung above a bridge. He was visited by detectives where he and Eleanor Bonnevilleexamined the body. After being at the morgue and needing more evidence to find the criminals behind it.Halloran became suspicious of Logan and Eleanor. In an attempt to throw him off he killed Edgar and buried him in John's coffin, continuing the ruse that John may be alive. After a second body appears, Logan decides to visit Eleanor at a bar where she takes him to her replica warehouse unaware that Keith was following them. After the police raid the factory and find the third body Keith arrests Logan where he places the blame on Halloran and is let free, after manipulating evidence. After trying to phone Eleanor he finds her next to him where she tells him that she found where the original game played. They are followed by Halloran, and while Logan appeared to be knocked unconscious, he later subdued Halloran.

Halloran's Test

Logan and Halloran wake up in a room with collars strapped to their necks. They are then told via a speaker with John Kramer's voice that they must confess why they deserve to die, or they will be killed via multiple laser cutters to the skull. Halloran signals his intention to confess first, only to press Logan's button, forcing him to speak instead. Logan confesses to mislabeling John's X-rays years ago, only to appear to be killed anyway. Halloran then confesses to being a dirty cop and letting criminals walk free, which make his lasers stop. He then notices that, unlike his own, Logan's lasers did not cause burn marks on the ceiling. He also notices that Logan's collar contained blood capsules, which had burst to make it look like Logan had been killed.Logan, alive and unharmed, stands up. He then reveals that, ten years ago, after he was injured by the buzz saw trap, he was saved by John. Logan also talks of his suffering in the war, and how Jigsaw gave him renewed purpose, ultimately leading to him deciding to continue the legacy and became an apprentice to Jigsaw's ways. Logan informs Halloran that what he wanted to hear was a a confession to helping Edgar walk free for killing Logan's wife. Logan then leaves, claiming that Eleanor will be his alibi, allowing him to remain free. He then activates Halloran's lasers, gruesomely slicing his head into pieces. He seals Halloran's tomb, with the parting words "I speak for the dead". He then closes the door, sealing Halloran's body inside, and walking away, free to continue his work. (Jigsaw)



  • It's currently unknown whether the police found Halloran's body at the barn along Anna and Ryan's body's or if Logan disposed of the body's sometime after the events from Jigsaw
  • The main setting for the The Murderers' Trial in Jigsaw was originally going to be an oil derrick in the middle of the ocean so once the main characters survived they would found out that they didn't have a way out. However, such element didn't convince Lionsgate Films, leading Josh Stolberg abd Pete Goldfinger to try different versions until settling on having the game take place at the Pig Farm.